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    I've been meaning to do this for ages. I ordered some new polishing pads for my DA machine, and Maguire's compound, polish and wax. Still hard work, and the photos don't do it justice but it certainly sparkles for a 17 year old. Next week I'll be fitting the newly acquired wheels when the tyres arrive so I'll post some more photos then.
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    Last night my IS300h racked up 150,000 miles Im the second owner and have done 91,000 miles in the last 23 months. I have all of the previous service history from new so I though I would share some stats: So far its had 12 services (one every 12.5K) ever since I have had the car I have been changing all the filters on every service and it has only been run on 0W20 oil, it has has 2 sets of denso plugs replaced and is now on its 3rd set. Its had its EGR cooler cleaned out. I bought a secondhand one and cleaned that out, then on a weekend I replaced my original with this one. What a nightmare of a job that was!! But one that I felt was required I have paperwork for 7 complete sets of tyres, although they were not all replaced at the same time and in my ownership I have suffered 2 punctures that rendered the tyre useless, one of them on a tyre the had only done 800 miles. The car has been run on either Continentals or Falken tyres and since i've had the car I've only ever run the tyres at 39psi and they wear pretty evenly. Ive never had to have the tracking or alignment done and the car still tracks true. Ive done 2 diff oil changes and one gearbox oil change, the engine antifreeze has been changed. currently I am considering changing the inverter fluid but I have heard horror stories about getting airlocks in the system and bleeding is supposed to be a it difficult. All of the suspension is original, there are no rattles or squeaks and the ride is still very comfortable, everyone who travels in the car is impressed with the ride quality. Brakes, this is one area where Toyota/Lexus always seem to suffer, and my IS is no exception, its on its 3rd set of front discs, 5 set of front brake pads, 2nd set of rear discs and 3rd set of rear pads. It currently has EBC grooved discs and EBC pads on the front and genuine discs and pads on the rear. in the last 5000 miles I have replaced both rear calipers as they were seized and the fronts have had new slider kits fitted. The interior is spotless, mine is the SE spec so only has the half leather, the seats are still supportive even after a 500 mile round trip to London, on the cold mornings I do miss heated seats though. I know the infotainment system gets a slating but its not that bad, I have the premium stereo with the mouse controller and it takes a bit of getting used to but ive now got the hang of it although the sat nav can be a bit hit and miss with its routing at time, and the stereo gives good sound quality. Mechanically its still brilliant, it uses very little oil between services, it has a very small weep on the crankshaft front oil seal and this is the reason for the oil use. I can still get over 55mpg on a run and 45 mpg around town. It still pulls like a train, especially in sport mode. The Hybrid battery appears to still be in good condition, I have recently acquired techstream and am interested in interrogated the battery to see how well the cells are holding up Air conditioning is ice cold, its never been recharged Niggles/issues: There are only a few niggles I have, one of them is there is a rattle from the passenger seat when there is no one sat in it, I have a feeling there is. wire looks in the seat. The front bumper is absolutely spattered with stone chips and needs a resprayed at the same time the leading edge of the bonnet would benefit from a bit of paint as well. that aside the overall paintwork is in really nice condition. The wheels are typical Toyota/Lexus quality, the paint is flaking and the wheels now need refurbishing. The front edge of the O/S chassis leg was found to be quite rusty, this has now been rectified by a bodyshop after Lexus decided they would not do it under their body warranty. So that's the first 150,000 miles, I reckon I will see 200,000 miles in about 13 months time. Would it recommend one? Yes, Would I have another one? Very possibly, but would prefer a GS300h next time as they have a slightly larger boot which would work better when doing airport/ferryport runs, but if I can't get on e at the right price/mileage then ill happily have another IS300h
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    I've done one of these for the last couple of years so thought I may as well add something again. Here's a link to last year's which I think has one to the first if you are so inclined. https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/118838-lexus-to-tesla-2-years-on/?tab=comments#comment-1083268 Anyway I've now done 42,500 miles in 3 years 3 months. The acid question is am I still a happy owner and pleased I took the plunge? A definite Yes. Following the same format as before: Reliability Nothing bad of any consequence. I had a DRL LED fail and the passenger door mirror struggled to open sometimes. Both were repaired under warranty with a mobile mechanic Tesla call Rangers coming to my home and sorting both out. Very painless. Range & Battery Degradation My range is the same as before, so a long trip in the summer and 250/260 isn't a problem but range does suffer in the winter and 200 is nearer the max. According to the battery degradation report I can run from the 3rd party software that "talks" to the car I've lost about 4% of the battery capacity. None of this really matters unless I do a long drive and the Tesla network of Superchargers cover most of the country very well. The public charging network is slowly growing, without doubt the biggest problem is getting wayleave permission to lay cables. I suffer bladder anxiety much more than range anxiety! Servicing & Insurance Costs Tesla were rightly criticised for requiring an annual / 12.5k service and charging an arm and a leg for it. They've done a complete about face and the recommended servicing schedule is now 2 years with air filter and brake fluid type checks being all that's needed. Servicing and warranty work is all booked via the app and communications can be problematic. My insurance this year was cheaper than last and are no different to what I used to pay for the Lexus. Software Updates These are still a regular feature and arrive approx. every month or so. Sometimes they deliver new functionality and sometimes just bug fixes. The Autopilot software continues to evolve and improve but as for "full self driving" - not a chance. As with any computer the older ones slow down and newer one have greater capacity. It's no different with the Tesla and I have the first generation of the media control unit (MCU1). This means my car doesn't benefit from some of the latest improvements, e.g. all 8 camera now operate as a dashcam. That said, no other car that I've ever owned has got better the longer I've owned it. This one does. Downsides to Ownership Parts supply is still patchy and although the staff are very helpful the communications can be awful. It's not the staff, it's the systems or lack of that are the problem. You have to go in with your eyes open and understand you are buying something at the cutting edge. The biggest mistake, albeit an understandable one is "I've spent £60k/£100k or whatever" and there wasn't even a proper unveil when I picked the car up." Tesla aren't pretending it's a premium car but will have to up their game when the competition eventually arrives. The reality is the car isn't of Lexus build quality, but it's certainly "good enough" and the driving experience etc makes up for the odd panel gap that's not consistent. Competition Sadly still lacking and nothing comes close IMO. The Porsche Taycan is ridiculously priced, less range, mostly slower, no charging network (yet), no comparable technology. It has much better build quality and the badge - if that floats your boat. The Jag I Pace and the Audi E Tron are aero dynamic bricks with range to match, many have suffered with software problems and until the public charging network improves aren't IMO good enough for long journeys. That makes them very expensive "second" cars but are well built and have more of a premium feel to them. Lots of buttons! Driving & Overall Ownership Experience The electric drivetrain is so much fun. Near silent and leisurely as you like, or near silent and will slaughter pretty much anything else on the road. You choose where you want to be between those two points. I only have to touch the brake pedal if I want to come to a complete stop, deceleration is handled by the regeneration and controlled by my right foot. Fuel is cheap as chips and I never have to think about a petrol station. Being environmentally friendly is a bonus, I didn't buy the car for that reason. The autopilot software is pretty good if you understand its' limitations and don't believe Elon Musk when he says Full Self Driving is round the corner. If this helps anyone that's great and happy to expand on any point or answer questions.
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    I thought it wise to start a new topic rather than mix it up on my seat repair thread. As I previously mentioned I have for some time had a new set of NGK iridium spark plugs sat on my garage shelf. This and the fact that I now have more spare time available spurred me into action to get the job done. Both the leads and plugs were replaced around 8 years ago ( in that time I have probably clocked up 15,000 miles) so it should be a relatively simple case of plug leads off, old plug out, new plug in and plug cap back on. Although the plug caps were tight they came off after a bit of twisting to break the seal until I got to cylinder 1 when the wire parted company with the cap. Unfortunately this happened twice more on cylinders 8 and 6 on the other bank. Now resigned to the fact I was going to require another new lead set I then tried to remove the plugs but found that due to the caps remaining on the plugs from the broken leads the socket would now not go over the plug far enough to extract it. Due to the position of the plugs deep down the tubes of the valve cover there was not way a standard pair of snipe nose pliers was going to grab the caps so I decided to order a very narrow pair and also a pair of surgical clamps. Next was a new set of plug leads. Usual sources available and the cheapest set of quality NGK ones were £116.00 from the bay. I suddenly remembered Rockauto in the USA so took a look, £60.00 for the very same leads. Knowing the distributor caps and rotor arms were the original ones I also looked them up and was amazed to find the prices for Bosch branded were a fraction of UK ones so I added these to my order. Distributor cap UK £40.00 USA $13.99, Rotor Arm UK £21.00 USA $4.80 Total cost was £114.00 this included pre paid VAT and shipping! The only downside was the delivery time quoted as being between 29/05 and 02/06 from when the order was placed last Thursday. I needn’t have worried they arrived around 30 minutes ago by DHL !!! 😀 Bosch parts have “Made in Japan” stamped on them and the leads are thicker like the OEM ones even down to the protective white plastic spiral on them. Unfortunately the pliers and clamp ordered the same day from UK suppliers are nowhere to be seen but at least I can do most of the job today.
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    These are the wheels I bought from a new member a couple of weeks ago. After a refurb I treated them to a new set of Avon tyres. Soo much quieter than with the Bridgestones. The same size wheels, 17"
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    If you follow the instructions then, as @whiteman says, the results should be good. I bought a similar kit, albeit from another supplier, when I restored a Mercedes-Benz 420SEC 3 years ago, and below are the before and after shots. I used the supplied filler paste on the hole in the armrest and the renovation cream was mixed by the supplier to match the correct shade. It's a very rewarding job, but don't rush it. Good luck!
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    Looks to me like you have the wrong attitude for this club and owning a Lexus Ls 400 is not a given for being a contributor to this forum . As a lesson in manners and respect advised by a couple of members who have been contributing solid viable information for many years seems to be going over your head perhaps a different venue for your aggressive style is awaiting ,please head off there as we do not care for your input.
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    Keep what you have Martin.Drive it into the ground and watch the mugs all around you.
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    After years I just got round to adding a profile picture. So while I'm at here are a few more from life before lockdown.
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    It looks like that window needs resetting for one touch to work again. Ignition on, close the window by continually holding the button, when it reaches the top hold for a few more seconds, you may hear a quiet click. Then open the window fully using the same process again holding the it down for a few seconds, I generally count to 5. What you’ve done is “taught” the motor the operating perimeters, it should now work properly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another one of my alerts regarding a new software update. A new version of software for the MEU (Multimedia Extension Unit) has been released for the MM17 Premium Navigation system. This is the newer widescreen system fitted to many NX vehicles from late 2017 onwards. The new software version is 1540 and is simply called Navigation on the software update screen in your car. It mostly contains bug fixes. The main one being that street names can now be displayed at the bottom of the screen at all times, not just during navigation. This is a bug I'd certainly noticed when I first took delivery of my NX back in Aug 2018. This update does not contain new mapping data - new maps are released separately. The latest maps are 2019 v2 although 2020 v1 is due anytime soon. Note: if you have a very new vehicle that already has Apple CarPlay installed, please see the FAQ below. FAQ: How do I get the upgrade? The upgrade is available from the Lexus Tech website - you will need to create an account (free) to access but you will need a subscription (paid) to download the necessary files. Once logged in, click on Repair then select 'Technical Service Bulletin' under payable access. The search for NX300h under model. The required listing should come near the top if you are searching close to the date I wrote this. Does this apply to other vehicles? According to the TSB it may apply to the following models in addition to the NX: ES, LC, LS, RC, UX. As I only have experience with carrying out updates on my NX I can't comment on other models. I would advise that you check the details carefully, especially the Model ID codes shown on the Software Update section of your media system. How much will it cost to download the files? An hours access to the site will cost €3.63 (about £3.20 at current exchange rates). Depending on your bank you may get charged a fee for the currency conversion. Why do I have to pay? I don't know - I don't run the site. A dealer may carry out the install for you free of charge during a routing service. All you can do is ask. How big is the download? About 1.5GB How do I install? The download will arrive as a ZIP file. Inside this will be a .KWI file (in this case 17LML2EU-FB00_1540.kwi). Copy this to a blank USB Flash Drive - note it must be formatted as FAT32. Insert the USB drive into the port in your car (remove any others). Go to the software update screen and it should be detected and give you the option to update. This particular update takes about 20 minutes and requires that the system/engine is powered up at all times. What about the maps? These are updated separately - you can check the current version available on the same site by clicked 'Owner' then 'Map and Software Updates'. Click the 'More Info' button in the MM17 section to see the latest version available (2019 v2 at time of writing). You may be entitled to a free update due to the 'mapcare' program. 2020 v2 should be released very soon (2019 v1 was released end of April 2019) What about the DCU / Audio software? The Display Control Unit software controls the Audio side of your media system. The current version of this software is 1435. This can also be found on the tech website in the same place - it is dated 19/09/2019. Personally I'm hoping they update this soon - I'm constantly annoyed that music files don't play in track number order but instead in alphabetical order. I have reported this to Lexus UK but they tell me that this is how the system was designed! Do I have to update? No - if you are happy with the current function of your system and you haven't noticed any bugs or problems then you don't have to. Are there any risks with the upgrade? Yes - like any other computer based device there is a small risk that the update could go wrong. Whilst this has never happened to me I can't be held responsible for any damage caused during any update that you attempt. If you have any doubts at all please leave it to your dealer. I paid £40k for my car I don't see why I should pay £3 to access this file Then don't - ask your dealer to do it. They may do it for free. They may charge for their time. I really don't want to give Lexus another £3 to access the site - will you send me the files? No - please don't ask. The files are behind a paywall. I'm not going to break any applicable copyright rules. When is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto coming to my car? Lexus have said in various places that an update for this particular media system should be coming soon - it was initially scheduled for May 2020 but the current climate may delay this. There is no word yet on whether this will be a free or paid upgrade. Lexus in Spain have said it will be a free upgrade as part of your next maintenance visit but I've not seen any confirmation from UK yet. Use Google Chrome to look at the Spanish site then you can use the built-in translate function. I already have the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality If you have bought a vehicle recently then you may already have the CarPlay functionality. If this is the case then this update is not for you. I believe systems with CarPlay are now referred to as MM19. The latest software version for this system is 1140 but contains the same bug fixes as the version I've already discussed. Again, if you have any doubt then do not attempt the update. Why did you post this? I'm a computer science graduate and work with IT every day - yes I'm a geek. I know nothing about how the greasy and dirty parts of a car work and I've learned a lot from this site. Technology is the one area of owning a Lexus where I think I can be of some help. If just one person finds my posts helpful then it was worth doing. Hope that helps you out Phil
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    Herbie - - - I am sorry - - - I cannot help with any reasonable information on this - - - But will this help?
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    Well with another 5 weeks on standby shifts and little in the way of call outs I today stripped the front passenger seat base down as the leather has split so needs a new panel fitting. Removal of the complete seat took around 10 minutes, 4 bolts and one electrical multi plug. It took me around 90 minutes with lots of how to reassemble photographs taken during the strip down. As usual with Lexus it all came to pieces without too much drama, the backrest was separated with just 4 bolts and unleashing of part of the electrical loom. The biggest job was removing all the fixing rings that secure the leather cover to the foam base, due to the lack of working space and their design ( like small key rings) I cut them out. Having studied the process refitting will be done with “Hog Rings” which with the special pliers are on order. Just got to get it sent off now to the upholsterer, once repaired I will then hopefully put it all back together, clean it and dye it. I did look into new covers from Toyota but at nearly $1000.00 each for the base cover only I spluttered and moved on! The spring set up is amazing as shown in the last picture, the item circled is one of the hog springs holding things together.
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    I found it on Youtube. Whilst it references an IS250 and the previous gen, it still works great on the gen 3 as well:
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    Ok... Getting errors uploading more than 1 photo at moment but.... So the time has come to part ways with my beloved Lexus ISF. I have got a decent (IMO) part ex price for her but seeing as the garage I am buying my new car from isn't allowed to officially open until 01/06 then I would like to offer her for sale to an enthusiast as Honda (FK8 Type R incoming) had never heard of an ISF... How may times have we heard that.... I have not been shy about taking her around the Nurburgring. I can honestly say she has never missed a beat in the 3 times she has visited under my ownership. She has never let me down in the 4 and a bit years I have owned her and I know it's a cliche but I always let her warm up before pushing on. So... Good bits 94k miles (low for age) Full Lexus Service History + couple of independent oil changes completed by friends garage. All stamped and receipts for all parts. Last serviced by Lexus at 90k miles Lexus extended warranty until 22/09/20. Roadside assistance extended until 22/12/20 due to Covid-19 MOT - 02/12/20 Brakes/Discs all good. Front tyres 5mm and rear tyres approx. 3mm - Michelin Pilot Sport 4'S' tyres all round in wider size Airbag recall completed Bad bits... I am the 6th owner (albeit for last 4 and a bit years) Stone chips on front bumper along with a scuff (Will be shown in pics) Stone chip on front wing (Will be shown in pics) Wear to drivers seat bolster (Will be shown in pics) Small tears in rear seats from ISOFIX seat fitting 😞 (Will be shown in pics) Scuff on inside of rear passenger door (shown in pics) Mods... Fox Cat back exhaust (original available as well but no fake exhaust tips) HPS Intake Pipe (original included) Toms Drop in Panel filter (original included) RR Racing USRS bushes fitted (originals can be included but are sat on my mechanics shelf) Ferodo DS2500 brake pads at front (Amazing brake pads) Stickers can be included at no extra cost 😉 Pricing to take into account the "Bad bits". I have probably forgotten something so feel free to PM me for more details/questions/contact number/live video presentation and so on. Price - 11k ONO. No time wasters or silly offers please. This will be going regardless on 01/06 in theory 🙂
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    Since lockdown, my good lady has decided that there a lot of 'little jobs' around the house that need doing. I will get to the interior of the car when I get 'time off for good behaviour'. 😯
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    Would you consider aftermarket? Some brands like Bola do some fairly period designs. I put mine on a set of 18s and I think it looks the part. Not everybody likes the aftermarket look though... Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I also got chance to make my own external wastegate dump tube. Was pretty straight forward just measured, cut and offered it up until it fit. Also managed to do a slash cut on the end of the pipe, that was pretty tricky to do using a grinder! Another thing i managed to get done was the rear light LED conversion. Now i originally started this 2yrs ago early on in this build thread 🤣, got side tracked and didnt finish it but now was perfect chance to do it. I also decided to do the US rear brake light conversion so the fog lights also light up with the brake lights. I had to install diodes so that when the fog lights are switched on it doesnt light up all the brake lights now the wiring is joined. 1 thing i didnt want to do was have the fog lights light up with the side lights as i wanted those LED rings to stand out on there own. Im just waiting on some pulse width modulating boxes to dim them down a little as they are as bright as the brake lights at the moment, also the PWM boxes will allow me to use the LED rings as a brake light aswell as a side light!
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    Hi, guys. Today I installed an Android Head unit in my Lexus RCF. It wasn’t easy, but all’s well after 6 hours of work. Everything works well. It’s the latest version Android 9.0 with 4GB RAM and a 64 GB hard disk. IMG_2702.MOV
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    Very rarely if ever - he just does car top trumps and spec sheet reviews. His reviewing style would suit fridge freezers better.
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    While been at home more often I have kept the car cleaner than normal. I buy all my cleaning and detailing products from The Clay Cloth Company.. I foamed the car with Tenzi snow foam and give it a rinse off. Then it was time for the shampoo which was Killerwax SIO2 which is a ceramic based wash, dried it with a huge drying cloth then polished with Killerwaxx Northern Lights paste, the results speak for them selves, I finished off with some ceramic detailing spray Killerwaxx SIO2 ceramic spray... well I have attached the pics and hopefully you will appreciate my results, since finding the https://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/ I wont go anywhere else now, all there stuff is so easy to apply and even easier to remove. This small company started in 2013 and I think we need to help businesses to keep going in the present situation... before anyone asks I don't own it lol...I just think there products across the range speak for themselves.. they do everything you want and more for getting your car clean.... https://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/
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    I'm puzzled. You didn't buy the car from a Lexus Dealership and yet you are talking about Lexus declining a warranty claim for the light. A Lexus Approved used car warranty is of 12 months duration normally. Has your car got a third party or dealer warranty? Love to know the answer.
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    That`s just fine. Dealers are required under Law to be responsible for any significant problem which arises within the first 6 months of ownership.This is called the Statutory Warranty. The 3 month warranty that came with the car is wholly irrelevant and of no consequence whatsoever. If you have not done so Howard, then I recommend that you read the reviews of Avalon Autos here.https://www.cardealerreviews.co.uk/dealership/avalon-autos-chesterfield-derbyshire-england When you have done so you will realise that they are a mixed bag but on the whole largely satisfactory. Then you have to contact Avalon in writing (email will do fine as you will retain a copy of what you send) to explain to them in detail your concerns about the car and what you expect them to do about it. If the reviews you have read are to be believed,they will act reasonably as they wish you to be a satisfied customer and give them a positive review. So, what are the problems which you need to have addressed? From your initial post I conclude that that; 1. You have water entering the vehicle and causing damage to one of your headlamps? 2. You have reason to believe that error messages/ codes have been deleted (which is why Lexus Liverpool/Chester/ Stockport or Bolton ?) want you drive 500 miles ,so that they can read the codes which may then appear. 3. Anything else Howard ? My advice is that you ask your Lexus Dealer as soon as possible to carry out an examination of the vehicle and provide in writing their observations to you. You may have to drive 500 miles promptly in order for them to be able to perform the testing---but you have the balance of 6 months available so you do not have to drive the 500 miles immediately. Having received the written report from Lexus you then submit it to Avalon Autos with a request that they put your RX into the condition it should have been in when sold to you. They must bear the cost of rectification. Should they be unwilling, you will return the car to them and receive your money back or you will submit a claim against them via the small claims track of the Courts. There is much for you to consider,but all is not lost.Time is on your side but you must not delay matters. Please keep us all informed of your progress. Regards John
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    Be aware Les as Mercury and Venus are moving ever closer together and on 24th of May will be adjacent. Just saying, old buddy.
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    Under no circumstances use a gel battery. The problem with gel batteries is the very limited charge rate. All lead acid batteries be they flooded, liquid AGM, or gel AGM form gas bubbles on the plates if charged quickly or are continued to charge when already fully charged. With the flooded, and liquid AGM batteries the bubbles just float to the surface. With gel AGM batteries the bubbles cannot float in the gel, and are permanently trapped against the cell plates reducing the area of plate in contact with the acid. In turn the rest of the area of the plate carries more current making that more susceptible to gassing with the same problem. These bubbles are very difficult to remove. The only way being to put the battery into a high vacuum so that the bubbles expand, and have a better chance of forcing themselves upwards through the gel. Even this is not 100% effective. The hybrid DC to DC converter that charges the 12 volt battery can, and does charge at far higher rates than gel batteries are designed for. Used in the right circumstances gel batteries have a long life, and are particularly suited to standby use or use in very cold conditions, but are not suitable for automotive applications. John.
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    OK, I just rang the company concerned and directly asked the question. After she stopped laughing, she gave a resounding NO! I have not been refused insurance and I do not have to declare such. They have just not been able to offer cover based on my circumstances. A huge relief. She said her little laugh was because I sounded so worried about nothing. It does show how confusing the entire field is though.
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    And you are not allowed back until June young man !
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    Every day's a school day
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    Thanks Collin. After much researching, and confirmed by your picture the pulley uses two 6203RS bearings that are readily available at £2 each depending on how many you buy " this can go down to 85 pence each for ten bearings. This makes a saving on the OEM part of over £50, and on the aftermarket versions of between £14 & £30. If you look closely at your picture 6203RS is imprinted on the rubber seal, and from my research there are two bearings pressed into the pulley, and a metal tube pressed into the bearing bores. The bearings seem to be the same on most Lexus models, and when used to tension the belt internally on the belts with ridged pulleys use two bearings. Where external plain idler pulleys are used on the back of the belt they take only one bearing. I have ordered four bearings delivered for £5.01 to give me spares for the future. For reference the tensioner bolt is a lefthand thread while idler pulley bolts are normal righthand thread. John
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    I did a quick test today to make sure my caliper slide pins were running freely. If you follow this quick guide there's no need for any stripping of the brakes as long as you don't find one that's seized. You only need to remove each wheel. All you'll need is a jack, obviously, and a pry bar or long flat bladed screwdriver and or, a clamp. Use the pry bar, screwdriver or clamp to compress the brake caliper until it moves toward the offside of the hub, or toward you, then, if the pins are running freely you'll be able to grab the caliper and check that it's moving freely.
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    I was talking to a furloughed employee the other day. He's a bit of a motoring enthusiast as we all are but currently bored out of his mind. The conversation turned to machine polishing, I haven't got the patience but he's and avid detailer. He offered to do the GS and after a bit of arm twisting on me came up to work yesterday. I left him to it for about 4 hours and I have to say the finish is absolutely outstanding. The metallic flake is a revelation. Unfortunately I don't think the pictures do it justice but the car looks superb!
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    Forgive the fact it's not a RX.. Had these done a matt effect gunmetal and thought it went well with the silver : A lot better than the silver they were before. Also quite a lot easier to keep clean!
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    He's clearly an amazing player and I can listen to it but it's not the kind of jazz I mean. The kind that grates with me is the type that sounds like 8 players that have all brought the wrong music but decide to play anyway! Of course when it comes to a more blues/jazz that's a different thing, that I really enjoy, and this guy sounds quite bluesy. Now this I absolutely love.
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    Hi, I have a 2016 RX450h and, concerned about cat thefts in our area, I challenged the local dealer's service manager about Lexus' response. The information I got in reply , over a series of questions and answers was: 1. The Gen 4 RX primary cats are in the engine bay and hence not that accessible for theft. 2. There is a secondary Cooler cat device located under the floor of the drivers seat which is used for "advanced engine heating" what ever that is. 3. Lexus "are unaware of the RX450h being targeted at present which is due to the Cat containing less precious metal than the RX400h. With this in mind, there is currently no locking device in development " This was in March this year so if your dealer was now offering a fix, perhaps the position has changed. Does anyone else know any different?
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    Must be one of his clever video`s coming soon ?
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    So I have sent the wheels for powder coat in a dark anthracite grey....and thought I would buy some new wheel nuts....click good old ebay I thought...but the choice is bewildering ...can anyone recommend some high quality wheel nuts without going to the dealers ?....or are genuine parts not too expensive ?....what taper do I need anyone ? I bought this 40.000 mile 2 owner 2007 350....The car is following my LS400 which I did 120.000 miles in .....Best Car I have ever owned.....then an LS460 which was a big big disappointment as mentioned on here at length back in 2010....anyway replaced that with a V8 Touareg Turbo Diesel.....{ because we got two dogs }....most amazing Torque I have ever experienced.....but the most unreliable car I have ever owned....and I've owned many British Leyland cars since the 1980's too.....Limp mode over and over...had to go after 12 months of frustration with the car and dealer.... Anyway....I'm rambling on....I bought this 350 because the engine has Roller Rockers......which I had on my Cooper S I once built.....plus Hydraulic tappets.....normal Torque Converter box ....and a cam chain....so that's the one I went for....because I like to do most of my own maintenance ....This car is very good indeed....very smooth...quiet and has fairly good steering...but brakes are again difficult to judge like the 460.....but that's about it....very pleased with it.... Sorry for long post....but gives you something to read perhaps in these strange times.
  38. 3 points
    If only every company was as good. I ordered the Gates cambelt kit for my Celsior at 4pm yesterday, delivered today at 11.15am.
  39. 3 points
    Stop ar***g around Dave as we both have to get this thread back into orbit.
  40. 3 points
    Do you mean my other half on the left of the picture supervising the operation.....no that’s perfectly normal 😀
  41. 3 points
    I just find it so sad that in this " enlightened society " we live in that criminals can seem to get away with their evil almost willy nilly and effectively unpunished, well, not punished enough to stop them repeating their criminal acts In more enlightened societies the miscreant would firstly get a good thrashing by members of the public, then held until the police arrived who themselves would give the miscreant a good thrashing before being hauled to jail for court appearance and summarily sentenced and publicly humiliated All the while getting really good popular press for having done this good society deed in putting the miscreant into public awareness and to be shamed for evermore I'm not sure if the Times of India still publishes these do good deeds but i do know that other well thought of great publications do that ....... I'll check them out some more when I'm allowed to go there next And all from the biggest democracy in the world ........ we could learn a lesson or two in good and beneficial societal behaviour methinks Malc
  42. 3 points
    It is at times like this people do have to consider downgrading. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  43. 3 points
    As threatened some time ago...feels like months...I spent some time on my LS400. The delay was a case of coronovirus...living close to London and me commuting with a son also travelling proved to much. In a way I'm glad to get it over with I think as long as I don't get it again. My two boys at 24 and 20 got through it well although wife and I did well but it hurt. I had some nasty afters though and ended up collapsing in Tesco and spending a night in hospital. No driving for 6 months...docs think it was post viral infection or post covid reaction. Looking back I tried to return too quickly and was running again...too soon. All ok now and I'm on a good 5km time and my running training is back to normal. Moral of the story: take your time with this b****rd - symptoms vary btw. Lasts for a while too. Task 1 should have been the MOT but by the time I was ready...the world and country was not...I'm not forcing one now, if I need a garage to fix something...that won't work. Task 2 was an oil and filter change so with OE filter and Shell Helix that was a straight forward job - sump plug gasket was OE too. Task 3 air filter change was really easy and differed from my previous experiences: I paid more attention and tried to move things as little as possible. This resulted in this being a painless task with the case fitting together easily and quickly! The outgoing filter after less than 5k miles and one year old looked pretty mucky. The engine side was much better so clearly it was doing its job. Certainly this is an annual replacement and my urban living clearly doesn't help. Task 4 replacing the windscreen washer level float switch. I bought this a while ago for around £40 OE from abroad and with no postage so a bargain. Now this was fiddly and I ended up removing the very tight new seal from the switch, fitting it first to the base of the tank, then pushing up the unit through it. It takes some polite force and I feared damaging the float. To get the seal over the lip of the base of said switch means pushing the unit up whilst pulling and folding over the bottom of the seal. Done. All works and I suppose time will tell if I've been too rough with the unit.🧐 Some time ago I fitted a new coolant expansion cap - coolant level looks unchanged so I'm happy with that. It had moved lower over time in the past: there were no leaks and the engine is on 93485 miles with no signs or expectation of anything more sinister going on. That'll keep things going for a while. Hope you are all well. Keep safe. 😷
  44. 3 points
    Ah well, mine lived (until 2018) in Japan where they never seem to drive much, I've done 10k in less than two years in it.
  45. 3 points
    Welcome Steve. Wow, that is one clean car! I love the colour too and I like to think, at 42 years of age, I am not considered too much of an old man yet And don't worry about paying over the odds. I certainly paid too much for mine, but it ticked all the box, I liked it, I could afford it, so I bought it Sometimes, despite our best efforts to be level headed, a car will just 'jump out' and you know it is the one for you, and it certainly sounds like you found what you were after. I certainly don't regret buying mine and I hope the same is true for you.
  46. 3 points
    If the car is an Advantage then check the Diamond Cut wheels for corrosion around the centre caps and insist on refurbishment if there is any sign (Lexus UK paid for mine as a goodwill gesture). Make sure you physically check the car bodywork carefully before accepting delivery. Also check the interior trim especially rear doors for rips and scuffs. My last 2015 Advance looked great online and I was assured it was all good. Upon collection it looked fine (thanks to filling polishes). Close inspection following a wash required the car to go back and spend nearly 3 weeks in the bodyshop. This included a complete repaint of the tailgate due to a rust bubble near the corner of the number plate. This on an Approved Used Lexus. 😢
  47. 3 points
    Having completed the first stage of tidying up the paintwork I thought I would see the complete picture, instead of individual panels. I still have to polish and wax the car, as well as sort out the paint scrapes on the offside and around the aerial hole, but it's now looking a bit more presentable. There's still plenty to do, but the list is getting shorter. I am no longer I finishing one job and then adding two more! Without wishing to jeopardise anything, it sounds as though Steve has been able to work his magic on my instrument cluster and all the lights apparently now work. Obviously I spoke too soon about the electronics having survived the damp atmosphere unscathed, because corrosion was indeed the cause of the problem. Hopefully I will get it back next week.
  48. 3 points
    My Wheels after refurbishment. Not the best picture, but as the car is sold the best I could find. They were powder coated.
  49. 3 points
    The parcel has arrived! Huuuraaah! Not fully opened it yet but so far the quality looks great! I do not know why it says its resin but it feels metal to me, based on the weight of the model it feels solid!
  50. 3 points
    On other Posts, I noticed members suffering the same problem as me with unexpected flat batteries after leaving car for a few days without a run. After some investigation, I found that the Smart Key system puts a drain on the Car Battery. The way to combat the drain is to turn off the Smart Key system and only use the Radio Signal on the key to open and lock the doors. To switch off the Smart Key system, go to page 53 on the car handbook and follow the instructions. Its a very difficult procedure, as you have to lie on your back and put your face into the underside of the console on the Drivers side. I was unable to do it because of age and health problems, but my son found the button and switched off the Key System. No problems with starting since that was done.

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