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    Following on from the demise of my old 430, another joins the fold... This is my third... The first one was sold many moons ago, the second one had a slight mishap, well, alright, a **** for a driver.....ME...!! See it's rise and fall here.... I couldn't find another Blue one with a grey interior but I did find a nice Smokey Granite Mica one with a grey interior, I do like the grey and I love the Granite colour, same as the old 460 I had, it's a 2005 so two years newer than the last one but has done the same 130,000, it has a very full and detailed Lexus history up to 100,000 with a new cam belt. If was then looked after by the previous owner who kept records of all it has had so it has been loved a bit... I picked it up last night and drove it around 200 miles, it drives very nicely, slightly better than the old one but still not quite right... The engine is very quiet and really does purr well... The plan was to make a great one out of the two so today I took them both to my mates garage and stole a couple of his lifts for a couple of hours... Beauty and the beast And, yes, that is a tow bar on the new one, a Curt made one from America, these are about £350 to import with all the taxes and then there is the electrics as well, I was just about to buy one for the old 430 as I have a small trailer I use, as we are refurbishing a house.... It's not the prettiest of things but there again nor is the back of a 430.... I have made it look better (IMHO) by removing the LED light strips that were wired into the reversing lights but most of them had burn out...!! So, get them on a lift and pose for more pics..!! And just as I thought, the bottom front wishbone rear bushes had gone, this causes a terrible wheel wobble when braking from speeds above 60mph, it feels just like warped discs Not to worry I had two new ones on the old car.... also swapped the front discs and pads as they were very new and swapped all four wheels and tyres for the set I had just had refurbished and fitted four new Dunlops.... I have bought the salvage of the old one from the Insurance company so I'm not stealing anything, I do want to keep it drivable though, and yes it is roadworthy as all the lights work and there are no sharp edges... Maybe not to good at night as the headlights have moved back, but it's handy to keep it mobile. It took a while to fit 4 front bushes, 4 discs, 8 pads and 8 wheels...!!! That was about it for the mechanical swap overs, I took those LED lights off whilst it was airborne and had a good check of it underneath, noting it's two new rear suspension sensors which the previous owner had just done. The inside is in nice clean undamaged condition apart from the driver's seat which has a hole and some other damage... Not to worry I have a spare.....!!! luckily it is the passenger seat that has damage on the old one so I was able to make a good set out of the two... Whip the seat out (5x14mm bolts and three electrical plugs) and it wasn't too bad underneath for 13 years.... A quick hoover and it's ready for the new seat (If you do one, remove the door threshold, saves damage from the bottom of the seat..) If anyone wonders what it looks like underneath their seat it's like this..... right side of the picture is the front... Bottom center of the picture is an oblong hole, this is where the filters for the seat heater/cooler go, they do get full of fluff.... An airline blown from the back sorts them out.... The drive home was superb, the 430 felt like new and had got back it's "waftability" and Magic carpet ride.... A few more things to swap over and then it's bye bye to the old one.... The new one needs some bodywork, it has a scrape on the rear nearside arch and a few other little marks... I shall machine polish it and see what needs doing, there are also a few other things to do with it..... May have to spend the weekend with the polish as my brother is coming to stay next week and will be in his absolutely mint SC430...
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    That's it! My ISF has finally returned home! The gearbox has been paired up (remaped) with the car and everything is working correctly!
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    Now I’ve bored you all senseless about my time away and handbags and so on....... I was granted some time to myself in Singapore to go to the Lexus Boutique dealership, amazing place makes ours in the Uk feel and look like Arthur Daley’s lot. The full range of cars on view in one location including all the ‘F’ cars and the models we don’t get was really interesting, including the huge selection of TRD parts for Lexus and Toyota models. Got a tour of the workshops and body repair areas again puts us to shame in some ways and the attention to detail is great to see. I posted a thread recently about the Lfa crash out here it’s being repaired by them apparently the bill has past £140k already😳, no photos allowed in these areas. Anyway I’ve made enqs about the spare wheel situation for the Gsf and the RcF, as they are fitted to them here...... But Lexus will not supply them to the dealerships out of the given market, there is not even a part number on the wheel... I looked ! And Lexus blank out the part on the parts store image finder ! The specs of the car are a little different to ours and so is the price, an Rcf here is £165k... with £20k tax on top new......🤓 A great hour was spent chatting to people there including a couple of owners, only 5 Rcf’s here plus 1 Carbon, yes @Flytvr it’s White, and only 2 Gsf’s both Blue. Big Rat
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    So, when I bought my RX300 a couple of weeks ago, one of the things not working on it was the reversing camera. Something I now find pretty essential! Last weekend the plan was to see if my cheap £5 Chinese reversing camera could either produce a signal the sat nav unit could use, or even better replace the Lexus original. Well, I can report I've got the camera working and displaying pictures on the sat nav unit. It wasn't all smooth sailing, as the sat nav unit refused to display the signal from the reversing camera on it's own. There seems to be some feedback from the Lexus camera that lets the sat nav unit know it's connected. Without it the sat nav shows a blank screen. However, I'm not one to be beaten, so by keeping the rear PCB of the Lexus camera connected and just tapping the Chinese camera into the video line, I've now got a working reversing camera. The Chinese camera even clips into the original Lexus camera housing without modification. All I had to do was remove the guts of the old camera to make space. The Chinese camera requires 12v and the sat nav unit supplies 6v so I tapped into the 12v supply for the passenger side reversing light. That way power is only supplied when reversing. The wiring ended up like this. The yellow video wire from the old camera is cut and the new camera connected between the black and the yellow wires to the sat nav. The black, red and white wires stay connected in order to keep the sat nav displaying the video signal. As you can see the power leads off to the reversing light and the rear PCB of the original camera is still in place to provide the feedback signal. The PCB ended up wrapped in tape and tucked into the rear hatch. Once I'd proved the camera could work, I fitted it into the original housing, then the housing was screwed back onto the mounting bracket by the two screws and then bolted back in place in the hatch. It ended up looking ok: On the left is the old camera unit. It simply plugs onto the circuit board that stays connected, so I just unplugged it. Finally here's the result on the screen. It has the guide lines, but you can buy cameras without these and also with or without image mirroring. You just need to specify when ordering. This is one I already had so I wasn't fussy. The other thing to specify is it must be the American NTSC video standard to work with the sat nav, not the European PAL system. I haven't tried the fancy stuff like park assist yet as it hasn't been necessary. I'm just happy to be able to have working video. If the guide lines affect parking assist I might have to bite the bullet and fork out for a genuine camera, but we'll see. I hope this helps anyone with camera problems in future.
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    Done some wet sanding to some fine scratches, filled in some stone chips with lacquer then sand flat, wet sanding with 2500 grit paper to do the job. Not bad looking for a 10 year old car and 115670 miles.
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    ...I find it a look of strained patience, combined with pity...😂
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    It has been thesame pattern in multiple threads over time. Linass writes down a polarized opinion, other readers react to this and The Linas Conflict is born, he seems to thrive on conflict and hijacks the thread with a constant agressive and sometimes offending diarrhea of opinions. As long as others bite he will continue. i have been reading this blog less and less over time and that is the reason why. On topic i drove a 250 for 4 years and a 300 for 3. Both great cars in my opinion. 250 more refined and 300 more modern. 250 - buttersmooth engine but a little too weak for a six, not enough torque below 4000rpm, chassis a bit choppy and when really pushing the car it starts to fall through, steering too slow and brakes too weak, but a great cruiser with bankvault like buildquality. The 300 is newer and has a better overall package, roomier. Chassis lightyears better can handle many more horses. accelleration from standstill to some 40mph is way faster than the 250, above that it starts to slip. Both enjoyable but heavy drives . you cant go wrong with either of them really.
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    I’m going to run a monthly photography competition. Each month there will be a new theme / subject. Towards the end of the month, members can vote for their favourite image. Rules: 1. The image must be COMPLETELY your own work. 2. The image must adhere to the monthly subject / theme 3. The image must contain an F car 4. Only one image per member Right, I’m off to start the June thread!
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    Hi some of you maybe aware last year in had my IS paint work fully corrected as it had swirls and marks all over it. Since then I've been on some 1-2-1 course and purchased alot of the kit myself. I've now done a few cars but today decided to go over my 13 plate IS again This didn't take long at all because my washing technique is very strict so very minor scratching to the laqer that's all. Lexus paint is very soft so it's always gonna happen however that makes it nice to work with when correcting. Here are some pictures from today, if any of you would like your paintwork correcting drop me a pm and we can discuss further.
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    If the Pursuit of Perfection is to be properly implemented as far as this Brand is concerned.. then our local Lexus representatives EK Kanoo are the definition of it! We are not only blessed but very fortunate to have a dealer who understands today's demands and needs. They have grown to adapt to the market segments as a whole and have truly stuck to their values and commitments to customers. We must have the only dealer on the planet who will sell you a brand new Lexus, and modify the hell out of it and still honour your warranty. At EK Kanoo they will honour your warranty no matter what you have installed to the car, in fact, their subsidiary at Kanoo Performance will do the modifications for you! From the simplest exhaust and intake upgrades to a full blown supercharger kit! NO PROBLEM
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    I’ve been a bit absent on here of late as Mrs Rat has forced onto something called a holiday..... Anyway let’s see if anyone can guess where this picture was taken of me asking some unresponsive locals drunken directions to the local Lexus dealership....... I will reveal why in my next exciting post 🙄 Another slight clue is the Hotel outside...... Big Rat
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    Just buy a plain black one like mine they look perfect and clean and shiny all the time in the Uk..... 🐀
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    You know what's more annoying.......... People who quote a whole post with multiple pictures in and then make a one line comment. WTF do I need to scroll past the whole post again when I've already read it once. It just runs down the batteries in my mouse quicker <\rant mode=off>
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    You’re right there, the days of simple bomb proof diesels that you could run on virtually anything including used cooking oil are long gone!!! All the items you’ve listed except possibly the EGR valve come with four figure repair bills, also if it’s a manual there is the dreaded dual mass flywheel to think about too. Modern diesels are horrendously complex and it’s only going to get worse as emissions regulations for them get tighter and tighter as the government tries to force them off the road. Also, they’ll always sound, shake and vibrate like a tractor no matter what they do!!! They tend to deliver all their torque and power in one lump between around 2,000rpm and 3,500rpm with nothing on either side. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can take the diesel out of the farmyard but you can’t take the farmyard out of the diesel. The future is petrol hybrid and electric.
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    And fitted, courtesy of Paul at Toyotatech (Guildford) who continues to provide excellent service. The difference is amazing! I’ve had to recalibrate how much pedal pressure I apply as the brakes are much more effective than previously Really happy , especially as the ongoing MOT advisory re light corrosion to the underbody has now been removed, after new shocks/springs and new brakes front and rear. New MOT, no advisories 😄
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    Guides should be posted within the tutorials section and not stickies. Although I like the idea of have a notable threads type post and only mods add threads that are worthy of a mention and would be very handy to members. I am not a fan of stickies, i believe they should only be sticky for a certain period of time then fall back to a normal post. Stickies make the forum section look outdated and cumbersome.
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    Walk - Around #2 with ceramic coat job complete!
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    Mo is his carer Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    You deserve a medal for all the effort you put in to benefit other forum members. You are a credit to LOC which would be rather tumbleweed like without your presence. White RC-F Carbon eh? Never seen one 😀
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    GSF is the best value F right now. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    It is really simple to fit, I'd happily do it for you if your local, use this guide by Peter P18 Link and you won't have any problems. To summarize: Pop off the side panel on the dash (I used a blunt kitchen knife) Pop out the switch blank, there's a little clip on the top and it just pops straight out. Get in the foot well and undo 2 or 3 screws holding the panel with the odb port on it, and carefully move it to the side (I didn't disconnect any cables) At the top of the throttle peddle the is a connector, un-clip it, the clip faces towards the door. Fit the Apexi switch, drop the switch wire down through the hole into the footwell, connect the ISF specific harness to the throttle pedal connector and the switch into the Apexi box. Now you will notice a red dot on one side of the Apexi harness connector which needs to connect to the connector which was on the throttle, connect it with the red dot on the same side as the clip. Fit the Apexi switch into the blank hole, use a bit of double sided tape to hold the switch in place. Now press the start button twice (no foot on pedal). Car won't start put dash will power up. Now do the setup process as guide says above. Now put everything back together and use a couple of the supplied cable ties to secure the Apexi cables and box out of the way.
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    Hour or so ago pulled into what must be one of the very few 'one man operated I serve you petrol sir' old fashion garages left in the Uk to get some fuel, there's only room for two cars........ and on the other pump as I got there was............ Honestly these Blue RcF's becoming very common now....... what say you @DAW @Jon B @Comedian anyone fancy changing for say a Carbon..... Big Rat
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    I can't help you there Tom; mine fits in the pocket of my shorts.
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    I see this one has come on sale in the the last 24hours, looks rather nice later and quite rare wheels as well. It must be something of a record for a Lexus dealer to manage to get the full set of pictures up at the same time as it's advertised https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/IS-F/50-MARK-LEVINSON-ACCPCS-vdbpzab Here are a few pictures of her spotted in Edinburgh some years ago now certainly looks like a well cared for car. Big Rat

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