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    Well guys, got the isF on friday from Huw at "Oxford Specialist Cars" who i would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a car. ive not posted before this as ive been to caught up in the isF, what a car this is around town its so easy to drive you wouldnt know it has a big powerful engine well until you give it the gas peddle, in sport mode it stays up in the revs where the power is and roars as soon as you tap the peddle even a wee bit. i gave the brother a shot today and he couldnt stop laughing every time he floored the faster peddle, its such an acceptable family car until the engine roars he said. My wife got the fright of her life in it flooring it. Our 7 year old daughter got the giggles like her uncle and said it makes her tummy feel funny. The way the steering comes out to meet you and the speedo and tacho needles coming to life its as though the car has a heart and soul and is asking you if your ready. I will get pics up soon. gave it a polish today and in that silver colour it really shows of its curves.
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    consider using the Appeals/Complaints procedure contained within the document SAUL AND FEEL FREE TO USE SUCH of my wording as you feel is appropriate. Submit whatever documentation/ receipts you still have available and request that they submit to you their reasoning for defining how the failure of a rarely used (if ever?) part can be classed as wear and tear or a consumable. If you are not successful consider writing to Honestjohn and informing him of the poor customer relations service offered by Lexus.They will not like the publicity. Best of luck.
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    Definitely worth it IMO. It looks and drives better. Having said that, its probably worth going to the dealer and driving them back to back.
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    i have found that when in EV mode if you have to go uphill slightly to stop leaving EV a click on the - paddle will help you stay in EV
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    It's probably the same as hearing about the problems with air suspension, you only hear about the problem and not the many very satisfied owners. Enjoy!
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    I've read a fair bit about this and it all seems a bit overhyped. For the thousands of units they made and sold, it looks to be a small percentile that are affected. I've got no issue picking off the EGR valve and sticking it in an ultrasonic cleaner once a year if needed. The head gasket thing seems to be chattered about here and there (and apologies if I'm missing easily found threads) but I can't seem to find any solid info on it. I can take out a 'cover-it-all' warranty for £300ish a year that will cover all major mechanical failings including injectors and so on, surely the car can't be THAT bad? I was very impressed on the test drive!
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    These and an H&S exhaust are on the shopping list for next year. So far so good on the Conti's. Had a bit of a hoon yesterday. I am a fan :-)
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    May give e-bay a go. May get me a tank of fuel for the Ring (My old 350Z did 4 laps to every one tank brim to fuel warning light) I have heard mixed things regarding Yellowstuff. I know the older compounds were very harsh on brake discs. Brembo discs are relatively cheap from Euro Car Parts at the minute (aprox. £180 a pair) so worst case scenario (assuming brake pads don't crumble) is that I replace them once I get back home if the discs are munched. Will also be taking my normal brake pads with me (aprox. 60% wear left) just in case and will get my brother (mechanic) to swap them over while in Germany if the EBC's are rubbish. Cheers.
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    Thanks John, Glad to know it started fine. @Zotto Mine is a 2010 unfortunately does not have the ev mode. Hopefully my next will be a newer GS450h
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    Indeed, it's probably worth a fair bit more than I paid for even after accounting for the repairs/fixes it's had. Virtually no rust either, just a wee bit on the rear offside quarter light which was suppose to get fixed at the same time as the TT was put in :( I'm told that by putting in the TT I may reduce it's value, seems crazy to me as these heavy machines should never have had a 3 litre engine. 5 litres should be minimum in these heavyweights.
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    My only suggestion is to NOT use EV switch if not necessary, ie. to move car the most silently possible, to let the system keeping the proper charge of HV battery
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    It's hybrid cars "purring", normal. A pump starting when needed.
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    GS is a Hybrid vehicle, not an electric one, and this means that Thermal and electric engines work together: starting the car, Thermal engine has to raise working temperature as soon as possible to obtain low emissions so, even with charged HV battery, if cold Thermal engine is forced to start.
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    My experience is that if all the bits are nice and warm and battery has reasonable charge it will move off on battery. Otherwise, even on a hot day, if the bits are cold the engine will start. I think salespersons know this so if you have an appointment to view a car will be all nice and warm and move off on battery very impressively so you buy the car. I did. I have seem my battery fun occasionalyl. John
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    Catchhster, I get exactly the same every time I start mine. The fact that I live in a 20mph area and so drive slowly, using the battery, as I near home means that it is pretty depleted when I restart it. I was also disappointed that it started by engine each morning but that just seems to be the way it is.
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    I've said it before but I'll say it again. D&mn I like the Mesa Red
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    5 years and 30,000 miles here. Inverter recall, 3-4 flat battery incidents (I use a solar charger in OBD when away now), new brake callipers, new water pump. That's it. Most reliable car I've ever owned and I've owned many. It hasn't aged a day in all that time.
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    Hello and welcome to the LOC. My Lexus is so old it used to have a cassette tape player in it The paint and wheel combination look great on yours.
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    You are aware of the potential engine problems with the IS220d, not saying they have all had problems but do a search on the forums. Oh nearly forgot....welcome to the LOC
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    Hi everyone, picked this up yesterday. Drove back to Manchester from Leeds during rush hour so wasn't an ideal first drive:( .. Wanted black but the silver is really growing on me!
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    A few more of mine taken last weekend

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