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  1. Welcome..... Phew, heard of punctuation fella? I had to grab my inhaler. What exactly are you asking? In a short sentence please.
  2. Haven't bought a car magazine since last century, if I remember I'll buy it when in town tomorrow.
  3. That ^^^^. Parts swapping, an expensive way to fix a car.
  4. What, that you have a choice? :)
  5. No, they're like DFS, there's always a sale on. And on the one day there isn't a sale on just phone up and they'll give you a discount code.
  6. Go to their website, its plastered all over the home page. Its not exclusive.
  7. That damn search function, what's it all about man?
  8. Surely he could have asked DVLA to do a roll back of his driving license record which would have shown his entitlements.
  9. I heard of all the hassle with records being incorrect on renewed licences. I have copies of mine and the wife's license "screen printed" directly from the .gov website on my computer.
  10. A full UK licence means you have passed your driving test. Check your license on the .gov website to make sure they have your correct details and that it shows you have a full license.
  11. I would imagine that's recent in anyone's book, it's only a few months old. New for Lexus I would opine.
  12. I don't think you're supposed to put your car into neutral when at traffic lights, holding it on the brake, while in drive, is quite acceptable.
  13. I forget to take the brake off quite often, that cleans the shoes and drum.
  14. E-brake - Another Americanism. :tut tut:
  15. I've done the exact same thing. I wouldn't think a few turns of the wheel would hurt anything. I've never looked into why auto cars have to be lifted instead of towed. Circulation of fluid at a guess. ???? edit: RAC report auto cars can be towed for less than 10 miles, off the motorway, As I mentioned it's the gearbox fluid that'sobviously not circulating.