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What Cars Have You Had In The Past?


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Ok, it's Friday and I'm being nosy, let's see how you all progressed to the Lexus marque then!

Here's me:-

Morris Marina - S reg !!! :P

Ford Escort - T reg!

Astra - Y reg!

Citroen AX GT - F reg (great during it's time!)

Ford Escort - K reg

Rover 216 gti - L reg (Loved this car)

Nissan Almera GTi - P reg (Not bad)

Audi A4 19tdi- R reg (Great)

BMW 320d - 51 plate (average)

Ford Mondeo 2.0- 02 plate (ok)

Lexus IS200 SE - 02 plate (Love it)

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Punto 1.2 basic model (when the new style came out - great little car this!) - W

Punto HGT Abarth (quick but cost me £1500 on insurnace so I got rid after 6 months - lost 5k on this car!!!!) - 51

Renault Megane 2.0 Cabrio (gay car, gay car, gay car!) - 02

Lexus IS200 Sport - ah, that's better :) - X

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1. 1980 VW Golf MKI 1.5 Diesel, 50bhp, badly made :(

2. 1984 VW Golf MKII 1.6 Diesel, 54 bhp, much better

3. 1980 Ford T-Bird 5.0 V8, 140 SAE hp, many weekend repair jobs

4. 1986 Mazda 626 2.0, 104 bhp, dull but good (first FWD model)

5. 1988 Mazda 626 2.0i, 112 bhp, absolutely troublefree. (next model)

6. 1991 Mazda MX-3 1.8i V6, 136 bhp, lovely happy-revving engine

7. 1996 Mazda 323F 2.0i V6, 146 bhp, with the smooth Xedos6 Engine

8. 1999 Lexus IS200

Piccies with German story

What next?


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Now lets think.........

Mini 850 (1969) (F Reg) (First car, seriously underpowered)

Hillman Hunter (H Reg) (Only the 1500 version, underpowered again)

Rover 2000 Auto (K Reg) (Very noisy considering the make)

Chrysler 180 (L Reg) (Very nice car till the rings blew)

Hillman Hunter GLS (M Reg) (The Holbay engined version = 4 carburettors) :)

Chrysler 2 Litre (Auto (M Reg) (OK till the head gasket blew)

Hillman Hunter GLS (N Reg) (Holbay again - s**t off a shovel job)

Granada Ghia Coupe Auto (N Reg) (Nice Rare Motor)

Volkswagen Passat (S Reg) (OK, nothing special)

Mini Metro (D Reg) (Don't ask)

Austin Maestro Auto (G Reg) (Actually not bad once they sorted the header tank)

Citroen Xantia LX Auto (L Reg) (Excellent, best motor to date at the time)

Citroen Xantia SX Auto (M Reg) (Aircon - getting better)

Citroen Xantia Exclusive Auto (R Reg) (Very nice until the autobox blew)

Citroen C5 V6 Auto (02 Reg) (Rattle, Squeak, Roll, disasterous multiplex electrics)

Lexus IS200 Auto (53 Reg) (nuff said) :)

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2000 - Peugeot 1.6 GTi (my boy racer days) (G plate) - My first car !!!

2000 - Rover 216GTi (H plate)

2000 - BMW 520i (G plate)

2001 - Toyota Celica GT (L Plate)

2004 - Lexus IS200 SE (Y plate)

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[*]82, Y Ford Fiesta 1.1 Quartz

[*]81, W Ford Escort 1.3L

[*]86, C Ford Fiesta XR2

[*]88, F Toyota Corolla 3dr Hatch 1.3 GL 12v

[*]92, J Toyota Corolla 3dr Hatch 1.6 GTi-16

[*]94, L Toyota Carina E 2.0 Executive

[*]96, P Toyota Corolla 3dr Hatch 1.6 Si


[*]99, V Subaru Impreza Turbo Aw


[*]00, X IS200 SE (Royal Sapphire)


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I didn't realise this had been done before... ok... what about funny stories then.

Kremmen, I forgot to add that I too have had a Citroen C5 loan car from work 2 years ago, really funny thing happened with the suspension one night when I got home. It wouldn't drop the suspension from a hill climb and parked up it looked like a silvercross pram!!!

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1989 Opel Kadett C 1.2s (good car)

1990 Opel Kadett C 2.0 GTE/WEBER (very cool car, The AntiGTI)

1990 Ford Granada 2.0 Kombi (good but rusty car)

1992 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia (very good but rusty car)

1994 Opel Vectra A 2000 16V (cool, fast, reliable, rusty, none-expensive car)

1997 Mitsubishi Sigma 3.0V6 StationWagon (VERY expensive, but cool, unique car)

2002 Mitsubishi Galant 2.5V6 StationWagon (This car drove me sick and my banc-account into .................)

2003 Lexus IS200 Sport (cool, best, worth the money, reliable, fast car ever)

1992 1978 BMW 525A (chamonix, Alpina) (In my garage till now, nice one, but accident)

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1990 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus Hatchback 1.1L - Great little first car, lasted me 4 years.

1997 BMW 318iS Coupe 1.9L - Spent thousands on this baby - I was young - looked and sounded the bo**ocks.

1998 BMW M3 Evolution 3.2L - I had wanted one of these babies since the first time I spotted one on the road- best car I have ever owned - pant wetting performance and sexy (if now dated) looks.

2001 Lexus IS200 Sport - My current chariot, very sexy looks, great standard equipment, shame about the performance and mpg.

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some are abit rough here we go

















realy love turbo cars cant beat them

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For a 23 year old I think I've had my fair share!!

1, 1984 Vauxhall Nova 1.0L

2, 1986 Vauxhall Astra 1.3L

3, 1987 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia

4, 1986 Ford Escort XR3

5, 1988 Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia

6, 1990 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 4x4

7, 1990 Ford Escort XR3i Cabriolet

8, 1991 Ford Granada 2.0 16v

9, 1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.5V6 Auto

10, 1994 Honda Accord 2.0Esi 16v (Loved this one)

11, 1995 Nissan 200sx 1.8 Turbo

12, 1995 Volvo 850 T5 (One Of the Best!) :D

13 1998 Nissan 200sx Tourer (2.0 Turbo)

14 1998 Peugeot 406 2.0 GLX (Bag of Poo!) :sick:

15 1991 Lexus LS400

16 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd :excl:

19 1998 Rover 620ti

20 1994 Lexus LS400 (My Current car)

Plus a few runarounds in between and some that I can't remember.

These are all sort of in order 1st to last Had particular fun with the Cav V6 (4x4 Doughnut Machine), The Grandad (My first Rear wheel drive Hmmm Drifter!) The Accord (Had this onto 18's) The Vovlo was a beast! Full s/s Exhaust Rims and Coilovers. Real Touring car! (I would have another Volvo if I get rid of the Lexus!) Obviously The most fun to drive was the Cossie, Purely cos The ***** end would come out when you floored it in a straight line! Loved getting the ***** out round the roundabouts as well. It's the most fun i've had with my pants on!

Regards Bison :zee:

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1966 VW 1200 Beetle

1968 BMC Mini 1000 (lousy quality, most repairs of all cars I ever had)

1970 NSU 1200 TT (excellent handling)

1974 Opel Commodore Coupe 2,5 inline 6

1977 Audi 80

1979 Ford Escort 1600 Sport

1982 Ford Taunus 2,3 V6

1986 Ford Sierra 2,0 Turnier

1990 Mercedes 190

1994 BMW 318i

1997 BMW 328i (fastest car I ever had, top speed 240 km/h or 150 mph)

1998 BMW Z3 Roadster 2,8 (now my wife drives it or we both together during vacation in Italy or Southern France)

2002 Lexus IS200 (My Current car)

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1981 Renault Fuego (6/10)

1982 Toyota Corolla SR (8/10)

1989 Daihatsu Charade GTti (9/10)

1993 Honda Civic LSI (6/10)

1991 Toyota Carina II (7/10)

1988 Toyota Carina II Executive (9.5/10)

1994 Toyota Carina E Executive (8/10)

1995 Toyota Carina E Executive (8.5/10)

1996 Toyota Celica ST (7/10)

1996 Toyota Celica GT (9/10)

2000 Lexus IS200 Sport (9.5/10)


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fiat 131 sport, dolly sprint, fiat 131 sport, capri 2.8, xr3i, rs turbo,vw jetta16vgti, xr3i, rs1600i, bmw318i, jetta gti, xr4i x2, orion i, cav sri 16v, vw vento vr6, volvo t5 est, pug 405, volvo v702.5, volvo t5 est, vax vectra gsi 2.5, bmw 318i, lexus is 200 sport i think thay may be more + ive had lots of bikes to not listing them aswell

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Robin reliant ( Not Yellow )

Fiat 1800

BMW 2000

Hillman Hunter

Ford Cortina est

Ford Capri Yellow

Volvo240 Est (Twice)

Ford Garanada (Blue)

Ford Granada (silver)

Izuzu Piazza (very fast handling by lotus)

Ford Granada Scorpio est

And now my pride and joy GS 300 :driving:

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not many cars i owned.

so here it is:

1991 Mazda 323 1.3 LX 4dr

1991 modified Mazda 323F 1.6 5dr retractable headlamps

1999 IS200 current car

323 1.3LX


these not exact pictures of my cars owned but similer. my 1st car a mazda 323 1.3 good 1st car,well i thin it is! not the usual nova/fiesta what lot of new drivers go for. loved the 323f with retractable headlights. even if is all show no go. with its 1.6 carb engine.

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fun ones below :whistling:

1976 Datsun Cherry with full janspeed conversion (Q Car)

1980 Mazda 323 Turbo (only one ever made)

1980 Renualt 5 Gordini

1988 AX GT

1980 Saab 99Turbo

Ginetta G27V8 (built it myself)

1990 Sierra 4*4 2.9

1999 Lex see below :whistling:

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Right lets see if I can remember...

In the order I had them

Mk 3 Ford Escort 1.3 W plate

MK 2 Ford Escort 1.3 Auto V Plate ( I've still got this one in a lock up, Now with a tuned pinto & manual box) Great fun :D

Mk 2 Fiesta 1.1 A plate

Mini A plate

Mk 1 Orion 1.6 ghia C plate

Mk3 Capri 1.6LS

Sierra Sapphire 2000E G plate (FULL Leather hmmm B) )

MK 6 Escort 1.8si Cabro (I loved that car! tarts car I know! )

Lexus IS200 Sport 1999 :D :D :D

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Austin Maxi 1750HL (lasted 2 whole days!)

Triumph 1500 (pre Dolomite) (no synchro on first, handled like a wounded crab!)

Ford Cortina 1600E (great fun... taught me a lot about the quirks of RWD!

Rover SD1 V8 Vitesse (Monster car... shame about the rust!!)

Toyota MR2 MkI (had a tendancy to exit roundabouts backwards in the wet :D )

BMW318i (was the car of the moment... we all had them!)

VW Golf Gti (1.8t) MkIV (generally good, but uninspiring)

MG ZT 190+ (fantastic handling... shame about everything else!!)

Lexus IS200 Sport (best yet!)


Suzuki ER50 (in a word, cr4p!)

Honda CB125T (4stroke twin... fastest 125 in the sixthform :D )

Suzuki A100 (ridiculously bad but got me through the test)

Suzuki GS550E (average starter bike, okay handling, weak forks :blink: )

Kawasaki GPz750 (first rocket!)

Kawasaki ZX-10 (Brilliant! 150mph travelling with ease ;) )

Honda CBR900RR (blade) (fast, twitchy, very nearly lethal!!)

Kawasaki ZZR1200 (A faster ZX-10... perfect!)

Kawasaki Z1000 (just plain cool :D )

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