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Hi All,

Was looking for some assistance re ongoing issues, found this site on the web and it looks like a great resource of information.

As I'm new to the forum perhaps some of you kind folk can assist or perhaps direct to where best my query should be addressed.

Car is a 2007 IS250 Sport 90k, I live in Dublin, it's a UK car that I've had since it was 6 month old.

Most recent and long term issue is the constant 'check VSC', 'triangle light' & 'traction control light' which yesterday prevented my car passing the NCT (Road worthiness certificate), bit of a problem this as without it car is effectively off the road come January.

Car drives very well, full Lexus main dealer service history but there have been some common well reported issues over the years (judder at low rev, calipers sticking, full clutch replacement [solution to judder, i still question that one] , new alternator recently as smoke was coming from under bonnet) but all told for 10 years driving not bad.

So the issue is that the Lexus dealer now tells me that the warning lights are a  result of a stretched timing chain, originally i was told that a chain tensioner would be the fix but now told that a full timing chain needed, I feel that garage is unsure of correct fix and am getting fobbed off a bit. Am being told that a new chain perhaps not a cost effective fix but to my mind the car should should be good probably for another 70/80K if looked after.

Any suggestion or indeed if this sounds like a problem you have encountered I'd love to hear.

Thanks, Patrick.



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