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  1. That looks a brutal crash. Great shame, thought it looked repairable from the front.
  2. Can't you just tighten it and use the car until you find out the torque setting. Don't often use my torque wrench, except for the wheel nuts. And I don't think my torque wrench would read so low, I would imagine the torque would be about 7nM, don't quote me on that.
  3. I would say higher, nearer to £150, but Im guessing............ wouldn't use them. Do a better job myself, and I'm really cheap.
  4. It's had a rear shunt by the looks giving it the matching dents.
  5. 15-30 minutes of driving is a bit of a range.
  6. Somebody tell him he's on the wrong side of the carriageway, he'll cause an accident.
  7. I think people, including myself, were just ribbing you my friend.
  8. Is this a joke? Doesn't everyone know pink seats ripple.
  9. Put it on YouTube, not for the public to see, give Lexus the private link to view and wait for the result.
  10. Audi driver overtook me today while I was leaving Pocklington. Dual carriageway reducing into a single lane. Guess where the **** overtook me?
  11. Yep all of the above, just got oil and filters for wife's and mine. Busy next few days but end of month should be ready. I've read Rayanns detailing guide, very good, and have a clay mit and some Prima Amigo to give both cars a treat, both black so I'm hoping for a good result.
  12. I used to grind the lip off, did it recently on the sons old Vectra to get new pads to bed correctly. As Rayaans says, it's mostly rust, caused by water being flung to the outer edges of the disc.
  13. Yep. Mine due for a check next month.