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Lowred Is Still Alive!


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Hello All,

I am still alive in case you all missed me :D

Just really busy at the moment as I work soooo long hours and have had a Job Promotion!!!

I was a Mechanic, but have just become Parts Manager where I work.

In the meantime the LowRider has been rebuilt, back on the road and is better than ever B)

Will post some pics up soon for all to see


Edit: The Lowrider is not for Sale anymore, can't bare to part with it yet, new mods on the way....

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Watch out cardiff lol!! I bet you have spent a small fortune on that car.

Watch out Cardiff indeed, the Drift King is back hehe :blush:

Nah - the traction hereby stays on.

And its a Large Fortune spent on the LowRider, don't ask me how mich I don't like dwelling on it :winky:

And I ain't finished spending yet.....

PS - can anyone help me post up pics of the LowRider, I require assistance :D

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Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. :D

Makes it all seem worth it.

Note to Galla_4 - I don't drive it like that, wish I could but could be problematic :lol:

Note to Fargo - I know Mechano Spoiler yada yada, but I imported it from Finland and it cost £250 so it seemed a waste not to wear it with pride.

You can blame that on my Boy "Chav" Racer Fast and Furious element coming out :P :D

Keep the comments coming, constructive critiscism valued :winky:

And Hello Bazza, nice to see you too :D

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Talk about draggin your arse along the ground!!


Anyone remember the citroen BX...... used to park like that....:lol:

How come *** (g.o.d.) gets censored but arse dosen't....?

American for arse = *****(a.s.s.) it's an American spell check....right?

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