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Just taken over the IS-F mantle from @DT_Racing so thought I'd say 'Hi All'.

Must admit was nervous about private purchase having only bought through dealers before and we did have a slight tax hiccup (what was so wrong with the old car tax system?) but all good now.

Done a Brum commute but looking to get out on a proper run as soon as possible as difficult to fully extend down the M6 (29mpg apparently this morning).

Love the stealth looks which doesn't seem to attract that much attention, sound is glorious, ride is more pleasant than my previous 530d M-Sport, tyres are somehow cheaper than the BMW!, steering great (don't understand what you changed here Dave but it works). I doubt the infotainment system UI was ever up to date even when first released but I guess you could call it reasonably functional - and it streams direct from my Iphone so not so bad.

Will update once I've figured out how to drive it properly.


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Congrats on the purchase, enjoy the car, hope to see you and the car at some of the upcoming meets. 

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Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you've snagged yourself a good car there. Enjoy and get some pics online for us ;)

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Welcome Andy!

Once you get settled in with the car, let me know if you want any modification advice. Believe I'm still holding the most modified example in the UK if not Europe title, so chances are I've either fitted it, or heard of it! :wink3:

Plenty you can mod nowadays to improve what's already a pretty incredible car out of the box. :cool:

Enjoy your honeymoon period, and hope to meet you at some point at an event or two.

All the best,


Pete :smile:

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Welcome to you obviously you've made the right choice somebody mentioned the phrase 'Honeymoon period ' well this excitement will last a lot longer that 😉

Big Rat

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Welcome. Good to see a fellow local owner! I'll keep my eye out for you

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Glad you found your way on here @caldera. It's a wonderful car, I had a heavy heart when it left the drive but had to be done, happy it's gone to a good home with an LOC member. 

Lots of very helpful and friendly people on here, you'll enjoy it.

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    • By gdh300
      Starting very soon is the 24h race at the Nurburgring, with three Lexus competing (an RC-F, an IS-F and the 'factory' Gazoo Racing RC). There's a wide range of car specifications, with GT3 spec machines dominating the fastest times; Lexus will likely not be challenging for an outright win but should do well in their respective classes. Streaming has already started here, and coverage at Radio LeMans will be continuous for the whole 24 hours, even if the dubbed Vodafone Deutschland video stream stops. 
    • By Jon_B
      Hello All,
      I've just joined the forum so a big hello to you all.  I've had my IS-F for nearly a year now and its fab, great fun and amazing to drive.  Look forward to getting to know more of you going forward.  
      Many thanks.
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      SpeedHunters - IS-F TRD with some carbon trinkets

    • By Gtownsman
      Hi All
      I've decided to post another Mod for under £10. After getting my alloys back from being refinished in Shadow Chrome the silver Wheel caps didn't quite look right on the car. I have seen that the IS-F has back centers with the graphite wheels which I think looks pretty good, So I started to look around the internet to buy some of these and the only place I could get them was from the USA for £100 for a set!
      So here's the cheap fix!

      You will need:
      Can of Gloss Black spray paint
      Drill and 6mm Drill bit
      Scotch-bright pad
      cleaning spirit
      news paper or painting paper
      Super glue
      1. Removing the silver Lexus badge.
      place the badge upside down on a covered surface to avoid any damage to the badge.
      carefully drill out the tabs holding the badge in place, don't drill too far the plastic is quite thin, just remove the heads.

      Once the heads have been drilled off you should be able to push the silver badge out of the center cap.

      2. Prep for paint.
      Using the Scotch pad key up the surface and edges of the center caps until you can see that there are tiny scratches across the entire surface.
      In a clean area put paper and mark out you painting area, If you are working in a dusty environment use a hoover or air compressor to clean the area before hand to avoid getting any dirt in your paint.
      With cleaning spirit and a cloth or tissue wipe the surfaces of the center caps clean and place them in the painting area.

      3. Painting.
      Ensure you shake your can of paint well before use, to ensure a even and good coverage dust the paint over the center caps gradually.
      If you hit the caps too heavy with the paint you will end up with paint running and an uneven paint job.
      Once you are done painting leave the paint to dry.

      4. Reassembly.
      once the paint has totally dried flip the center caps and apply a small dab of glue into the back of the holes where the silver logo studs sit.
      Place the logos back into the caps and allow the glue to dry.

      Once everything has dried add the center caps back to your car :)

      Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful.
      Let me know what you think.
      If you would like to see what else i'm doing with my car please follow me on Instagram @gtownsman.
    • By Sully-K
      Hi Guys,
      Just thought I would introduce myself as I am hoping to join this very exclusive IS-F club.
      just a little bit about myself, I am currently looking for an IS-F. I am in no rush and willing to wait for the right car. I currently drive a mk4 R32 and have done since 2008. Its the longest I have ever kept a car!! It has been reliable, only broke down on me twice; once the fuel pump and second time the fan belt snapped. Other than that it's been brilliant.
      I am 36 years old and now I believe too old to be honing around in a 'boy racers' car! well so I have been told by the wife!!! So the journey started in looking to upgrade. Been down the usual route, as no doubt some of you will have been, M3, M5, C63 etc. However, when reading all the problems these cars have has really put me off. I need a reliable fast car that will be used as a DD.
      When reading up on M3 etc I never really gave the IS-F a thought, however, I stumbled upon this forum. I then started reading into the IS-F and OMG what a beauty!!!! I could not believe what a machine it is and to top it off so reliable not to mention very very rare and discrete!! Basically ticks all the boxes for me.
      I have looked at the one on sale at the moment, there are only two in the Lexus dealer network, one with Toyota in Rochdale. There is one at a private trader in Herts (grey one) I have not mentioned the dealers name as I am not sure of the rules of this forum as yet, then there is the infamous white one!!! and the red one with high miles.
      Having a read of the previous posts, it does seem prices have creped up on the IS-F. Which to be honest I am not surprised.
      As I said I am in no rush and willing to wait for the right car. I do like the grey one though. Do any of you guys know that car?
      I apologise for the long post and I am very much looking forward to joining you guys in owning what I can only describe as a phenomenal car!!!