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  1. ISLE OF SHEPPEY: What's the IOS got to do with anything, he said he drove the car from his home to the IOS and back home The cars is based in Silverstone, Northamptonshire isn't it? OWNERS: The add says 4 owners plus the seller. Pay attention folks.
  2. It is speed camera, loads of threads about it.
  3. Approaching McDonalds?
  4. That was a wasted post my friend, everybody thinks they need to apply some super duper cream cleaner and conditioner every month. I'm with you, warm water, cloth with a dash of stardrops every few months just to get rid of the grime Some cheap leather wipes to give it a satin sheen when dry.
  5. Service and brake check due March/April, if we get some mild weather after I've got my garden in order I may tackle both early.
  6. And for christs sake double, triple and quadruple check everything as you reassemble, clean everything as you disassemble and if you need take photos as you go along to refer to. You can also refer to the other wheel assembly. Good luck.
  7. No issues, just an oily patch on your pipe work. Some breather pipes have a one way valve so the hot gas goes into the intake, and the metered air goes where it's supposed to, into the throttle body, no carbs. ;) With your loose pipe the metered air may have been escaping causing issues with fuel metering. After the fix the car will have sorted itself out.
  8. A "misprint" of what? :)
  9. I thought they were made of a special alloy discovered by NASA when they were excavating in the Nevada desert. No? Whats Neil n..?
  10. No garage shiny queen here neither. The finest beast ever made that never really flew.
  11. Drive it, don't clean it....^^^^^well said that man.
  12. Whatever is on offer at my local indy....medium to premium tyres only. Avon for the past few years...
  13. You hang on in there buddie, you're special. :) Can we all have our time refunded. ID ten T.
  14. Takes all sorts. We're inclusive. Not all inclusive, that's different.
  15. That^^^^ and fine wire wool or a well used kitchen green pad. get on with it stop faffing.