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    It's been a while since I did any mods on my IS250. I've owned it for just over 12 years. I've recently completely resprayed the car to Ultrasonic Blue and have quite a few mods planned in the coming weeks/months. I purchased a stitch-on leather wrap for my IS250 steering wheel. I purchased my leather wrap from AliExpress directly from China. Cost was $26 with FREE delivery and with a extra $4 off coupon. Making total $22 which converted in GBP to around £17. You can get them as cheap as $12 with free shipping. But most of them are synthetic leather. I went for the slightly more expensive one that said genuine cowhide leather. I went for perforated leather with blue stitching. I wanted to add an F Emblem at the bottom of the steering wheel to give the re-trim some uniqueness. F emblems small enough for the steering wheel are hard to find and Lexus don't seem to sell them as replacements. So I designed and printed my own in 3D resin. I cut-out a recess in the original steering wheel and used contact adhesive to form this recess shape on the new leather. The result in my opinion is great. I also re-wrapped my steering switch covers in gloss carbon. The key to a perfect fit is to make sure you stick down the leather and stretch and tightly stitch it together. Cost for project was £17 for leather, £3 for contact adhesive and about £10 for printing a sheet of F emblem and £0.99 for the carbon wrap. Making the total £30.99 Below are some pics and a video of the project including my F emblem design in Adobe Illustrator.
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    I would also raise this with Lexus Head Office and bypass the dealer on the basis that you are not happy with their response. I would also suggest that, if you do not receive satisfactory assistance, you will contact the motoring press for advice. All motoring magazines have pages dedicated to customer complaints. Raising the issue with Lexus HQ via their Twitter page is a good way to kick them into action also. With regards to the dealer, I would demand a thorough investigation and ask for a courtesy car whilst yours is being looked out. You could ask for a print out of all the tests they have carried out and asked for these to be reviewed by a qualified third party. If they are confident that the problem is fixed, they should not have any issue with one of their staff test driving the car for a few days: record the mileage before and after for evidence that the car was actually driven by them. Is there another Lexus dealer in your area that you could take your car to for a second opinion?
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    It’s been 3 months since we picked up our GSF in which we have covered just under 2000 miles averaging around 19 mpg. Here are my some of my initial thoughts. The positives. The sound of the V8. My car is completely standard and I know it’s a little mute for some, but I love every minute of the sound from when it starts up cold to when it comes on cam. I don’t think I will ever get bored of it, and whilst I used to love listening to my music in the car, the stereo is rarely turned on nowadays. The responsiveness, performance and handling. Whilst I acknowledge that it’s not the fastest super saloon out there and these new hot / hyper hatches will arguably be faster off the line, it has more performance than I will ever need and I clearly will run out of talent before it will. I love how it also feels like a smaller car than it is. I definitely don’t think it feels any larger than my previous IS250 on the road. MPG I’m not worried about the MPG as I wouldn’t have bought a GSF if I was, but I’m very happy with it considering the car is barely warmed up by the time I arrive at work and I do little motorway mileage. As a comparison, my previous IS250 averaged around 23mpg over the same journeys. Subtleness and rare factor. I’ve only ever seen one other GSF on the road about two years ago. I love how the average passer by wouldn’t even give it a second look and I’ve had a few people who are in to their cars claim that they have never even heard of it, which makes me smile. Mark Levinson. I know that this doesn’t get the best views but I think it’s a great system ( on the rare occasion that it is on lol) for the music that I listen too. Practicality. Loads of room for my family of 4 and the car seats. Space was a struggle in the IS. Insurance. Unbelievably no more expensive than my IS250 and about £200 cheaper a year than our RX450. Likely to be due to there being only 63 ish registered and probably non of them being involved in a large claim. Paintwork. Seems to always have a deep shine even when it’s dirty. This could be due to the ceramic coating but I also liked how the acid etch damaged from seagull poo seemed to fix itself over a weekend in the heat. I’m not sure if this is due to the self-healing paint (does this work through the ceramic coating?) or the coating itself but something worked either way 😊. Looks. I know this is subjective but I think it looks fantastic. It’s split personality. I love how it feels just like how a normal Lexus should below 3.5k RPM. Smooth and quiet but then it turns in to a real super salon after this point. Amazing. A pleasure to drive around town but massively capable at speed when pushed. Blind spot monitoring. Absolutely brilliant, I now wish our RX had it! Carbon Fibre rear spoiler. Looks amazing in the sun but still relatively subtle IMO. The negatives Just nit picking here really as nothing is a major deal. Brake dust. Widely covered on here, I love the wheels and the orange callipers but they are such a pain in the butt to clean and I love cleaning cars! Mine have been coated in Poor Boys sealant which has helped massively but cleaning them still takes some time and the front callipers are a pain to get to. I will be looking in to the options other owners have mentioned on here when replacements are required. Rattle. I had a really intermittent rattle coming from behind the sav screen. This has seemed to have disappeared, touch wood, but was very frustrating for a couple of weeks. Powered boot lid. I love how the boot lid is powered but I wish that you could also close the lid via the remote and the button on the dash like our RX, instead of just the button on the lid itself. I expect that this is a dealer configurable option so I will look in to this before my next service. Sat Nav menu on start up. I wish the menu didn’t load up every time you started the car. A simple press of return solves this issues but as I very rarely use the sat nav, there is no need for it to load up every time. Speed sign recognition. I can’t really rely on this as it often picks up random speed limits, such as ones on the back of continental lorries, or not at all Carbon Fibre in front bumper. Chips are already present and more are enviable. I really don’t know how you would fix this. That’s it really. Both my wife and myself are well and truly smitten by it and we will be keeping it for as long as we can, before everything goes down the EV route. F.A.
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    More hot off the press updates. As they happen. Some serious ICE upgrades today in the form of a pair of 4" £20 Pioneers from Halfords. Again, amazingly straightforward getting the door card off. And back on again. I'd have needed a bag of new one time clips on the Saabs or Volvos. I'd say they're at least a £40 improvement to it's all good I also received my updated nav discs off the Bay (£16.50 delivered) and now I know where Milton Keynes is.
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    I haven't got the time to review this in detail, but this looks like an interesting article that could be relevant to your problem as it also relates to Lexus models: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/toyota-recall-1-7-million-vehicles-over-brake-problems-n226086
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    My thinking would be the same as other responders on this.
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    Buy the condition of the car, not the milometer, I have two vintage 2007, bought the RS400h last year with 400,000 KMs, about 240,000 miles, no history but great condition even on original battery. Enjoy Richard Totana Murcia Spain
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    We've had Crossclimate+ on our Leaf and our V70. When the GS450h and the Tesla need new tyres then they will be getting Crossclimate+ also. They are ideally suited to the UK climate. Most all season tyres (eg the Vector 4 season) start with a winter tyre and somewhat improve its summer capability. You can see this just visually, with the traditional jagged snow/ice siping on the tyre. That means these tyres will perform very well in snow and ice (better than the crossclimate), and are quite well suited to snow-tyre areas of europe (where snow conditions will persist for weeks/months). However, generally they are less good as a summer tyre. The Crossclimate isn't quite as good in snow/ice, but offers the right balance for the UK (where we might see a few days of snow per year if that - and I live up in the Pennines. Southern areas maybe a dusting that lasts for a few hours), with more focus on cold wet performance as well as summer performance. Another factor to consider is Michelin's current design ethos about maintaining tyre performance as they wear. Although the Goodyear is better in snow when new, when worn down to 2mm the Michelin will in fact out-perform it because the Michelin maintains performance better: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/New-VS-4mm-VS-2mm-All-Season-Tyre-Performance.htm As you said you'd like a quiet tyre, again I'll recommend the Crossclimate from experience - On our Leaf obviously tyre noise was a very significant factor (as it had no significant drivetrain noise on the motorway, and it had reasonably good aerodynamics for a hatch so wind noise wasn't a big factor - tyre noise was most evident), and the Crossclimates were very quiet (as they were on our V70 too, but the diseasel engine drowned out much of that benefit). The spectrum of their noise is different to other tyres, with less low-frequency energy (the stuff that carries through the body shell and booms) and more high frequency energy (that is more easily deflected/absorbed by the sound deadening in the car) - The crossclimates generate more of a white noise than a pink noise (if you're not familiar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colors_of_noise) Ultimately there are a bunch of really good all-season tyres currently on the market - The goodyear, the conti allseason contact (but I've never liked any conti that I've had), the bridgestone A005 and of course the Crossclimate +. Based on my experiences with the Crossclimate I have no hesitation in buying them again, and over the others for the reasons I've laid out above.
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    I can understand engine choice being a factor in choosing or rejecting a car but infotainment system? For me that really does not make sense. But the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Even if the sheer number of German soot boxes out there does indeed show that many people do like being the same!
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    No, I'm not a real fun guy, I'm the sort of person who thinks it's funny that people or the companies they work for spend 10s of thousands of pounds on a piece of equipment and don't bother to find out about it. In this age of bean counting efficiency, it is still fashionable to not know anything about simple and basic engineering; like ignorance is an art form.
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    I have had the car a few weeks now and found my way around most things but I do find the map text hard to read.I thought it might be just me but passengers say the same. I know the whole map can be pinched to enlarge but this doesn't really solve the issue. Road numbers for example are virtually impossible to read at a glance on this screen. The colours don't help and the only display options seem to be contrast and brightness which don't improve matters either. Is this a common cause for complaint and has anyone found a solution or workaround for it?
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    So after two incidents in a few days of my VSC light and EML/CEL on my IS250 SE-L I decided to investigate, it turns out I had a leak behind the downstream oxygen/lambda sensor this sensor monitors the performance of the catalyst it does not adjust mixture. Due to the ingress of air the sensor picked it up as the catalyst outside of thresholds . P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold Bank 1 This is the right bank sitting in the drivers seat . Please note it does not matter wether you have LHD or RHD car the Bank1 is always to the right from the drivers seat . So I removed the broken clamp see pics and shield and found the culprit a crack exactly where the clamp had been , I cleaned the area after removing shield and treated to the Gun Gum exhaust paste a decent smear all around the pipe , then applied the split flexible repair kit , after tightening which forced out the sealer I spread it evenly over the tube it does look a lot neater than the pics show. I cleared the fault code down and started up very quiet and solid. I will remove this when I can and weld properly at a later date when a two post lift is available and refit the heat shield. This P0420 code was the only code it generated and seeing as the car has only done 83k miles the cats should be ok. I am confident this will last a reasonable time and will give me a breathing space until I can get on a car lift I did this on the floor using a jack and chassis stand .
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    Thank you. If you need any help or advice feel free to PM me.
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    That does look extremely good. I've bought a stitch on cover for my GS and if I can make it look half as good as that I'll be chuffed.
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    Strange loved the Jag but like the Lexus slightly better.
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    Might bring the roads up to date, but as with the ISF, the GSF system couldn’t find its own arse with both hands..... waze is much much better
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    Oops, I think I’ve just replied to another thread.... not the one I originally posted on... oh well.. Thank you chaps, I didn’t put email notification on so after a week of various attempts to bottom this, I’ve come back to the forum to post again, only to find your replies. Ok, I popped a coat hanger gently down both front drains. The driver side released immediately and water now flows through to the ground. The passenger side is not so happy, a drop or two makes it, and I can see the water puddling on the extreme right of the passenger floor carpet footwell. So it is blocked most likely at the end of the drain pipe. I also removed the rubber bungs on the undercarriage and managed to get water out there too, but the underside of my carpets at the front remain sodden, the top of the carpets, thanks to my water vac, feel slightly damp but not wet. The rear carpets in front of the back seats are also mildly damp, and all dampness is pronounced in areas on the passenger side. There was, initially, water in the boot, under the plastic stowaway tray, so I mopped that up, and none has returned since despite pouring rain. I first noticed water ingress several months ago during a monsoon like downpour... the passenger side front window pillow A? was really wet where it meets the roof, and the passenger side front floor was soaked. I cleaned it all up and it seemed fine, but now think it has been leaking ever since but only in very heavy rain, and therefore not really noticeable. Im taking it for an MOT tomorrow (it’s under a tarp at the moment) and will get my garage to gently blow some compressed air on the belligerent drain hole. At the weekend, I’ll try to find the rectangular slits on the undercarriage near the sills to see if I can dig out any crap (assuming the air doesn’t help). Like many before me, it seems pretty poor such a luxury car could have such a big problem. I’ve been pretty worried the batteries could be affected (that’d be the end of it if they were). Just hope I get it sorted with the air. If anyone had any other thoughts, please let me know. Vicmeldrew, I have read every thread I can find, here and abroad... it does not fill me with confidence that I may solved the problem yet.... Thanks again, E
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    If you have no joy going the Lexus route just find one at a breakers. And get a upholster to swop over your leather .
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    I'm told that you should wait at least 20 mins after switching off before replacing bulbs.
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    There's no "supposed" about it. It takes about 20 to 25kV to strike the arc and about 90V to maintain it. Even with the lights off, the capacitors in the igniter can still pack a punch.
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    I could be wrong but... it sounds like it could be an issue with the brake servo or master cylinder. I have seen this problem with cars in my previous life as a mechanic. Far be it for me to question Lexus technicians, I haven't touched a spanner in years and not up to speed with current technology. ABS sensor fault would just flag up an alarm without brake failure (red herring maybe).
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    On the NX, it is not possible to identify which wheel is which. You just get a warning message and you need to check out which tyre is low yourself. This is because Lexus recommends rotating wheels round on the car to equalise wear (see handbook). This would obviously confuse the system or cost you a fortune in TPMS reprogramming. Of course, nobody actually does this... Check out my post earlier about the limitations of some mini-VCI connectors. Regarding the TPMS sensor battery status, I don't think you can see this on Techstream. Some of the other tools (Bartec, Autel etc.) do seem to give a battery OK output.
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    Saggy rear suspension, I'd walk away for that price. Looking at the prices, the LS seem to be appreciating. I paid £4400 for my 2004/03 plate LS with 91k miles in Jan 2018.
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    Spot on Steve and I would inform HJ so that he can include it in his database of problems experienced by owners.
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    Unless the mats in the boot are lead lined the suspension is suspect.
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    I took her down a lane where they had just walked 200 cows down for milking and she now looks as though I have been rallying. I have hidden her until I can get her nicely washed. She hates looking as though shes been dragged through a hedge backwards.
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    The pins should be cleaned and re-greased at least once a year
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    Thanks all. I changed the battery (and reset the windows) and we are all good again. Not encountered battery dying like this before.
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    lots of small things starting to go wrong with back door at drivers side full of water appears to be common so time to go. Walked past the Lexus in the showroom and thought that looks amazing and bought it there and then
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    Not sure if my wife is incompetent, fashionably ignorant or just couldn't give a kcuf, but if she phones the Lexus breakdown or RAC etc she would expect them to know what they are doing when they arrived, like any other trained professional without her giving them instructions.🤣
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    Tech fitted a new socket so the other one under the central arm rest and the other one beneath the central consul still available. Didn't want any flashing lights, the audible warning serves the purpose well and you wouldn't want it to sound for long. The sound could be reduced if required by adding a bit of acoustic insulation. No drilling involved. Connect to horn - like your sense of humour!
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    Your tech guy should be able to drill some small holes say 2or 3 in the A pillar trim and push some small bright orange led through from the back that just protrude through and wire in to indicator circuit .so when you indicate you get this flashing in your eye line in orange .put them on a dimmer switch to be adjustable at night and bob your uncle no noise but a visual reminder with no looking down .you won't even notice them untill they come on . Or just wire the indicators to the horn 😂
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    Update: Had a day off today so i wen't up to take a closer look at 2008 LS600h local to me. Amazing car, totally different to any GS.. or perhaps mk2 GS is the closest you will get the same magic carpet ride feeling lol. 4GS is already a massive, luxurious car.. but LWB 600 with RSRP makes it look like a budget motor 😅 No plans to buy the LS atm, just wanted to feel how it's like to drive 600h.. and it did not disappoint .. i have always been driving like oap, but still the traction control came on way too often.. sound proofing @ Rolls Royce level.. It's just that to me, personally, Mk4 GS appeals more. It may be a lesser car, but its more modern, i somehow feel more involved when driving GS... Btw my future-to-be GS450h is in Lexus dealership getting serviced and checked before i take over 😛 Pictures will follow..
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    By way of update: I did an on line chat with Michelin earlier today. CrossClimates in the size for my 3RX are not expected back in stock for 8-10 weeks. However, she did say that if there are any available, then ATS Euromaster are the most likely to have them. Lo and behold, they are showing them in stock, so I have ordered and paid for a pair for the front of my car to be fitted at my local branch on a date of my choice (which isn't for another 2 weeks, to suit my diary).
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    I spoke to Brian on Monday, what a fantastic bloke, very knowledgeable and helpful. Stripped the top mounts off Monday afternoon, packed them and posted them Tuesday morning from the Isle of Man to his workshop at Orchard Engineering in Gloucestershire. He emailed the invoice, sent me a text once he had recieved the parts on Wednesday, I sent payment once he had seen them to make sure they could be done, and they were back with me, on the Isle of Man by 10:30am today (Thursday). Not only were the new bearings fitted but he had also given them a splash of paint!! So impressed with the speed, price and quality of the job, a real breath of fresh air!! Would highly recommend Orchard Engineering for top mount repairs, I'm still astounded at the 3 days from start to finish... to and from the Isle of Man... we can't even get a phone call back from companies on this Island in that time frame!!! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Picked up the deep blue Takumi this afternoon from Lexus Teesside. Presentation was very good and it came with nice surprises. Yes, I went for G3 ceramic which they applied to the wheels as well as the bodywork. The G3 case and goodies inside is very nice. Got another interesting box which was jammed packed full of first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flare 😈, high viz vests, ponchos, etc. Never seen this before but it’s very nice. Plus a nice wicker basket full of yummy goodies. Also found that the car does have a windscreen wiper de-icer. The button is located in the HVAC concierge page.👍
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    My GS300 ones are very quiet. Fitted new ones recently and polished the windscreen.
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    get a garage so know one can see it to nick it .
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    Ordered!! Well spotted thanks. Alexander. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    So 3,000kms in and with the sunroof rattle addressed (fingers crossed), there is a good car in there. Likes: Serene drive, and very smooth and quiet now. Adaptive cruise control is superb and coupled with the speed limit reading on the dash means no stress of cop-watching. Acres of rear legroom so the kids don't kick me anymore. Bluetooth works quickly for music. Far faster than wife's 2016 A6. Memory seats. A boon when you are 9 inches taller than said wife. Responsiveness. It is 100kg heavier and about 5hp down on my old IS300h. But is faster and quieter off the mark in suburban sprints. Gearing matters. Dislikes: Infotainment screen binnacle could look nicer and be trimmed better. Basic speakers are a bit basic. Turning circle on 19" rims is worse than wife's 20" rims. And I thought that was bad. The IS was like a black cab. Touchpad. So what is the ES and who is it for? The BMW 5 is nicer inside. The new A6 has too many touch screens. I hate Audi's DSG box in traffic almost as much as I hate filling the damn thing with Ad Blue. Mercedes look too bling inside. I like the S90 but their hybrid is extortionate, as is BMW 530e here in Ireland. Lexus are much cheaper to PCP. Like 200 € a month less. BMW was worse. And it is a big car. The Superb and Camry are Taxis. I hate the Passat. So if you hate diesel, want a premium-ish big car that is very easy to live with and stress free to drive, and don't want to be accused of having no imagination (5 series) and don't want to be fleeced for a hybrid elsewhere, then there is a compelling case for the ES. Final comment on performance. Wife's A6 190bhp quattro is faster once it wakes up at the lights, remembers how to change gears, lurches through the first 3 cogs and then regains its composure. The Lexus just glides away and is as quick up to suburban speed limits. So unless you are drag racing on the motorway, decorum wins.
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    @Herbie That is a nicely thought out post and somewhat restores my faith in what makes this forum such a great place. I suppose the moral of this thread is each to their own. One personal trivial is another necessity. You would be amazed at what some of my friends will obsess over during a purchase. For me, the level of equipment is actually quite important. It is the main reason why I made sure to get a Premier model, even though I could have had a much larger choice of car if I hadn't. Do I need 18 way adjustable seats and an electric rear blind? No, but I love my car even more for it having them. Funnily enough, infotainment is a important factor in my car purchases, it is just that I don't mind the Lexus system too much and I love the 12.3 inch screen. The general jist of what I am trying to get at is, if there is a perfect car out there I am yet to find it, so there are always going to be compromises. However, what people are willing to compromise on varies wildly, so sometimes you just have to accept that what they consider important doesn't make sense to you.
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    The EGR cooler has a matrix that looks like it could easily crack and let exhaust gas into the coolant. See bottom right. A head gasket can fail just between a cylinder and a water passage and therefore you will have no affect on the oil.
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    I've tried to like the current series, but most of the stuff they do has been done before (buying old luxury cars and ending with a race? Wow, how very 1997 Clarkson) and as others have said the focus on supercars is tired. Having said that, as presenters Rory Reid is very good and I quite like Matt Leblanc too. Chris Harris grates though. He may be a good driver but his presenting style is awful imho.
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    Just had one installed by Lexus Sheffield - very pleased with it, both in terms of quality and price. It comes as a kit that Lexus/Toyota have put together which includes the following items: Nextbase 380GW (1080p Recording with GPS and WiFi) Link 16GB MicroSD Card NBDVRHK - Hard Wire Kit NBDVR380BAT - Battery Pack (to allow use of Intelligent Parking Mode - camera automatically starts recording if movement detected) All in, including fitting it was £275 inc VAT. The kit has the product code GBNGA-LEXDC-AM Considering the camera on its own without the sd card, hardwire kit or battery is £179 I thought the price was excellent. The quality of installation is great with no sign of wires at all. It fits flush with the windscreen so the image quality is really good - the camera doesn't get shaken about.
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    i replaced all four struts with a set of coilovers. far better now than the air system and no problems at all cost £400 plus £100 import tax to uk Cheers Tony
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    There's two drains at the front and two at the rear of the frame. I struggled accessing the rear ones but if you open the roof fully and pour a small amount of water into the drain channel you should see it exit the vehicle at the bottom of both A-pillars (behind the front wheels) and below either side of the boot (behind the rear wheels). Bear in mind that the gradient the vehicle is sitting on will determine what flows where. To check mine were clear I used thick soldering wire and pushed it down each drain pipe. The rear ones were impossible to find inside the roof cartridge so I reversed the wire and went from the drain holes up to the roof instead. I think they are a one piece tube so there shouldn't be any connections to disrupt but be careful. Happy hunting!
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    Our RX300 had a sun roof, as does our RX450h but we never open them, preferring instead to use the climate control. However, I do know that this has been covered in the past, including the diagrams, so do a search of this forum and hopefully you should find the info you need.
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    It might help with future incidents if people read up on how to jump start Lexus/ Toyota hybrid on board computers. The cars computer is booted up by the 12 volt battery and once this is done, the on board computer enables the traction battery to start the car. Many non specialist garages and recovery companies dont know this and so it is of great benefit for the owners of said vehicles to know something about their own vehicles. The vehicles instruction book helpfully tells the owner how to start up the car should the 12 volt battery fail. Simply by reading this section to the recovery operative, a lot of inconvenience may be avoided should the owner be of the non technical type need to get home with the minimum of fuss. The manufacturers provide the vehicle with instruction books to enable those non technical type owners to be aware of how their vehicles may be operated in the event of some common faults. Those owners who dont read the instructions due to other things in their lives being more interesting/important have only themselves to blame. I parked our hybrid in the airport long stay for a fortnight knowing that the car would most likely run its own12v battery down. I therefore bought and charged a booster battery for it prior to my departure and left the battery in the car ready for our return... so that when i returned to the car after my holiday, i simply connected up the booster battery to the underbonnet jumper terminals and started up the cars computer which in turn started up the cars engine from the traction battery. The whole process took 2 minutes and was spectacularly undramatic and boringly simple.I just had to remember to unlock the car with the key in the lock rather than by pressing the button on the key fob.
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    The sensors require changing between 70 and 100k, you will find (I was told) that they usually fail within this period. One of mine went last year but I decided to replace both as they were both original parts and best to replace them together. An easy job to do yourself. I posted a how to on the forum for changing both. I think it took around 2 hours to do but I took my time. Parts costed around £150 from the USA ... Quoted from Lexus Chester for the replacement of both was £680.!! While I was waiting for the parts I had no choice to run mine off and on for a week .. The only result in that was I noticed a bit of sooting up on the exhaust tips. I must say though, after replacement, there is a noticeable difference in petrol consumption (better)
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    Lexus RX 450h - Series 3 - Equipment specifications Lexus RX Series III.pdf

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