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Oldest Loc Post In The World!


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Lexus Owners Club is 3 Years Old

26th of November 2001 - 2004

We are celebrating our 3rd year as ONE of the worlds Largest Lexus Club between the US and the UK we are boasting 23,000 members, making us Europes largest and most successful lexus club.

We would like to thank all that have helped out with the club ( especially the committee members for all their work) and to those who have helped all the other members that have posted questions on here, you make us what we are today.

I would also like to thank Bazza for jumping out of a plane raising over 1K for the club charity.

You have all been top members and we could not wish for a better membership than you guys and gals!

For you all to see the very first post made on the club take a good look at this... it was full of inspiration as Matthew Clawley delves into into creating this first post on LOC


Thank you guys and lets see you here next year! Even bigger and better!

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Possibly one of the shortest as well :lol: :lol:

Happy Birthday LOC

I've been a member of a few motoring clubs in the past but this is by far the best and friendliest I've been a member off.

Well Done to all those involded

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Happy Birthday LOC!!!

Mr Rankin Member For Life

PS what was Mat doing up at 4am?

i think i was up at that time too... remember it clearly...

I hardly knew mat then you see... he kept calling me M8

I thought.. what a lazy way to spell Mate :P

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Doesn't time fly! Although I don't post much here these days I still read the posts every now and again. Can't believe it's 2 and a half years since I joined!

Happy birthday and a big "up" to those that take the time to make it work!

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