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    All cleaned ready for TunerFest South at Brands Hatch tomorrow. 👍😎
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    I changed jobs just before Christmas, 36 Mile, country lanes, then mainly smart motorway and some road work zone. This morning the traffic conditions must have been hybrid ideal as managed to break the 70 mpg barrier, just kept to the same speed as the trucks (even went past a few). Only added 5 mins onto my journey over normal. Normal average speed is around 40mph, today it was 38! Quite impressive for a 2.5l petrol!
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    After a 3am start from a somewhat wet and windy Dorset we found driving Mecca in Germany. Couple of laps completed to make sure Lichelle is up together for the weekends onslaught 🙂 So the RR Racing USRS are staying as they have been immense. Also the Ferodo DS2500 pads are incredible. 🙂
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    I haven't taken a car to a dealer or garage for MOT for years. I always use the local council MOT testing centre. They have no interest in failing items in order to get your business as they don't do any maintenance work, except to the council's own vehicles. I feel much more confident that they're giving an honest opinion.
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    So the ISF finally gone. Fabulous car Alfa being PPFd this week, pick her up this time next week.
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    New Carbon fibre Bonnet, spoiler and F grille badge
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    I got the docs and the number plates, so probably the last post from me about this. Thank you everyone for your help and advices! Here are couple of pictures!
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    Took my spark plugs out at the weekend and it started raining. Put them back in..... And it stopped. Give me a shout if you want guaranteed good weather for any upcoming barbeques 😜
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    Hi - I have a 2008 RX400h, owned for just over a year. Best decision I ever made! I thought 10 years or 100,000 miles was the warranty on the battery but tbh the battery is rock solid. It's scare mongering. If there is a hybrid health check from Lexus, then you are fine. You can also use a specialist to repair individual cells should a problem occur, at a fraction of the price of a replacement battery. At 67k it is barely run in. Mine was 120k when I bought it and I've done 11k since without the car missing a beat. I paid £6,500, a couple of dings but good service history. Plugs change at 60k intervals so got that done (big job!) as it needed a service, the wheels are usually rubbish, mine was no different so got them refurbed properly (not painted) at £65 each, and had the bonnet front and two corners with deep scratches painted. Cam belt and water pump changed at 100k. So I got a £46k beast of a car for about £7200 and I have no regrets. I don't use Lexus as they are way too expensive for an older car, my local garage service a couple of others. Only issues I had were oxygen sensors with an electrical specialist sorted. I replaced the mass air plow sensor which probably didn't need doing as it turned out but I have the original still as a spare. The self levelling headlights don't work and is a common problem, my lights are a bit low but pass an MOT. Again, costly to replace but YouTube have videos on cleaning and replacing the springs which is usually the issue. The sensor site on the top of the rear axle on the drivers side and get full of cr*p. If your lucky they can be cleaned up. Dead easy to remove with the wheel off. I just have the front fogs on as well which is plenty for me I have had one of the four O2 sensors fail and the garage said don't get an OEM one (£60 or so) as they won't turn off the engine warning light so I had to bite the bullet and paid £193 for the Lexus one. If was smooth before it is even better now so worth the spend! So back to the battery. Toyota state the hybrid batteries in their cars are zero maintenance and are expected to last the life of the car, which is 18 years (I think). Search here for battery issues, very few. Everyone seems to worry about hybrid batteries. As a rule they are way more reliably than the engines they support! The pulling power and acceleration is breathtaking. On a journey I will sometimes turn off the music and sit in silence. Literally. No bumps, no creaks and squeaks, tiny bit of wind noise. It's surreal, feels more like flying than driving. I love it. Put 15 bags of gravel in the other day, say 30kg a bag, that's 450kg. Barely noticed it was there!! Buy it if the history is good, walk if no history. I went 200 miles to get mine. I had the car surveyed by Click Mechanic which I would highly recommend because as you say, these are very complex cars and can be expensive if they go wrong. The have a 3.3L V6 engine, it eats miles. Drive with a feather light right foot, lift of whenever you can, keep 70 and under on journeys, that way I get 34mpg in summer, 29/30mpg in winter cos the engine works the heater. Trick I do is use the heated seat instead of the heater as much as I can. Good luck!
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    4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim
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    All fitted now and over the moon with it
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    You actually got all the way home in a TVR? 😊
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    Well change the title of the thread..... SHE’S ALL MINE 😍
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    I have just had my alloy wheels refinished by a company called "Wheelfurb", and an excellent job they made of them. What is perhaps more remarkable is there prices. Wheels up to, and including 18 inch finished in standard colors with bare rims supplied to them is £100 + VAT for 4 wheels. They will remove, and refit tyres with balance for £35 extra. Turn around is 3 working days, but this can be reduced to one day at extra cost. You can also leave your car with them for the work to be carried out, and they also have some wheels with tyres "depending on size" as loan wheels to keep you on the move. Diamond cut wheels are charged extra for the machining process. The finish is guaranteed for 12 months "excluding diamond cut wheels, and obvious curbing type damage". They have workshops in Dudley, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton, and Tamworth. I have no connection with this company other than having work done on my GS450H wheels shown below. The first picture is the before shot, but this does not rely show how bad the worming, and corrosion was. John.
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    I know that I do an excessive amount of mileage. but I have noticed that every 6 months (20K miles) my 300h starts to drop its economy, every time so far it has been the same reason.....the hybrid fan filter is getting blocked. Ive now become a bit of an expert on doing this now, and Ive no doubt that there are a few DIY mechanics who like to look over their own car. If you are doing your own servicing the please include this in your annual check. Tools: 2 x flat ended screwdrivers Pliers 10mm socket and ratchet The fan assembly is located on the right hand side rear inner wing, its all accessible via the boot, but you have to remove the inner panel in order to get at the fan and filter. First remove the false floor, then remove the tool tray below the false floor, there are 6 self expanding clips (3 on each side), in order to remove them prise out the centre with a flat ended screwdriver. lift the tool tray out, this will reveal another 3 of these clips that hold the carpet into the rear of the boot, these need to be removed as well the looking at the right side boot trim there are two load restraints that need to be removed, they are held in place with a 10mm bolt, this is hidden. in order to get at the bolt you need to prise the plastic cover away with a screwdriver Undo the 10 mm bolts and remove the restraints. Looking at the right hand inner boot panel there are 3 trim clips that hold the panel to the car, they are 'spined' and need to be prised out. you can see the 3 holes in the picture. With these out the last piece to be removes is the plastic threshold trim, this has another 3 of the spined clips that are used on the inner trim panel. Once they are removed the panel requires a sharp pull as there are 6 clips attached to the threshold trim that need to be released from the body. Now you can pull/bend the inner trim back to reveal the fan assembly and trunking for the air duct the black trunking that runs from the fan to the hybrid battery is held in place with 2 self expanding clips, again prise the centre pin out and the pull the clip out in order to remove the trunking. The motor is held in place with 2x10mm bolts and 1x10mm nut There is also a multiplug that will need to be disconnected in order to remove the fan assembly from the car. Once removed you then have access to the trunking that has the filter in it With the motor out of the way the trunking is held in place by a tag at the bottom of the trunking that locates on a plastic pin, a sharp pull will see it come free. and this is what you may find!! Full of fluff and crud, with a vacuum cleaner give this a good clean, then clean the motor. The vanes will be fill of dirt and crud as well, with an airline blow this all out (watch your eyes as there will be a lot of dust) Cleaned out Putting it all back together is the reverse this, however when reconnecting the fan motor please make sure the connectors go back together with a solid 'CLICK' if they don't and the pins haven't made good connection you will get a 'check hybrid' error message, once the fan motor and trunking is in place and before I have built up the interior trim I normally turn the ignition on so as to check that everything is in order. Hope that helps
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    best two tweeks I know for reducing under bonnet temps are firstly remove the bonnet, the second slightly more drastic, remove the engine
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    Admiral often do not receive good reviews.Time to move, methinks!
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    Hi all, Just a quick update to say that the GS went in for its first service in my ownership today and came out with a clean bill of health. The only advisory was that the rear tyres are at about 3mm, so will need replacing soon. I have been quoted £120 + VAT each for Michelin's by the dealer. So, after 8 months and 8000 trouble free miles, I can say that it is still just as brilliant as when I bought it. I was actually surprised when I realised it had been this long, but the car is so effortless that it is understandable. As usual, Lexus Reading were great from start to finish. Michael and Sue were just as nice and helpful as ever, and how's this for care and attention: When I checked the service book I saw that someone had put on a post it note to stop the ink smearing the opposite page before it had dried. As you can see from the empty boxes, this isn't something all dealers consider. It is a small thing, and I wouldn't have particularly minded if it had made a mark, but I was impressed that someone took the time to consider such a small thing.
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    Those of you with long memories may recall that I bought my LS600h from Lexus Stoke back in August last year. It had done around 100k and was sold with a full 3 year Lexus warranty and a full 3 year service plan. In my ownership so far, it has had a minor service (at 110k miles) but nothing has gone awry until a few weeks ago when I started to notice an uncharacteristic rumbling noise under acceleration (difficult to hear but quite distinct). Anyway, fast forward to this weekend, and I've just got the car back from Lexus Stoke following a major service at 120k miles. As part of the service, I had two new front tyres and they replaced half of the exhaust (the back box on one side and associated other bits and pieces). It had developed a large hole on the top of the box (which explained the noise). Neither of these items were covered by the warranty (no surprise) so I am a few £ lighter but peace is restored to the Lexus and it is driving like new again. I didn't skimp on the tyres either (they put Bridgestone Potenza which I hope will meet with your approval). They also replaced the earthing strap on the underside of the gearbox which had corroded. So, all set up for another year of happy motoring in what is undoubtedly the best car I have ever owned. I'd be interested to know how other LS600 owners are getting on with their cars. I'm still in a quandary about what to do in 18-24 months time. This car is fantastic and has a literally full service history with Lexus (which will be maintained by myself). No one else has touched it. It is a nice problem to think about and plan for so any ideas welcomed!
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    Sat on New 20’’ alloys, looks meaner 👍🏻
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    Finished off the coating today, masked of the calipers too and sprayed with hi temp resistant paint:
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    Well just completed the above in my LS430. As expected a perfect trip, with no probs. Did 1150 miles overall, with quite a lot of driving on single track roads, so stop start. Got 27mpg overall and on the 360 mile trip from Fort William mostly at 80 on the motorway, achieved 32mpg, which is brilliant. Now gone over 99k miles and MOT due soon, so keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully will get a French trip in this year, Cheers , Roger
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    I’ve heard that if you de-tune the engine a little to comply with latest exhaust regulations so that it makes a bit less power, add a big wing on the back and pay for journalists to have an amazing holiday at an international motor racing circuit of their choosing the RCF is much quicker and handles as well as anything else on the road.
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    When I drive the car a bit spirited I put the heaters on full power and highest temp and put the windows down slightly so it creates a vacuum pulling hot air out the engine, defo adds 25.7bhp 👍
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    Not really a tweak but a useful tip in the spirit of the thread, I've found that urinating in the final bucket when washing your car (use of gloves recommended) it deters cats and dogs from cocking their leg against your wheels/car. I hasten to add this theory is, on the whole not fully tested.
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    After buying my ISF, I saw many more IS models on the roads than before. Obviously as an 'influencer' people were following my lead, so it is clear my choices have an important impact on the market. It was why I got such a good deal on my RCF, as Lexus wanted to boost sales. It works, as since I bought mine, there are many more RCF owners on the forum.
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    How sad is that Mike. Love and Use are mutually exclusive. If you love her you must keep her or at the very least ensure that she goes into the best home possible. She looks a beauty.
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    Happy relief, annual service and MOT ........... No Advisories, changed one indicator bulb ( not original ) and new front pads .............. the one's he used last time, November just gone, had only covered about 5k miles but were squeaking every day at some point and had quite worn .... more expensive one's now and on the first day ..... not a squeak ( yet ) Happy bunny here Malc
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    My RX450H is 9 years old and has covered almost 100,000 miles. It’s paint is, with the exception of swirl marks, as good as it left the factory. The bumpers haven’t peeled, even where I’ve got a bit close to a wall... Sounds to me, like an insurance company being an insurance company and talking a load of nonsense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What do you think? Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks to BigRat I now have a Quicksilver exhaust on the RCF. First impressions are that it’s a little louder inside the car under normal driving with the windows shut, but obviously a lot louder outside given the looks I got when accelerating up and over the Itchen bridge earlier. And it looks so much better on the car Thanks to Paul for dropping the exhaust off today. Just need an opportunity to clear its throat properly now.
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    Hi folks, I have been posting on the RX section for the last few weeks after looking for and subsequently buying a 2014 RX450h which has covered 28k, my first Lexus. I have just noticed this section, so thought I would add an introduction. I have had Saabs for decades and the RX replaces a low mileage Alfa Romeo 159 1750 Tbi TI. I have an interest in vehicles, as a former engineer, I have a rebuilt Landrover Defender and a few old bikes from the 1950's to 1970's. My dad was a mechanic so I have done my own servicing to engine rebuilds. I was influenced in my decision to buy a Lexus by their reputation for quality and reliability, so hope it was the right decision, i am impressed so far bar by the underbody corrosion protection (I have a separate thread on that).
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    Well I finally got round to sorting my scabby wheels out having decided to go bronze a while ago. Subtly different in a bespoke matte bronze and not the shiny end of the bronze spectrum some might favour but I like them. But anyone found any decent replacement black wheel nuts as I gave my old ones a quick flash over with a rattle can by way of experiment and its already coming off. Photography not being a skill I'm blessed with but you get the idea.
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    Delighted to say my RCF will be Quicksilver equipped when I pick her up next Thursday.... Vroom vroom 😁
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    I've come late to this thread - so late that I've missed Paul. It's worth picking up on the oft-discussed "CVT drone" and "gearbox" points though. Owners who enjoy their NXs may feel defensive about this because motoring journalists cut and paste the same criticisms of Lexus models from one review to the next. As long as people expect to hear a linear relationship between engine revs and road speed, they will never get used to a modern hybrid. Even describing the compact power-split e-CVT unit as a "gearbox" kind of misses the point, as though Lexus & Toyota selected it in preference to conventional transmission options for the hell of it. Over 14 years of hybrid ownership I've got completely used to the decoupling of engine speed from road speed, and I still think that the Lexus/Toyota hybrid system is a generation *ahead* of any pure ICE drivetrain. It's a fact than when accelerating hard the NX hybrid system is noisy. It's also a fact that most of the rest of the time - and especially in urban situations - it's much quieter. Since hard acceleration is probably less than 1% of the time spent in the car, it's a tradeoff I'm delighted to make. Others - like Paul - may differ. There's still a challenge for Lexus sales staff in articulating this for potential buyers; and a risk that Lexus might be tempted to compromise the efficiency of the hybrid architecture by trying to replicate the behavior of conventional drivetrains. Perhaps all of this will be rendered irrelevant by the arrival of Lexus EVs in a few years.
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    The very same happened my 2013 RX last November. Every time I put the car in reverse, the rear left sensor activated, even though there was no obstruction behind the car. I ordered a replacement sensor online (from China - ebay !) Whilst waiting for the new sensor to arrive, I read a tip online, and it may help someone out with a similar problem - smear vaseline gently over the faulty sensor, and rub off any excess. It cured the problem for me, the new sensor arrived - and I have never had to fit it - as the existing sensor has worked perfectly since, despite power-washing the car (carefully) several times !
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    I had a pal who received a phone call from Land Rover inviting him to a LR experience. They collected him at 7.30 sharp the next morning, dropped him in the nearest lay-by and collected him 8 hours later!!
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    Latest so far, I have contacted my insurance and told them what happened, I have not raised a claim but pretty sure it will show on my history in a future. an hour later or so my neighbor insurance contacted me, confirming that they take all the blame and agreeing it was their fault, this is good. They provided me with garage details for a repair and the Hire car company which is 5 minutes walking from my house, this is good too! I phoned the garage and they will pick up the car tomorrow form Hire Company place and I will pick up a rental/courtesy car in the morning, this is good too. I do not know how long the repair will take or how much will be involved in it. Insurer assured me the garage is very respectful and approved repair shop for BMW, Audi, MB and Jaguar, based on their site they worked on some pretty good cars! Google has just 3.5 stars in reviews for them, so not good part! Glasgow owners, did anyone deal with Mitchell Inglis Glasgow? So far everything moves quickly (much much quicker than I expected) and painless, fingers cross this will be all the way!
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    Make sure that such Statements are obtained immediately and prior to discussion with the offender. The Statements must be written/typed, signed and dated with the author signing in signature and capital letter form. Good luck Vlad.
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    Hi all, Sorry for the lack of response I've been caught up with work and other such mundane activities! Thank you for all your responses, it's been an interesting read. Sorry I can't respond to you all individually. However, there is a new chapter in this story. So, I took the car to my local independent today. I explained the situation and showed them the estimate I had been given by Lexus. After laughing for quite a while and actually running off with the quote to show other mechanics out in the bay I was directed to get my car up on the lift. In their opinion there was NOTHING wrong with the brake pipes and certainly nothing to warrant an MOT failure. They reached in with a bit of emery cloth on the 2cm of offending 'corrosion' and promptly stepped out to say 'they were trying to have you bud'. Car is now booked in for the MOT again this Tuesday as they couldn't fit me in today but they see no reason at all the car should pass without issue. This has obviously only gone to fuel my anger and disappointment in Lexus Swindon. I've already sourced by replacement discs (Brembo) and pads (EBC YellowStuff) for a total of £537.01, a little less than my original estimate and a clear £4984.43 less than what they estimated. I'll put a hold on the exhaust for now which will deffo need a full replacement unless I get a fabricator involved as suggested. There's no rush on this and it will be a nice excuse for a cheeky upgrade in the future. The 'leaking' radiator was nothing more than a historic weep which has since sealed itself (for now). It's bone dry, just got old residue sitting around a small part area of the rad. Anyway, needless to say I will learn this lesson only once - I'll never return to Lexus even if it does mean losing my dealership stamps on servicing. All the best Dar
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    As a shareholder in a solar cooperative I believe sustainable energy production i s needed. However I am very much against personally owning an EV due to the charging issues. The planners will also have to get their act together. My local Council insist on cycle storage and discounted bicycle vouchers with new build, but garages and suitable parking spaces for charger points aren't even considered. To me the self charging hybwis the most practical alternative at this time.
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    A very small update on my RX. Even the substitute Luxury I got to replace the Advance had an issue with a noise from the rear end, which got worse on the lumpy rural lanes around where I live. Following a tip on this forum a few weeks ago I bought some anti-squeak tape - basically self-adhesive rubber/butyl with a felt face. It was cheap off eBay, just over £2 posted for a 500mm length. Having put my son in the boot one day (on a private road, genuinely) he worked out that the noise was coming from the tailgate latch area. Looking at it, I could see that the plastic hinged flap which seals around the bottom fastening was quite polished, suggesting it was rubbing against the tailgate part of the latch mechanism. Two little strips of the tape were applied to the flap and now I have silence! Any other noises I can hear are stuff inside the car, at least it's not the rear seats which I had initially thought were the problem. Since getting this one in late February I've only done a couple of thousand miles, due to a fairly short work commute and having my older cars to use now the weather is (mostly) better. All good so far, I seem to get 32-35mpg depending on whether I've managed to do some longer journeys or it's just been local running around. Now focusing on next month's holiday in France, that's where it will really excel with the family and luggage on board and wanting to cover a big distance in a day. Looking forward to having a bit of power on the hills and mountains - the torque-less Avensis 1.8 petrol I took last year was not good for that. It needs a couple of tyres, so I'm looking at the ever-popular Michelin CrossClimates and getting the almost-new Dunlops swapped to the rear. It currently has Bridgestones on the back which may have been there from new? They still have a reasonable amount of tread but certainly look somewhat aged and not something I'd be happy about subjecting to a few hundred miles of 81mph autoroute travel. Budget aside, it's a shame all four don't need replacing but the front Dunlops were new when I bought it and it'd be a terrible waste to get rid of them. If my local Lexus dealer will do them for a sensible price then I'll take it down there and get a summer health check done while I'm at it. The MoT and service isn't due until later in the year and it would do no harm for someone other than the dealer who sold it to me to give it a once-over while I'm well within the warranty period. They can also price up a service plan for me, it should be eligible for the 'essentials' package as it'll just be five years old by that time. Still happy with my choice after a few months. The particular car I ended up with is perfect for what I want out of an RX, it's only now that my local dealer has had anything which I think would have been a good alternative. I do wonder how I'd have got on with the Mazda 6 2.5 and Subaru Outback I'd also been considering, I think they'd have been good in their own way but not better (I don't need the Subaru's off-road capability). Toyota have since launched the Camry here which wouldn't have been much of a stretch on the monthly payments, but sadly there's no estate version so that's ruled out. In summary, I'm quite content to live with mine for the next three years and with how slowly I'm adding the miles it should be well worth purchasing outright at the end of the agreement and keeping it long-term. P.S. Is there a way of changing the original thread title?
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    You see you are now being insulting by refuting my abilities and personality. I do care about and enjoy driving but it's not about speed or getting there quickly but rather a comfortable ride with easy driving experience. Perhaps we should agree that we all have different interpretations of what is enjoyable. Yours works for you then fine, mine works for me. When you pay for my car I will subscribe to your criteria. It's not a matter of being bothered but I again refer you to the relaxing and comfortable drive, un-stressed. If you're idea of enjoying a drive is to be constantly on edge and scanning for speed cameras then that's your call. It is perfectly possible to drive at licence losing speeds in the ES300h. I am perfectly confident of my driving skill and always make a point of getting to know my car. I would pit my capabilities against yours any day (if I could be bothered of course) as many years as a motorway police driver and also as a younger biker and fast car enthusiast have equipped me well. I just grew up, I recommend it heartily. You also want your loved ones and passengers to live....just not as much as behaving like an immature idiot fantasising about being a racing driver....your call. Do you not want to arrive home safe for them? Are you so arrogant to think, like all the idiots driving like maniacs that your driving skills are advanced enough to cope with anything? There is such a thing as a MB C300h or should I say there was as it was fairly recently discontinued. It was a 201hp 2.1 turbo diesel hybrid (Approx. 230 BHP total) I drove one for 3 years from May 2013-16. Check your facts. An enthusiast would be ashamed. No probs with the nick name, a bit of banter is fine. You have however made derogatory comments about my driving ability and personality. Don't make this personal my friend, you don't know me well enough to judge me nor i you so let's just agree to disagree. It all boils down to the reason/s you buy a car. Speed/excitement or comfort/reliability? My reasons are not yours and visa/versa.
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    I believe they are OEM, and I recall when I took car for inspection a few weeks back, they said having had LS400 with KYB shocks on is never the same as going for original and they have replaced a number of aftermarket shocks when quite new because they made ride not at all good.. They did say it is not cheap to do it right. So bill was £735 - that also included fitting of new stabiliser bushes, which were starting to go. Each shock was £202 + VAT. Not cheap, but with suspension and control arms my preference is for OEM. On way home tonight I could feel the back end shocks as being not too good (on some speed humps), but I think I can live with that for rest of year, and then look at what needs to be done. Also asked about the cambelt (now on 60K) and was told not to worry about that for a while yet. One other thing with new shocks was noticeable lowering of road noise on some of the cruddier motorway surfaces along the M4, not as quite as being in a field with only the noise of butterflies and whispering grass, but will allow my wife to make herself heard more clearly when telling off for undertaking (as i was filtering left off the M5 coming south to go towards Wales last weekend), DOH!
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    Drove it home yesterday, about 90 miles of mainly A roads. quite busy so mainly about 50 to 60 mph and managed just over 40 mpg, was impressed by the comfort and quietness.
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    Test drive in car today, drives like new and condition was perfect, 28k miles serviced every year, exterior is unmarked as was the interior. Comes with boot protector and full set of rubber mats and boot liner as well as textile mats.Just serviced. Am delighted, pick it up on Thursday after it is valeted.
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    On the question of performance, I think you got to be honest and says straight away, all these cars are going to be rubbish. Large, heavy cars, powered by circa 200 bhp diesel or petrol electric engines are never going to set the world alight. There is no joy in pinning the loud pedal on any of these cars. To say one is better than another is like saying it’s better to be poisoned rather than jumping off a cliff. The same can be said of handling, S line, M sport, Amg line and F Sport are all totally marketing BS. Put any of these in an actual environment where their performance and handling is laid bare ie a race track and see just how awful these cars actually are. But that’s fine, we understand that a 520d msport is not designed to be the greatest performance car BMW has ever made (and as I’ve spent a lot of time over the years driving an E46 M3 CSL in every environment I.e road, track, autobahn, Austrian pass etc. That car is arguably the greatest performance car BMW has ever made, so ive got a reference point here). these cars will be used on the congested highways and byways, usually at times when the highways and byways are at their most congested. The hybrid powertrain really shines in this environment. It is at its quietest and most efficient in traffic. That’s what it is designed for. Fun fact, in stop start traffic you can actually drive the ES in total silence just from the steering wheel using radar cruise. The hybrid It’s a massively relaxing place to be and it needs to be as your going to be in it for 8-10 hours and 300-400 miles per day. In the real world, hybrid beats stop/start diesel power. It’s a compromise sure (and soon to be outdated itself), but it’s better. To reference back to the review, let’s think about each choice. The Audi is no doubt a superb car, but having owned an A6 from the emissions scandal period, I’m done with VAG cars. In the same way UK customers can whistle for their compensation my £40k every 3-4 years walks straight out of their showroom. The E class, again, a superb car. 2 big issues. The interior. You might as well walk into the showroom and ask to ‘bling me’. And I’m sorry to say but the other issue is the whole taxi thing. So the BMW. Let’s put it out there, it won this test as overall it’s the best car. It just is and in pretty much every metric the ES will fall short in comparison. the carwow review did hint to the ES’s appeal when it mentioned the black tie analogy. The BMW is the sharpest cut, best fitting tuxedo. You will look a million dollars. Problem is, so will everybody else as they are all wearing the same thing. It’s it nice to turn up at the ball in a white tux and a massive smile on your face. But to pull off the ‘being different trick’ the ES has to be close enough to the competition. It cannot be a total disaster as then you are just cutting off your nose to spite your face. The ES manages to be close enough, while maintaining its quirky appeal (and to my eyes, looking the best of the bunch).
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    If you are looking at spending that amount of money, get on ebay right now and buy Pete's supercharged ISF and you will have the best car that this amount of money can buy. That is all. 😎

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