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New Adam Smith £20 Note Launched


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A new £20 note featuring a portrait of Scottish economist Adam Smith has come into circulation.

The note includes a range of enhanced security measures designed to prevent counterfeiting, such as a wider holographic strip and microlettering.

The new image of Smith will mark the first time a Scotsman has appeared on a Bank of England note.

Current £20 notes, featuring English composer Edward Elgar, will be phased out over the coming two to three years.

Full Story:

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These seem a lot thinner than the other notes I've got in my wallet - anyone else finding this or is it just because these aren't coated in cocaine yet?

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I don't understand why we've got a Scotsman on an English note?

Are there any English people on the Scottish notes?

They chose him because he was a very important economist with ideas and theories that are still taught today, not because he was Scottish as such...

There are no Englishmen on current Scottish notes, but with 3 banks having issued banknotes up there for about 300 years, it may have happened in the past. Though given the Scots tendency towards 'Scottishness' rather than 'Britishness' I doubt it...

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I dont know why the Scots moan...

Cheaper Prescription charges

No Top up fees

All OAP's entitled to care without the gov screwing them out of cash.

Back to subject.....why not have a pics of:-




Da Vinci

to name a few :)

Who would you like to see on a note?

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Ive seen them....look weird...makes me think of monopoly money! i like the current money with the big 5 10 20 etc on

Yeah, not so keen on them, they look foreign...

Yeah so did i, but then thought the same when the current 10/20 note first appeared!!

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Damn you've figured out my secret :lol:

Had a good look at these notes and they still don't seem that fraud proof, then again never tried doing the old ones so guess I can't really say!

I like the Australian money because it's plastic and you can wash it - why don't they do that over here - would be much harder to fake than with the paper ones surely?!

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Ah THE BANK OF ENGLAND good old English institution been around for donkeys years, and about as English as Cream teas and warm bitter, but hey founded by a Scotsman :lol:

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Wasnt there a TV film made bout some guy who made near perfect photographic plates of US notes (The Magician)

Based on fact????....was some time ago though.

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I know someone in Bristol who once made up some plates of UK notes, they were given to the police before they were used and were said to be the best they'd ever seen for making forgeries!

Could be BS but they were very good at their publishing and had a lot of experience of the trade :o

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