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New Around Here ...


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Hi guys,

I'm new here and just want to introduce myself and my Lexus, hope this is the right place. :)

My name is Fred, I live in The Netherlands and am the proud owner of a GS300 MY98 since a couple of weeks (see pics).

The car is an USA-model that was shipped to my country a couple of years ago, when the first owner emigrated from the USA to The Netherlands. I have all the information about the car, it's maintenance, etc. from new and it just drove 41000 mile since then.

I have 2 sets of wheels and tires: 16" lightmetal ones and also another set with snowtyres, but I intent to buy 17"or 18" new onces after this winter. Any suggestions on makes and types are more than welcome (pics also, of course). :winky:

This car is reallly something else comparing to the (+ 300 hp) Subaru Impreza Turbo I drove untill now.

Hope to be here quite often and learn a lot form you.






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There's no regrets in buying the GS, Fred. I've changed my 16" to 18" and it has better handling and better traction. :driving: You'll see VSC works better in the rain and slippery conditions.. (It's already proven and no bull!).

I'm new and I'm not from around here myself .You'll learn lots from LOC and members in this forum. :winky:


-Awang, Brunei

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Thanks for a nice welcome, guys ! :)

To give a few answers: I live at the Westcoast of The Netherlands, a few miles from Hoek van Holland (known for its ferry to the UK).

Indeed the Subaru was much faster, but it it had not much comfort, a less quality an I needed some more space. Did not miss my Subaru for a second so far ... :winky:

Cheers !


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