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    1988 Mitsubishi Starion....
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    So like a few of you my RCF is my daily car, but I really don't do many miles in a year nowadays <4k. My pride & joy is my UK Spec MKIV Supra. And for track duty I have an old MR2, which is quite rough around the edges, but means I don't care if i run out of talent on an airfield or track somewhere
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    I'm a big fan of using an F and not pampering it in the garage Today, I took my car out into the outside world - beyond my garage! I took my mobile phone along with me to document the occasion, stopping off for a few snaps. So there you have it - proof that my car is not just a garage queen. She is however booked in for a full valet tomorrow and will then it will be back home for trickle charging and oil warming 😀
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    Hi all, My car recently ticked over 91k miles and needed a full service, last service was August last year at 83k. As it was at 91k I booked the car in for a 100k Major service with Lexus Plymouth. I understand a large service like this is only done at 60k miles and 100k miles, please correct me if im wrong, Just thought I'd add a post on costs and what was carried out if anyone is getting near that service point in their cars life. I purchased 2 new Pirelli P Zeros for the front wheels a couple of months ago as the inner wall had the dreaded tyre wear, middle and outside were like new 😞 I got a great deal from Oponeo.co.uk I saved them for the service so Lexus could fit them (which they kindly did free of charge). Lexus did all the usual full service items, changed the Oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, screen wash, all filters screen wash, checked for recalls, plugged the engine in the computer etc etc, Also a full visual inspection, they took off, checked and re-tourqed all 4 wheels, tyre pressures, checked control arms brakes, suspension, literally every nut and bolt of the car was looked over and tightened. There was nothing wrong with the feel of the car before the service but it honestly felt like new when I picked it up, felt solid. I had a rubbing noise from the passenger wheel in the week building up to the service, they checked it out and found the heat shield had slightly bent and was rubbing, all fixed for free and no more noise. It was a bit of a relief as I've only owned the car since April so this was it first proper full inspection by Lexus under my ownership, they confirmed the car is in great condition and had been well looked after. There were only 3 things to sort at a later date, air conditioning needs regassing which I'm not fussed about, with the Hayward and Scott exhaust burbling im more of a window down kinda guy. Heat sheild above the exhaust was ripping a bit and may need replacing, and lastly 3 clamps on the exhaust were leaking slightly so will need replacing, as it was a Hayward and Scott exhaust they didn't have the correct clamps so wouldn't touch it. All in it cost £595, Money well spent IMO, I am curious as to what a simular service would be for a M3 or C63, RS4 etc. The customer service and work carried out at Lexus Plymouth was first class, added benefit of it being a 5 mintue walk from my house it's a relief to have a garage like that so close. Another stamp in the service book and a warm fuzzy feeling the car is in great condition. Apologies for the long read Cheers Ian
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    6 wheels of American muscle.
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    Couldn't sleep the other night, so took some pics of the car. Show us your's!
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    Use my isf as my daily all year round switching to winters when the weather gets bad, the warranty is just up and I’m in two minds whether to renew it or change the car. Is a great all rounder, don’t know what I would change it to. Ive got a few other cars below are a selection. The s2000 (very very late 59 plate car 30k miles love it), swmbo merc hybrid and my sons gt86 are missing. the dolly has a group 2 spec motor running 185hp, vented discs fully adjustable suspension and a very high spec period pioneer cassette stereo. the 911 is a c2. But has an 3.8 rs engine, clutch, flywheel, suspension, glass, seats. Essentially a rs without the price. Is a very special car. the landie Has been to twisted and has suspension and the engine mods from them - is 175hp and 480nm torque. Goes off the clock and is quite scary there!!!!
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    As a non Lexus owner now, the CLS63 is my daily, and the "other" car is my '94 VW Corrado VR6.
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    I have this little one which inhabits my garage, only comes out to play in the summer months.
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    My other car - had it over 6 years now, which is an eternity for me. 9000rpm, RWD, LSD and a manual box. Awful on long motorway journeys, brilliant fun given the right occasion!
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    Hello all, I have recently purchased a 2001 GS300. This car is very much a project for me - and a venture in to Japanese cars from my principal hobby car brand of choice - BMW. I own a '98 BMW 740i which has been my main hobby to date, but have always hankered after a Lexus, from teenage years and onward. It was purchased using my usual rule of trying to find something interesting for under a grand... enter the car in question: It has pretty high miles - 184k and a complete lack of stamped service history, with the notable exception of a cambelt change at a Lexus main dealer at 160k miles. Engine oil is reasonably clean, transmission functions as intended - but I bought with my eyes well and truly open, which leads me to the discoveries... I have a pathological fear of rust, so first thing was to strip of all the sill covers and asses things down below. Here's a couple of shots of the rear jacking points as I found them: NSR: OSR: Given 17 years on the road and some likely abuse through being jacked improperly, I was happy to find that the corrosion is just surface stuff. I've hammered the pinch welds straight again, scrubbed everything down, and given the length of the affected areas a coating with POR-15 (https://www.por15.com/) and stonechip primer: I don't have pictures of the final product, but basically any grey area was covered with black stonechip - and with the colour coded sill covers on, this area isn't visible - so I'm not fussed about the difference in colour. I've scrubbed and treated all 4 jacking points onthe car, and any area on the length of the sill that looked like it was rusting. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of the inner wheel wells, and I was able to push holes in them in the area where they meet the sill section – thankfully the rot doesn’t affect the sills– so I got the wheel wells inspected by a local underbody welder whom I trust – and repaired wherever rust was found: Looking from the hole down the sill (!): As before, the sill looks good, just the wheel wells not so much! I plan to get some waxoyl and a flexible applicator and thoroughly treat the inside of the sills once I have the car back from the body shop. I’ve also found some curious examples of previous owners/those in their employ attempting to hide faults – rather than fix them. Can you see what’s missing in this shot of the rear of the instrument cluster? Yes – the telltale bulbs for the VSC system have been removed. Putting replacement bulbs in immediately showed up that the system was deactivated and faulty, as was the ABS; I can only assume a PO did this to hide the faults and pass an MOT test. The other frustration was that the MIL light had been painted over with black nail varnish (!) – lightly removing this from the outside of the cluster (no I didn’t spot it on the test drive) of course revealed the MIL was illuminated. I’m thankful I was able to get codes using my OBDII reader – and the damage could have been worse – 2x separate lambda sensor faults. One traced to *really* poor workmanship on a presumed universal sensor installation: Fixed as (self amalgating tape added to the length of the repair afterward): That was fixed by remaking the wire joints with solder/heat shrink insulation. The other sensor needed to be replaced entirely and then the MIL light could be extinguished; an easy fix for the sake of some time with a soldering iron, and £50 for a new DENSO universal sensor. The VSC/ABS system was easily brought back to life with a trick for resetting zero point calibration using a paper clip that I found somewhere on a USA Lexus forum post – bingo, no more warnings on the dash. The plan for this car will be to give it a complete brakes and suspension renewal, and service everything I can, before making some subtle modifications. Broadly, I want to lower it, give it a slightly louder exhaust note (actually there has already been some work done as the silencer tips are not original to the car), and some nice deep dish wheels. I’ll post up my progress on here, mention any useful part numbers; if anything for my own records. I’m a keen DIY’er so largely I’ll be doing this in the garage/ driveway. First service item was to a drain/refill the ATF. I use a suction/syphon drain and got some Type 4 ATF from Toyota: Coming from BMWs it was great to have a dipstick to work with. Fluid removed was dark, but didn’t smell burned; I think I managed to put about 4 litres of fluid in to the box – definitely I put in more than I removed so I think the box was lower on fluid level than it should have been. I’ve also put a new radiator on the car, as the plastic cores on the old part appeared very brown and mottled – like you could touch them and they’d spring a leak. New part from Ad-Rad.co.uk, delivered next day – made by Koyorad; fitted in under an hour: Next up will be to replace the rocker cover gaskets, as there’s a fair old oil leak from the top of the engine. I’ll post on that when I have the car back from the body shop. I'm hoping this car will be some fun to work on - and broadly speaking a valuable learning experience on a vehicle that isn't German/ a Land Rover! Thanks, John
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    This is my TVR Taimar, modified 3.0 V6. Its not been on the road for a few years now, but it will be back soon 😁
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    After what feels like a lifetime since selling my F, im finally getting to pick up the new / old cruiser next weekend. Anybody have UN stickers lol
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    Well the time had come for my cars MOT, the first one since I got it last Oct. Dropped it off at the local garage to where I work around 8am and was told they would call me before lunch. Got a text at 9am saying it had passed and ready to collect ... no advisories at all ... that has made me very happy today. Those MOT worries over for this year at least.
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    In the Blue corner with his plastic bonnet, we have @tomRCFcarbon in the red corner we have smokey diesel @Linas.P with his ubiquitous IS220d DING DING round ONE @NemesisUK get your popcorn🍿 ready!!!
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    Mine with a full custom valvetronic system and carbon functional tips
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    Hit my Spotify song download limit recently so decided to clear a few offline playlists. Realised that most of my playlists are road trip related. So... Fom you fellow F owners, apart from a 5L V8... What are your top 5 driving songs. I will then make up a new playlist based on responses for my next run. Will start with 5 (and way too many that haven't made list) No particular order... 1) ACDC - Thunderstruck 2) Fleetwood Mac - Go your own Way 3) Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark 4) The Killers - All the Things I have done 5) Tears for Fears - Everybody wants to rule the world I am only 38 I promise 😉 Intrigued to hear yours 🙂
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    After buying the RCF I've been very paranoid about where I park it, leave it and putting miles on it... So I decided to get myself a 2nd car for daily duties. Originally my criteria was cheap to tax/insure/econimcal/ FWD(for winter use) but ended buying this little gem 🙂 . Very low mileage, FSH and most importantly NO RUST which is a rarity for a MX5! So, F owners let's see pics of your other car(s).
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    My work horse and my 2 wheeled beast 😄
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    Massive thanks to Martin for bringing his stunning blue rcf over and taking me out in it. It solidified my initial thoughts and banished and very small concerns I had mainly around the styling. The rear lights don’t stick out as far as I feared and actually look very good in person. The front lights look fantastic and the front end is very aggressive. The chrome I can easily black out. The car has a lovely low seating position and the cabin really surrounds you. Super comfortable seats and soft materials where it matters such as where your arms and legs rest. As I expected m, it feels very high quality inside indeed. The car sounds superb. The car felt squat and planted around corners and when it was accelerating. Also, my word it just keeps pulling all the way to red line! When it feels like it should change gear it just keeps pulling all the way to red line. Very impressive. Defiantly my next car. Just a waiting game now. Thanks again Marin 👍
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    @Linas.P Hey Linas looks like they are bringing back your favourite 2.0T engine...... you must be ecstatic........ 😂😂😂😂😂 🐀
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    ,Some pics for anyone who's interested, including the flare tube complete with flare!
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    Got the AFe ( Takeda ) cone style Intake tube and box installed. I did that for two reasons.. 1. Sound 2. Looks I did not expect any performance from this system, in fact.. i was expecting some loss in performance especially mid to top end. I speak from experience as I've done this on many cars before this one. I am happy with the results, love the deep throaty sound the car makes when you step on it. I don't feel I've lost power either. However, I have noticed throttle is more responsive initially... almost feels like I've installed a throttle controller. A video of the system being installed. I'll post some more videos shortly. https://youtu.be/hGuQVpcNI4A
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    @Bluethunder Nean how’s ownership going haven’t seen you post for a while, are you aware of the Peaks Meet end of September? Or have I missed your posts somewhere...🙄 Anyway back on topic paranoia is normal by the way...... sorry about that...... So we have Mrs Rat little 1.25 Petrol ‘ I live my life in train station car parks’ Fiesta And my Van that’s been very busy of late...... And the black ‘Kitt’ in between 🤗 Big Rat
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    Got some decisions to make early next year wrt car. Lichelle will be over 10 years old and out of Lexus warranty and unsure whether to keep her or venture into something else. She will turn 80k in January at current rate. If keeping her she will be more heavily involved on the track next year with a few track days and Ring Trips on the cards already now the Mrs has finished firing kids out of the baby cannon. She even asked what weekends I am at the Nurburgring next year so she may have found another man 😉 So... To cut to the chase... I have done the exhaust, done the intake (both of which I love and are pretty easy to switch out to standard in case of warranty claim) but next thing to tackle will probably be the suspension. Options at moment are... (Along with initial thoughts) Original equipment refresh (not necessary if out of warranty and maybe more of the same unless upgrading to later ISF spec) Coilovers (Tein adjustable. Always think that with them being 30 way adjustable then it's 29 ways of getting it wrong per shock) Bilstein B6 shocks and Tein Springs (cheapest option and may work out best for mixture of daily driving/track) So question really is... Anyone done/experienced any of this already and how have you found it? Is it worth it? Searched the US sites and they are all a bit too much about "stance" for me 😉 Any thoughts and suggestions welcome. Please bear in mind that it's for a 400bhp RWD car that does 0-60 in 4.x seconds and is definitely not a ULEV 😉

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