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Loc Online Games Clan?


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Right ... I've been thinking, although I haven't done so for a while, I love playing online games (on the pc) ..... I usually play MOHAA (Medal Of Honour - Allied Assault) but have played others before ......... Quake 3, BF 1942 , etc ....

Would there be anyone interested, in starting up a LOC CLAN ? ...... of multiplaying action !!

You would have the tag [LOC] for example ...... [LOC][scarFace] would be my nickname for example, and the more people we had, then the more challenging we could get with some other bigger clans online ?

I'm sure some of the more heavy online gamers know that there is other clans out there ... if not even part of them !

So, any interests? ...... list of possible games ? .......

Register here ! :D

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can't join a clan mate - cant commit to the clan matches. :(

well up for some gaming though.

Star Wars Battlefront may be the best pic - as PS2 and PC guys can play on the same network.

Failing that - SOCOM (I or II) or Call of Duty would be good for me.

of course - when the online version of GT4 comes out, we should have no problem getting some races together :D

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im already in a clan otherwise i would, we regularly play against yanks, french, even russian clans who all cheat like mad.

but im 56k so im limited as to what i can play, i use my mates server so its fast for me otherwise i wouldnt be playing at all. :crybaby:

good idea though :winky:

Total Assault Gaming is a good clan league to join when your set up

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Im up for a bit of gaming, how does it work

Chris, well we can all decide on the most popular game ........ that everyone agrees to .......

and then we could form a clan ...... and we all just join into the server together as a team ..... if this picks up well, and we get a good few members, we could even have like a weekly battle against TOC :P :P

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I'm actually downloading Anarchy Online now.

I've played runescape before, and found the grinding to be a bit unbearable.

lets see if AOL (hmmm) is any better

I'm downloading it too mate


how are you downloading?

I'm not getting the greatest speed of the torrent.

I'm in the freebie queue at Fileplanet - got a 1MB connection but it'll probably take a good few hours

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