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  1. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Can't comment, I did exactly that many years ago pulling out of a layby, into a neighbours car. My defence was to blame the rugrats in the back for distracting me. It wasn't true, and I fessed up to being careless.
  2. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I find most dashcam incidents are too trivial to post, someone cuts you up, doesn't go on green because they're having a shave or putting on makeup. It happens. I very rarely react to the offenders.
  3. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Yep, that's him, he drives a Nissan Leaf.
  4. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    There is one that comes up on my youtube feed, a Yorkshire lad, who posts similar stuff. I find most of his rants, and he is a little foul mouthed, are unnecessary. A little forethought while driving i.e. anticipating what other drivers and pedestrians may do is all thats needed. One incident occurred while he was driving in a busy Morrisons car park. I could see as he entered an old lady was going to cross into his path with her trolley, but he either didn't see her or didn't want to see her. He slammed on the brakes for the dramatic effect.


    It says it was an undercover police car, it was a fully liveried chase-wagon used by Humberside police.
  7. Brake Shudder

    Are you late and hard on the brakes? If so you will feel the pulsating of the ABS. Shuddering is a different thing, has everything been put together correctly?
  8. Just got back from doing the NC 500, spent a week touring. Stunning, I'd go back and do it tomorrow.
  9. squealing brakes at low speeds

    Your mechanic speaks with forked tongue, checking a calliper for seized pins, sliders or piston is not done by any method other than taking it all apart and examining it. You need to see, with your eyes, if the parts move, or not.
  10. Wing mirror not working

    Does it have a switch to select which mirror that you wish to adjust? Have you selected the correct mirror? :)
  11. Quick question

    Garmin or Tomtom, Lexus sat nav is a PITA. On route to my sons house it diverts me through a council estate before putting me back on the main road I was directed off. The stupid thing does it regularly.
  12. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Very mean of them.
  13. Rear Camera Quality

    The rear camera is usually where the spider webs are.