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1 hour ago, BigBoomer said:

It's why I avoided the Celsior when I was looking for my LS. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to find an insurance site that listed the Celsior.
Even those that claim to specialise in Imports didn't have it.

As for London, I have in the past driven in, but that was when I worked on the Isle of Dogs.
Most of the time I rode my motorcycle there as public transport took too long and involved lots of walking in the pouring rain.
These days I go into "The Stink" only when absolutely necessary as I hate crowds and noise.

I grew up in London, left when I was 29 and I've no desire to go back, apart from work very occasionally. I did find the insurance easy with my Celsior with the recommended company supplied by the seller.  It costs a bit more than a non import (£295) but with a low excess, and surprisingly, no increase this year!

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