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    My ISF and Simon Pinkstones GSF getting acquainted... I'll be holding onto my F until I can get myself in a GSF for sure! Now I don't do silly miles to work everyday the F is now ny daily driver too!
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    To all fired off an email to Tim at Lexus Cheltenham yesterday with all the point you've raised regarding times parking etc will report back as soon as I receive a reply. Big Rat
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    To all you patient people the 'F' car 10 year meet is confirmed it is the weekend of 21st/22nd April 2018 and the venue is going to be at Lexus Cheltenham and not Coventry. I know this not as central as some may have hoped but the event is going to make up for the extra travel some will have to do. The whole shared Lexus/Toyota site will be turned over to the event so as well as the Lexus performance car angle there is also going to a large Toyota performance input of vehicles from the past and the present. The LFA is confirmed for the event, an unknown Gazoo race car or cars will be present as well as GSF RCF and isF Gt86 and so on, it's being held over both days to enable those who can't just fit in a one day event. Much work has gone into this by the DP at Lexus Cheltenham Tim Huxley and his team there and those of us who have been to previous events they've organised know these guys are about the cars as much as any of us on here, as a far few members of staff have or do own the cars we drive as well as partaking in various forms of motorsports as well. If it's possible MOD's @Steve that this post could be stuck and remain at the top of the page until after the event and replicated on the events page ? Looking forward to it and also putting some more faces to names I will be there for both days myself. Big Rat
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    My LS400 is 20 at the end of March. I wanted to see whether there was a reduction in performance over the years - so I downloaded a GPS based 0-60 timer to my phone....and did a couple of standing starts on the (nearly) flat where I join the A55 every morning. Result - 6.9 seconds. Which is (I think) what it did straight from the factory. So - no deterioration. Childish - yes. Impressive - very!! Next - 155mph test!!!
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    Had my Is 250 for about 18 months but was never a fan of the wood interior. Decided a few weeks back to get some test sections of wrap to see what looked ok to me. Went for a 8dm black carbon fibre wrap from an on line company. Did the work today and I'm very happy with the outcome. Had to take all the switches off the back bit it was quite simple just best not to rush it. Know it's not to everyone's taste but I much prefer it to the wood. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    After having a near miss in my IS where I personally found the brakes wasn't there when I needed it. I have decided to experiment with 4 Piston calipers. Yes I know my previous post contradicts myself however (Yes I will eat my hat) I decided to upgrade on a budget. This does not foul under the standard f Sport 18's I bought the following for this conversion in which some things may not be necessary. 2 x GS300H recon'd calipers. (these are GS/IS250/IS300 (MK2) also) New IS350 Dust shields as the IS300H are too small to clear the calipers New bolts - Carrier, Hub New shims New Pad plate and pins Brembo pads (18 quid on Amazon) ATE discs (from Mr Auto) New IS350 Brake lines *however I think standard IS300H will fit Techstream to bleed the system VHT Matte black engine enamel VHT Laquer Fleebay Lexus Decals. All in all with all the genuine parts it costed me around £500 - From a 296mm with 28mm thickness to a 334mm with 32mm thickness I can say the brakes are extremely sharp with less effort from the old setup. Old brakes still was around 27.8mm thick and pads has plenty of 'meat'. Bang for buck for a piece of mind safety aspect I found it well spent in which I am sure other forum members disagree and could spend that elsewhere. Happy to help with part numbers etc I have this documented. However I did not buy from Lexus UK for any of the parts as they were 30% more expensive.
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    Only snowed down here this morning so 1st chance I had to join in ;-) Cheers. 2 car seats in the back. Mrs doesn't want any more as we now have a girl and a boy. ISF stays :-)
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    Outside Poole Maternity Hospital.... Ps.... It's a boy ;-)
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    Whatever happens Ratty, thank you for all your efforts!
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    Out of everyone's hands, whichever date it is I'm sure there will be a good turn out. I'm not fussed about the LFA but don't want to miss out on the free t shirts....
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    Just a quick update having a meet with Tim and his team at Cheltenham on Saturday and will update more on the weekend 👍 Big Rat
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    Finally Royal (mess-up) Mail delivered the studs. So we got them pressed in, assembled and test drive complete! Car drives normal with some pulling to one side during braking (which is to be expected). Quick picture fitted, sorry for poor quality, was in a rush. But this method CAN be done!
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    One year ago today I parted company with my third Lexus, an NX300 F Sport (previous were IS250 SE & IS300h F Sport) and took delivery of a Tesla Model S 75D. I posted a fond farewell then: And an update a couple of months later here: https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/111906-time-to-say-farewell-but-happy-memories-update/?tab=comments#comment-998482 There were a few requests for regular updates so I thought exactly a year on would be a good opportunity. I will be honest and welcome feedback, questions and have a referral code for free Supercharging if anyone's thinking of buying a Tesla. If you want some pics I'll happily oblige. Having read this it is far too long but I can't do the subject justice, so apologies. The tl;dr - it's a brilliant car but not perfect. The full story: Performance & Driving Experience 0-60 was 5.2 secs and the immediate torque always produces the "Tesla grin". 6 months into ownership Tesla announced a performance enhancement and tweaked the software. It's called "uncorking" and my 0-60 is now 4.2 secs . The enhancement was free of charge and the standing start acceleration is utterly ridiculous. Nothing can touch it away from the lights up to legal speeds (not that I'm a Grand Prix merchant - but on occasion). It's called a launch and my family have banned me from doing it whilst they are in the car. Anyone who has a hybrid will know how good the electric drive is, and it truly makes an internal combustion engine (ICE) feel archaic. I've driven 15k miles against my normal 10k, it's that good. Technology The car is an iPad on wheels, and the Tesla OTA software updates are eagerly awaited, arriving every 6 weeks or so. Sometimes they are eagerly awaited because the last update introduced bugs that hopefully the next one cures - they are far from perfect. That said, in the last 12 months I've had improvements to functionality that you just don't get elsewhere - you get the car you bought and that's it. A few examples - "chill" mode was introduced which is similar to the "Eco" drive, it mutes the acceleration and can make for a more relaxed drive. "Easy Exit" - you can amend your driver profile so the steering wheel lifts and drivers seat goes back. Auto high beam, and auto wipers using the camera and neural network learning not the traditional rain sensor. Of course many features appear of other cars, but Tesla adds these to your existing car during your ownership and for free. Improvements to "Autopilot" eg auto lane change on the motorway when the indicator is activated and general improvements to the cars autonomous ability - although it is a very very long way away from true self driving" Range The big question, how far will it go? Firstly, I have a "fuel station" attached to the side of my house. I don't even need to think about range unless my daily round trip is over 220 miles in the winter, or 275 in the summer. The official NEDC range is as much nonsense as the official mpg figures fro ICE cars. Mine is 304 mile - pretty much the same as for the Jag I Pace being unveiled today. Range is definitely impacted by weather and one of the challenges is getting away from the concept that the battery holds "miles." It doesn't it holds energy and the car will display a range in miles which is calculated on a set energy usage only achievable on longish journeys. In this weather, I will "use" 8 miles to do my 4 mile commute. Conversely, on a long journey with good weather and steadily 70 mph I will "use" 85 miles but have driven 100. It is better to leave the battery displaying the percentage battery and assume 2 miles per percentage. It takes a little betting use to but not long - and the battery doesn't do what the phone one does - 25% one minute and 2% the next! The battery management system is superb - what you see is what you get. Journey Planning & Charging Time Tesla Superchargers are situated up and down the country, mainly at motorway service stations. They will recharge the battery from 20% to 80% inside 25 minutes - enough time for a comfort break and to grab a coffee. They are free, dead easy to use and without them I simply would not buy a fully electric car. They are extending the network but the legal delays are a major pain in the neck. The network of public chargers, Ecotricity at the motorway services, are unreliable and slow - a Tesla Supercharger starts at 120kW and gradually reduces as the battery fills up. Ecotricity deliver 50kW at best, on the odd occasion I've used one I've only seen 35kW. Yes, a little more planning is required but it really isn't a big deal. That said, an analysis of what driving you do before embarking on the charge is vital. The standard retort " Until I can do 300 mile without stopping I'm not interested" is IMO more a shoot from the hip reluctance to the concept of change At home, I have a 7kW charger which I use at night on Economy 7. I generally charge for an hour or two a night, depending on what I've been doing during the day. An overnight charge would fill the battery without trouble - but I hardly ever do 200 miles a day. Fit & Finish For an American car it's well made, but it's not up to the standards we expect in Europe. Panel gaps are wider, can be inconsistent and the general "premium" feel isn't quite there. The interior is starkly different to anything else out there - not least of all because of the 17" iPad. There is definitely room for improvement here, but it certainly isn't anywhere near as bad as some commentators would have you believe. Running Costs Mileage costs are cheap as chips compared to an ICE. Using E7 electricity its costing me les than 3p a mile against about 20p a mile in petrol, assuming 35mpg. Long distance travel is free using the Supercharger network. Servicing costs are approx £500 a year, which is a bit pricey considering there isn't a lot to service. My own view is that they are covering a lot of warranty work within the cost. They are very proactive at changing something if an improvement has been made - e.g. the self presenting door handles are great, but the early generation ones broke a lot, so they routinely repalc them at service time. Insurance It's in the highest Group so is never going to be cheap, and repairs are expensive and getting parts is a nightmare. The biggest single worry of a Tesla driver is not range it's being without the car for 3 months while parts are awaited from California. It's been a problem since before I got the car and despite assurances to the contrary it still is. Tesla the Company I love the car and do not see me ever going back to an ICE. Tesla can be horribly frustrating to deal with. The staff are incredibly hard working but are under resourced, under trained and have no proper systems and controls. My own experience has been excellent but as a generality emails often go unanswered, calls not returned, PDI's are questionable and Lexus leave them for dead in this department. Luckily for Tesla the car is so good they get away with it, and as "early adopters" owners understand the growing pains but that won't be the case for ever especially when the Model 3 hits the UK. That'll be in "Tesla time" - defined as a "unit of time" that has an undefined start ad finish point". The competition I wish there was some proper competition and whilst it's great the I Pace is launching without a high speed charging network it is a deeply flawed offering. It'll be £60k at least and that's very expensive for a car that you cannot use for long distance trips without a major change to your driving habits. Jaguar claim it'll charge in 20 mins, well it will if you can find a 100kW charger. Apart from Tesla's (which they can't use) there aren't any in the UK and Jaguar have confirmed they are not interested in building a network - in much the same way manufacturers don't do petrol stations. It'll take 90 mins to fill an I Pace up, and that's also relying on the public charging network. Other manufacturers are all promising something in the near future, and I truly look forward to something that's comparable to Tesla, by which time goodness knows where Tesla will be - assuming the Model 3 hasn't killed them! Will Lexus bring out a full EV to tempt me back? Maybe but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Number 3 Messa>Pearl>USB Just love an ISF :) Had this one two years and changed a few things along the way to address a few small issues I've always had; Noise (lack of) with a H&S, Seating Position with Recaros, Steering Wheel (Now Alcantara) and ride height with Bilsteins. The only problem is, I've now spotting a beautiful Pearl White car with ultra low miles with even lower mileage than my own and I'm in a real quandary as to whether I should buy or not due to having my current car exactly as I want. Blast that bloody Auto Trader! I only went on to show my wife FC300hs! Stevie
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    Hey chaps, That time of the year once more and old faithful has passed yet again. Only advisory was for front tyres which I knew about beforehand. Tester commented on how clean and solid everything underneath looked (I have had the same comment every year) and the emissions barely registered. Not bad for a car that has managed 137k miles and 10 years of motoring. Lexus really do know how to build them well.
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    Picked the RCF up on Saturday Managed to get my brill ISF in the pictures as well, which will be greatly missed!! I'm sure a few of you will recognise the dodgy character in the background Many thanks to Paul @Big Rat for taking so much time out of his weekend to meet up a few week back & for his invaluable advice. As far as the RCF goes - its bloody brilliant!!
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    Ooh, I think I’m around, just need to check with the “insignificant other” and check dates, but I’m 80/85% I’ll be there, sure the holidays the following weekend, it’s 3hrs for me, can’t do both but think Sunday would probably suit more, will get a new bottle of waterless wax and park round the corner first......in a que behind the black F’s 🤪🤪🤪
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    I didn't want to post this until resolved but Lincoln have told me it may be possible for them to order the steel spare for about £62 - however, in the short chat it wasn't possible to confirm 100% so I am hoping to find out Wednesday when I go in for my new pumps.
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    @Comedian Sean has drawn my attention to this at the motor show and the phrase ‘ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ‘ springs to mind when looking at many aspects of the RCF 🤔 Big Rat
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    Get an IS220D, they're practically the same!
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    @Comedian Yes I see it’s a tad cold up there on the flatlands, but of course down here on the Somerset Rivera’s 😊 we have an alternative use for ice and snow cos weez posh innit...... 🐀
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    Just claim the Lexus engineer told you it was OK.....
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    Right, Some of you might recall that I visited Lexus Liverpool about 3-4 years ago and spent a relatively large chunk of £££ on a series of jobs including a new transmission and torque converter, new back boxes etc. To be fair to the dealer, they did me a deal on their labour (next to nowt in cost). Some on here quite rightly thought I should have called it a day but the bronze LS430 has sentimental value (never good I know) to me as I'd bought it both for business miles and to ferry my terminally ill parents around with it's magic carpet ride and they loved it which made me feel decent too. Anyway... when I left the dealers I felt like the car was as good as ever but alas I wasn't smiling for too long as some 10000 miles later I was having a day with my camera on the Isle of Arran and on leaving the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry the gearbox seemed to slip a few gears then became stuck in 3rd (?). I drove home stuck in gear (keeping revs below approx 3500 revs) in the snow/sleet and the 300 mile trip to Merseyside was somewhat stressful to say the least. Straight to the dealership the following morning and they confirmed the gearbox was shot, when I produced their invoice for the work undertaken previously they looked horrified but eventually argued that the gearbox was only guaranteed for 10K miles and I'd done 423 miles over that - I was not impressed and told them so!! I thought I'd scrap it or trade in but as my FiL was on his last legs I decided to SORN it and deal with things later. I bought a used Skoda Superb 4x4 for work and kept the LS on the drive... to the chagrin of other family members. Roll on the clock 18 months and a friend told me of a Wirral based auto gearbox specialist so late last year a flat bed vehicle took the LS away and I negotiated a price with the garage for a rebuild to get it back on the road. After Christmas, the garage called me in and gave me their tale of woe... on three occasions they had stripped it down and rebuilt and on each time it burnt out within a couple of miles... they were of the view that there must be a hairline crack in the unit or another inherent weakness, but they did confirm that the 'fitted gearbox' from the franchise wasn't consistent in their opinion with one that had covered just over 10K. They reported that there was no water from the radiator in the transmission fluid. They suggested if I could get another box, they'd fit it for free and see what they could salvage from the old unit though they did recommend an external oil cooler as a safeguard and it was only a small additional cost (£90). So, a low mileage used transmission box including torque converter was picked up from a breaker .... thrown in and test driven for 40 miles.... success! Before celebrating too much, they put in for an MOT the following day and it flew through with no advisories!! They replaced the transmission oil as I requested (not cheap) and so I insured it as a second vehicle for less than £200 and she's now valeted and back on the drive!! I've only driven 200 miles since but she feels and sounds amazing... again..... I'm keeping everything crossed this time. Costs... Gearbox and Torque Converter @ £600, transmission oil @ £170, external oil cooler @£90 ... I insisted on them charging me for some of their labour after all the effort (£250 compromise) plus MOT, 12 months road tax and insurance. Hope I made the right choice and I won't be recommending a certain local franchise dealership to others. Wish me luck and I'll post pictures when the weather improves
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    I'll be headed down to the Monaco Classic Grand Prix. Back home via Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Route so far attached. Approx 2,400 miles. One fellow F. Might start a new thread for suggestions on places to visit etc.
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    Hi everyone. Yes the title sounds too good to be true and it isn't.. yet. Odometer reading as of this morning 385 552 miles but it's safe to say i'm on my way there Being a long time enthusiast, this is my 8th Lexus over the last 10 years. After selling my GS450h two weeks ago, i was looking for 3-5 year old GS450h F-Sport, but as you can see it wasn't meant to be. This is a MK1 model and i can literally say i picked her up for a song. There are lots of problems to sort out as expected with this age and mileage and i will keep you posted as i go trough the process. About the car: 2003 model, dark red with brown leather interior (which is what sold the car to me straight away). 385552 miles in the hands of 2 loving owners (not doctors :) Yes the mileage is ridiculous and considering that, i was actually looking for reasons to walk away no matter the price. But i couldn't find any :D Exterior looks a little bit tired: there's paint bubbling around edges of the roof, the dogs have eaten the passenger headlight washer and drivers door handle cover. Naughty dogs.. Interior is almost spotless. I have owned many high mileage cars between 100 and 250k before this is just unbelievable condition. Missing floor mats and i haven't yet figured out why the stereo cover panel isn't working. Is there a button you need to press? Roof works like charm and there's no water leaks. Both front door speakers blown. Will be looking to replace/repair. Satnav isn't working. It needs new exhaust from the front cat's onwards. This is probably the most expensive investment i will have to fork out as i won't be able to do this myself. Original back box and tail pipes look very sad too.. Small oil leak coming from the sump cover gasket, which i will sort as soon as the weather will ease off a little bit. Engine and gearbox are spot on. Oil looks clean, compression is good on all 8 cylinders and the spark plugs look like they have been changed not long ago. I have ordered a new radiator, cam belt kit with water pump, oil and all new filters. I will also have to get the tracking done, but the suspension and brakes in reasonably good condition :) I would love to fit MeisteR coilovers but considering the mileage this will be highly unlikely. Overall i would say despite all these problems, the way this car still drives just amazes me. I know i'm saving this car from the scrapyard and i'd like to think i'm doing a favor to the world :) Any advice much appreciated and special thanks to Neil E whose project thread is very inspirational. Very nice person to deal with too.
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    Posted as PDF for others to use Low idle issue.pdf
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    Most people on here are more worried about England’s performance in the rugby this year 😜
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    The reason I want a “pointless SUV” is that we are both 70 this year and getting in and out of my IS is not impossible but it should be a lot easier with the UX.. That’s my main reason. I have had 6 new Lexus IS’s and I do want a change of style and a little bit smaller. I believe the 4WD option is an electric motor on the back axle which I have no need for so I am hoping I can get a top of the range model in 2WD. like 99% of the people who buy these SUV’s their driveway is as far off road as they will ever go. If it was called a mini estate car would that be more acceptable?
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    Hi all .. This is more an exercise in uploading photos than anything else but .. this is my latest acquisition .. did everything wrong and bought it off the Lymm Services car park from a guy who brought it up from Birmingham .. as it turned out he was super cool and up front .. the car is a 2008 and as he described 2 owners and in superb condition inside and out with 85k on the clock and full service history .. as a peace of mind for myself I took it to Lexus Stockport last Saturday for a CVI by the techs .. I even got to look underneath whilst it was up on the lift .. everything was in great condition and it was passed with a clean bill of health .. obviously has been well looked after The Eagle eyed among you will wonder why the RX450 behind the LS has a great gaping hole at the end of the front wing next to the headlight .. well this is the result of it sliding off down my daughters drive !! just got it back yesterday from Jason .. boss at Charles Wilson Eng. near Rusholme in Manchester .. they have done a brilliant job replacing all the bent bits and even got the colour matching of the Pearlecent white paint perfectly matched and all thanks to Steve at the Bridge Motor Company who put me in touch ..
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    So, as you'll know from the thread above I have this mod and love it. Induction growl from 2000 instead of 3400 and unless I am mistaken, all it does is permanently open the flap that allows air to be sucked in through the vent in your offside wheel arch. With that in mind, unless you live in Florida then how does this increase heat soak? The official Lexus line (as posted on a fair few US forums) is that you are only pulling in 'cool' air from the wheel well once the car is up to speed and they see that as being any speed where revs are over 3400rpm. This may correlate to the power band of the engine too? As we live in what is primarily a siberian climate I reckon we're pretty much getting cool air all the time from the wheel well, although I'm gonna drop my front wheel out and curl up in there with the engine running for a day to see how hot I get. Given that the RR racing intake ditches the stupid actuator all together and leaves the wheel well intake permanently open then I'm fairly confident this mod won't do any harm, unless you happen to be on the Fuji Speedway and it's 100 degrees celcius in the shade. I'm no expert but my car sounds ace with the mod and I'm sure it's added at least 1,000 horsepower, especially when combined with my Intel inspired "V8 inside" sticker. Just to be clear. I do not have that sticker......
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    You can stop now.........seriously.
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    Thanks a lot chaps & hopefully see you all at Cheltenham in April👍🏻
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    All just for TV effect. Every corner the LC came out oversteering.
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    @Comedian just a little teaser for you as I know how excited you get about these techie matters....... ready....... picture.... of a..... brand new Pump on an Rcf, bet you can hardly contain yourself.......... Big Rat
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    Hi all, I introduced myself in the noobies section but thought I'd add something here as well. I've just bought a 2004 (53) LS430 for £4400 with 91k miles in blue. Initial opinion is good although it has its problems. Have done just over 1000miles over the last 2 weeks (Wickford to Crawley 3 days per week) and so far am loving the car. I came from a '98 Honda Legend with unknown mileage and shabby paint, but it was cheap (£900) and did me for 2 years/40k miles. Prior to that had an S320CDI for 2 years that was horribly unreliable, another Legend (120k miles over 10 years) and a couple of Carltons. I need a bigger car as am 6'4" and 27stone. The LS gets about the same fuel economy as the Legends but with 70 more Bhp and better comfort. The S got over 40Mpg but the turbo lag sucked and the reliability was utter *******, however the comfort was the best ever, with the LS a close 2nd. I have a few problems on the LS to sort over the coming months. It needs bank2 sensor1 replacing (heater is duff), the rear left door doesn't lock unless I double lock the car, and there are small rust patches above the windscreen and on the left front door. Otherwise she is in pretty good nick and everything seems to work fine. Have also ordered a Techstream kit so I can change some settings to my liking and will keep you up to date on my progress. Looking forward to owning this one for a while and hoping she will be reliable and fun. Cheers, George
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    After years of development, millions of euros of investment and combining the efforts of the greatest minds in BMW, we introduce the much heralded and highly anticipated........... Slightly more aggressive Audi RS7. This car gives me a feeling that reminds me of that time when I lost a tenner and found a fiver. Nice one BMW. I've got a load of betamax players if you're interested.
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    M8? Where? Behind that Lexus?
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    Since owning an IS-F I completely understand the prices the dealers are asking for the cars, if someone pays whatever the dealer is asking then the car is worth the asking price, maybe not to you but it is to someone else, the one thing I don't get is when people say "for £25k I could of bought a M3/5 or RS4/6 or Jag R" well go andl buy one then, however if you want a four seat 400+bhp high performance saloon from Lexus then the price is the price...........................
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    Call me selfish but all of these high priced cars are doing wonders for the people that still own ISFs. Hopefully it will inflate prices a little.
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    I’d have given £15k after an extensive (and satisfactory) test drive. 😜 @Warrington guy, you see, my flippant post will prevent anyone else complaining about why you didn’t sell it on the forum! 😀
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    And I thought with Jeremy Corbyn coming to power that red would be the new colour of choice. All you blue ones will be the first up against the wall.....
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    Sent book out today - you should get it next week at some point.
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    Only car I would swap my F for* It's the Alpha Romeo Guilia Quadrofourleafiofromagio with pepperoni pack. *as I can't afford a GT3RS
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    Like you honestly have to ask?! Lol. I’ll happily carry on being the RR-Racing UK test dummy!
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    @Comedian Not me, the only vibes in my cockpit that are allowed is kisstory innit Big Rat
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    @ComedianAbsolutely right sir, 2 Audi RS owners I know locally there cars have done more coke in 2 years than the Rolling Stones in forty 🤪 🐀
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    Picked up my new toy yesterday.very happy Can't seem to pair my contacts to the car,and have found a cable next to the cigarette lighter but I don't know what it does . Here's some pics