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Martini Table Bling For My Gs


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I found these tables on eBay for my GS, they hold 2 drink bottles/cans and 2 packs of cigarettes.

Now I like the wood, but since my sport model has blackwood, the blackwood may look better. It slots straight into the glovebox and only costs 149 US dollars.

Your opinions please?



How the regular wood tables looks when used in real life..note the anime doll!


Another popular VIP mod in Japan is to put curtains in like this


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Make sure you get the RHD version if you get one.

not a problem, as it's only made for JDM..

can't wait to order it..and fit it...wonder if it affects the airbag? ahhh who long as it doesn't interfere with the driver's side...

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Have you noticed how the bottles line up right in front of the passenger side air vent (of the two in the middle)..set your passenger temp to 16 degrees, and you have some ice cold champers... :D

now that's cool design..

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best mod ever!

i seriously want one of those

sorry mate. not available for IS, as pimpin is generally on GS or LS models.

time for an upgrade perhaps? :blush:

i know, i'm gutted.

I've always wanted an XJ and if they had something like this for that car i would go from passive looking to active.

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look at what I can get hold of...

a pity my windows are tinted black..


no more dodgy parking by the neighbours


Does anyone know whether I could make my UK reg in a US size licence plate to fit this?


Spinners for my exhausts!!!! Gotta get those!


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