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    OK just done this and seems a few like me are interested in having it. In this method I did cut 4 wires to disable the folding option from the factory button as I didn't want the car contradicting the kit. I done all from the drivers door and would have been easy if there Was some info on wire colours. Here is how I fitted mine for anyone interested 1 red wire + connected to thick yellow wire on plug for window motor. (be sure to have fuse) 2 black wire - connected to thick white with thin black line wire on window motor. 3 yellow wire acc+ connected to very fine grey wire on window switch panel. (confirm wire goes live with ignition using test lamp) note if you don't connect acc wire your mirrors will fold when you drive off and car auto locks. 4 green wire door open signal + connected to thick blue wire on door lock. 5 blue wire door lock signal + connected to thick red wire on door lock. 6 orange mirror close + connects to two fine pale green wires on window switch 7 brown mirror open + connects to two fine red wires on window switch. The other two wires on the modual I didn't use but they can be connected if you choose to keep the fold button operational on the panel. I left them off. Note there are more than two pale green and red wires on the window switch. A test light is required to locate the needed wires. With the ignition on probe the red wires one at a time and operate the folding mirrors. When opening mirrors two of these should go live, (they stay live for about 10 seconds after the mirrors have stopped) cut these from the switch and join them (loom ends) to the brown wire. Repeat above step to find the two fine green wires for closing mirrors, cut these from the switch and join them (loom ends) to the orange wire. Job done, play and smile☺️
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    Finally got round to wiring the DRLs and I'm quite pleased with the results. You don't really get the full effect on the video (presumably the fault or limitation of the camera) but in reality, they work well. The DRL set was just under £12 from China and I think I spent another £8 or £9 on a couple of changeover relays to make sure they went off when the sidelights were switched on. Just got to get round to refurbishing the headlamp units now as they're yellowing quite a bit. I've got a 3M Headlamp Restoration Kit for that but still need to get some UV-resistant clear topcoat/sealer. [youtube]
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    I know this has been mentioned in the past and it was from a previous post that I have used the following garage for my last 2 annual services. I can strongly recommend Dave at Lex-tekautos south of Sheffield.He had worked for 20 years at Lexus and has just serviced my 450h (plugs/ changed oil with filter/ pollen & air filters/rear brake pads) for a smidgen short of £400. If you're looking for an alternative give him a call.
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    My son visited me from the Netherlands and made this video. There is a moment where the joy on my face shows how happy I still am with the Lexus. VID-20190718-WA0000.mp4
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    Saw this pop up in my news feed today. Interesting read if you want to know about the ls400 origins https://www.autocar.co.uk/slideshow/how-1989-lexus-ls-changed-world
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    Looks nice and I particularly like the red of these earlier cars. The later ones seem only to have a burgundy red until the 4th generation which again is available in a lighter red. Of course everybody loves a bargain and most people have a budget they don't wish to exceed. However, finding one of these cars is not like looking for a Mondeo where there is so much choice at any given time. If you seriously like a RX450h you have seen and it checks out fine and price is reasonable I suggest you go for it. I am still kicking myself for missing out on a 2015 RX450h Premier which was about 2K more than I wanted to pay. It was the same silver as the Premier I went on to buy subsequently but the car I missed out on had the wood trim package including heated and part wood steering wheel and adaptive cruise control plus it had the all cream interior I liked. I told the Lexus Dealer just before he closed that I wished to think it over over night and would contact them the next morning. To be fair the dealer had said somebody else had expressed an interest in it (but this can be a ploy to make a sale), Anyway, when I responded the next morning I was told the car had been sold. Thereafter, I found that there were very few cars that had the same spec and internal and external colour I wanted. It took about another 2 months to source a car that came near to the one I lost but lacked several features. Even having bought my car I continued for a further couple of months to search all adverts for Silver Premiers but none matched the one I lost. Just my experience.
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    When he was 21 a lamp post crossed the street when he was driving my XJR. He came out without scractches, not the XJR. Lately, he took me out in his Clio 182. NO, I don't let him drive it.
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    Recently fitted the CrossClimates and very happy with the lack of road noise. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It always slays me that people will borrow a fortune to acquire a car loaded with thousands of pounds of safety equipment, then whack four budget tyres on and hope for the best.
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    Just a quick update, after a fortnight of ownership. The car has been to my friendly local mechanic and up on his ramps. Clean bill of health from him, which is good news. The only issue we spotted was some corrosion on the input to the rear silencer box, but that's not entirely surprising on a 10 year old car so I am not worried. New tyres have been sourced, and with 4 matching tyres, the car runs straight and handles nicely. I have also sourced a new can of tyre goo (the old one was missing) and a couple of carpet clips to replace broken ones on the driver's side. The driver's side windscreen washer nozzles have also been unblocked (not sure how it passed that element of the MOT the state it was in) and new wiper blades fitted. Detailed examination of the bodywork reveals a couple of scratches, but nothing too serious, and a small dent in the bumper just under the rear numberplate. Not sure why I didn't spot that one before I bought it, I guess it's only obvious when the light catches it a certain way. Looking at it, I guess the dent is a parking incident with another vehicle which had a tow ball, it is exactly the right size and height. I will get them all sorted sometime. Driving it with the roof down is great, and since the weather is so good, I have hardly driven it roof up! All in all, very pleased.
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    I can't resist ... The RC300h is fast enough, more than fast enough to loose one's license There I've said it and I'm proud to be a 300h driver..
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    On our sadly departed XC90 I had both. Ran Nokian WR SUV 3 winters year round and they were superb but I suppose may have worn a little quicker. Absolutely unstoppable in snow. Then swapped those for Pirelli Scorpion All Seasons because the price was good. Again, no problems but not quite as sure footed in snow. Never had a problem, I just had to be a bit more cautious. You can thank me later for not answering your question in any way
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    After some research I opted for an aftermarket rearlip with diffuser. Had to cut off the tips bending down, but I was able to bolt on aftermarket exhaust tips on that similar to the OEM ones.
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    Hi everyone. Dipping my toe into Lexus waters with a rather nice 2002 IS 300. Here are a couple of pics outside the dealers today. I should be picking it up in a day or two. 53k miles, one lady owner, serviced yearly at Lexus Sheffield. Lovely stuff
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    Nice advert. Hope you get a decent result.
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    PCM. If found out that switch was there early on. Why Lexus don't put it out the way beats me. It's definitley on. Herbie. While following your suggestions I decided to have a more in-depth look at one of the sensors. When I opened it up I discovered on of the gold coloured springs had some decay. While quite difficult to see I used some abrqasion to clean in. I probably missed it on the last clean. Once put back on the car everything was perfect. Once again thanks for everyone's input. Cheers
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    Stupid question, but I assume the air suspension is switched on? There's that TINY button low down near the driver's door...
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    I suspect the dealer thinks any claim for "slight play" might be refused under the "wear and tear" exclusion on the warranty (para 2.2) as the pump hasn't actually failed.. They're happy to take your money directly, of course. 😉
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    We love the NX! Have you thought about any accessories for your car? From side steps to under runs make your NX stand out with the full range of Lexus accessories available at discounted prices and delivered to your door. Much cheaper than buying direct from your local dealer! View the full range of accessories below: https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/category/lexus-nx/lexus-nx-2014-present/lexus-nx-2014-present-accessories/
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    1) The limits for the renewal of a genuine Lexus warranty are 140,000 miles and 10 years. There are third-party warranties, of course, which may differ. 2) I'm not sure you can take out a Lexus extended warranty without a Lexus service history. If you have this then I'd ask the dealer about taking out a warranty. However, I'm sure they're very aware of the possibility of people doing as you suggest and doubt they'd fall for any fraudulent claims! You wouldn't expect a house insurer to pay out if you took out a policy after your house burnt down. 3) The warranty lasts for 2 years, unlimited mileage and is then renewable up to the limts in 1) above. It does require the car to be serviced by Lexus during the warranty period, of course. At £995 for an RX450h I think the 2-year Lexus warranty is a great deal. They picked up a leaking aircon pipe on a recent MOT (cost included in the warranty) and it was fixed within a week without quibble and at no cost to me. The bill to Lexus was £840. Over the last three years I've also had a new front caliper (seized), new steering column (slight clunk), new oil cooler and new radiator (both with slight leaks), all identified by Lexus and sorted without issue.
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    Probably US market. not fair. 😞
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    Quite. But I still know which I'd prefer to drive.
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    Hi guys & girls, Finally got around to installing the VLINE2 this weekend. Bagged it 2nd hand from fellow member Graham Webster (if he is here many thanks indeed, smooth transaction with an honest member). Install was easy and I would recommend having a stab yourself if you are competent around your motor etc. I am a bit of a perfectionist so wanted all cables neatly tucked away, tied up no unnecessary slack etc etc. Removed the stereo as required but also decided to remove the glove box too to get better access to the roof of it where I decided to route all of the cables. Initially a bit scary as you will see from the pictures but worth the effort when it's all done and tucked away invisible. Removing the stereo is very easy, plenty of YouTube videos to help you with that. Glove box comes out with 5 black screws, 3 across the top of inside the lid, and two on each bottom corner just behind the air bag trim by the passengers knees. I actually ended up removing the passenger knee air back bracket as the bottom of the glove box is popped into it and I couldn't see a way of releasing it without risking a breakage. Was a lot easier to put it all back in place that way too. Remember to disconnect the battery before doing all of this as you are playing around with air bags!! If you feel inside the roof of your glove box you will feel it has a ledge in it, and the roof is slightly lower on the stereo side of the glove box. I cut a hole in vertical part of this ledge (which is about 25mm) so that the GROM cables coming in from the stereo pop straight through from that direction. Also, with the unit placed on top of the little plastic shelf inside the glove box the cables are invisible to a passenger when looking into the glove box from the passenger seat. I took up all of the slack on the video and power cables and left them to rest on top of the glove box roof with only enough to reach the unit coming through. GPS and Mic enter the same hole but from the other direction first. I took those up to the passenger A pillar via the corner air vent which you can see removed in the pics. The GPS sits nicely in the corner of the dash and the mic cable i took all the way up the A pillar, along the front edge of the roof liner, over to the top of the drivers A pillar where it is mounted. I did want to put it somewhere near the dome light in the centre but couldn't figure out how to fix it in place without cutting or drilling etc - which I didn't want to do in case I remove the GROM before selling the car. Unit booted up first time. Be sure to boot it up before you put all your trim and dash back in case something is wrong. I installed the new firmware via the SD Card so am now running 8.1. Though I cant comment on its performance vs 5.1 as I didn't even look through the unit before doing the upgrade. Was easy to do though, just gotta be careful with the SD card as I initially lost mine inside the unit and had to unscrew the metal casing to retrieve it. Oops. Anyways, so far I am really pleased with it. Got Apple CarPlay working too which is mainly what I bought it for but also impressed with the Google Apps available to use on VLINE itself. I plan to have a right good play with it both driving and now, also going to get a new launcher as I think there are much better ones available then the GROM stock launcher. Couple of initial observations however - When I test called my wife, she said that she could hear whatever she said in echo which doesnt happen when we talk via the Lexus OEM phone. Anyone else experience this? Can anything be done in the settings maybe? Turn the mic down or something? 2nd, the video posted above shows the widget shortcuts on the right hand side of the screen....I have fully updated my unit and it's still on the left. Any ideas? Very happy to help anyone that wants support with their install and those of you that contacted me about borrowing the upgrade for 8.1, please DM me and we can arrange you coming to my house. It only takes about 15 mins max. I dont ask for anything in return, but if you do drive and ISF, I'd quite like a quick go round the the block please 😄 Cheers, Bill
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    Evening all. All things being well, I'll be heading down with my 2012 ISF.
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    Alex It would be easier to knock out the dents and fill it then spray to the correct colour ,I would do the job on my own car but not on yours as it is not going to look perfect when done but it would look a lot better than it does now. Have a go you will save a fortune and learn how to fix dents.
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    And make sure your AC is left switched ON all the time.
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    It's tricky, deciding to stick with a car (model) you like as it ages, or thinking "I've had that one and enjoyed it, now....." Certainly there are no cars that have that 'feel' of an LS. Setright had it that if you see a driver in a jam actually smiling, he will actually be enjoying his car (He might have been talking about a Citroen CX....) but the idea applies here. The concept of price is irrelevant. It's a £50K car still. Or factor in the billions it took to conceive! They wanted to make the best car irrespective of cost. I still miss my old Ser 4.
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    I have had my gs300 (55 plate) for 5 yrs. now done 112000 miles 50000 by me. I have used many different satnavs over time but i do quite like the lexus approach (apart from bl****** post codes). i have updated mine and apart from some newer roads very little difference. It navigated through france with no problems at all. no problem with visibility of screen i think you can change brightness i originally had lexus warranty and extended it had most of shocks replaced with oem parts. as already mentioned the dash creaks i am learning to live with it. the lack of mp3 is mildly irritating but a tape drive... wow i can use many old tapes in it. the children think i am mad and old. but it does provide a part solution to mp3s with a 3.5m jack to tape adapter so can play from phone but controlled from phone. not ideal but cheap. Everynow and then i think i want a new car but it is actually a joy to drive David
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    Gosh I found a backward solution, can you believe the FM is working fine, better then DAB.
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    It's going nowhere except for bad feelings.
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    I'm soooo tempted... 😋
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    Hi all , after being told that I’d have to replace both front air struts because the top mounts had gone (m.o.t ) around £1500-£1700 it was great to find brian berridge , orchard engineering , life saver and a genuine nice guy , after separating top mounts from struts I sent them to Brian on the Wednesday morning and got them back rebushed at 1030 am Friday , what a legend this man is , I must say that I’m in Scotland and Brian is in Gloucester
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    If i dont use the roon of the estate i may get a soarer or maybe a saloon crown 1jz. Have you had the cambelt done. Im wondering how much itll be
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    Nice reply Mauler thanks. I believe you're right - now I've got a copy of Techstream, I can see that there are in fact 6 or 7 ECU's in the Lexus !! Much to my surprise. And a separate one for ABS / VSC, as you say. Mate if you're having trouble with drivers - I work in IT - I could fire you over a bundle of the drivers that are workihg for me on Win. 10, if you like ?
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    I had a pal who received a phone call from Land Rover inviting him to a LR experience. They collected him at 7.30 sharp the next morning, dropped him in the nearest lay-by and collected him 8 hours later!!
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    I had the email from Lexus too but as my 30month old 17k miles RC has only ever been fed V-Power I think I'll give it a miss 😏 I thought the owners handbook advised against fuel and oil additives?
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    A little update on this particular IS. As I've mentioned before it is a keeper but unfortunately isn't a fit for me right now so my dad drives it. He's 81 and does catch the odd curb or put a little scuff on the corner but nothing that couldn't be sorted quickly and (fairly) cheaply if circumstances changed. Most importantly he does very few miles and it's garaged every night. Fast forward to the week just gone and the parents were due to join us in Devon for a week but I could tell the drive was making my dad a little nervous so my wife drove the S-Max and I drove the IS 300. A quick look at the tyre pressures, check the oil and off we went. While we were on the way down the car turned 63k and all in all it was a 600 mile round trip. 17 years old, the cruise control set at an indicated 80mph and the car never missed a beat. Not a single cough or hiccup. One of the most underrated and/or overlooked cars I have ever had the pleasure to own.
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    Hi, I recently got a 2004 RX300 and wanted a bit more sound and performance from the exhaust. I got a quote from a few places but ended up going with a Cybox exhaust system www.cybox.co.uk as they have full factory facilities not like the back street powerflow dealers. The system is still silent on idle but gives a nice V6 purr when cruising, I have also noticed the the car is much more responsive at lower revs. Pics below its full stainless with lifetime warranty. I dont work for Cybox before anyone asks lol.
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    Actually, you probably need the whole page so here is the full thing in 2 jpgs (I tried pdfs but the quality was rubbish) ( A couple of clicks on the images should bring them up to a reasonable magnification)
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    Hi all again. I picked up my sonic red LC500 this week (just over 2k miles). It is a Sport+ with the tan interior. I had test driven this vehicle previously but now that I have a few hundred miles in the driving seat, I thought I'd post this up. Looks - The sonic red colour is stunning and has real depth when seen in sunlight. It does pick up surface scratches easily but I am going to detail it and have a ceramic coating applied mainly to make it easier to clean. Up close, the car has some very interesting angles and it reminds me of various different cars (LFA, Nissan GT-R). It looks a lot more impressive in person rather than in photos. Interior - By far the best put together and highest quality interior compared to any car I have had (including high end Porsche vehicles). I mentioned this in another post but at first glance on autotrader, I was put off the tan interior. Having seen it up close, it is apparent you get nice subtle changes in shading and the contrast between alcantara and leather is lovely. The entire thing feels way more expensive than it is (£150k+ territory of car). No rattles/creaks at all but I recognise it is still fairly new. I don't imagine it will age badly if kept well taken care of. The dash is well laid out and I actually like the trackpad with haptic feedback. You do have to get used to it prior to attempting changes while driving though. Ride quality - Mine has the 21s with Bridgestone runflats. In comfort mode it is quite supple on almost all types of road exept pot holes with sudden drop-offs. There, it still feels a bit choppy and out of curiosity, I'd like to see what an LC500 with 20s (and non-runflats) rides like as I think this will transform the car considerably in terms of comfort. When in Sport and Sport+, it stiffens up nicely but it isn't overdamped and I find that a huge bonus for normal road driving. I would never take it on a track but I imagine it is a little softly damped even in Sport+ mode. I haven't found a way to decouple the drive modes in terms of the individual settings yet and I'm not sure if you can do that - e.g. set it in Sport+ but with a comfort suspension setting? Handling - Very pleasantly surprised at how capable it is dynamically. When approaching the limit in sweeping bends and sharp cornering, you really do feel the rear wheel steering assist and LSD at work and it isn't off-putting. It is always controllable and doesn't require lots of opposite lock unless you are really being silly. Even then, I can feel the combination of TC/LSD working so I don't think it is ever fully off. The steering is as direct as I'd expect suiting a luxury GT feel but precise and not vague. I don't know if it is meant to weight differently in different modes but I don't find the steering weight very different between normal, sport and sport+. Engine/exhaust/gearbox - Probably one of the best features of this car. The 5L V8 is a masterpiece. I can see it getting better over time as it gets broken in and it will become even more free-revving. I love the requirement to rev it to the top of the rpm range to access the majority of power/torque. It really suits the car and I think this is why it is so controllable. The sound is phenomenal both inside and out of the cabin or with windows down. I have had several people commenting already and I've only had the car 2 days! I have owned many V8s (NA and forced induction variants) in the past and this feels the best engineered and the sound department at Lexus have done a stellar job with the cabin noise, exhaust downshift crackles/pops without it being ASBO ridiculous. The 10-speed auto is great with fast shifts when needed and lots of comfort and smoothness when not. A couple of times I have noticed it "thump" itself into a lower gear when pootling around town but I checked with the dealer and there are no gearbox software updates for it at this time. Fuel economy on motorways is actually surprising at between 35-40mpg. Overall, I think it is a great all-round GT/luxury sports coupe. All the dynamic components feel well put together and don't intimidate or frustrate the driver. I think it would be a great car to learn car handling in. It feels so well made and makes one feel special when inside. I know there are a ton of cars out there at similar price-points with much more performance. I don't think many of them can match this car's interior quality, handling dynamics, engine feel and looks. Reliability remains to be seen but I can't see any reason it won't be to similar Lexus standards. I am very glad I didn't go for an AMG GTS in the end. I think the latter would have bored me in 5 minutes. With the LC500, I feel I can easily get a few years interesting usage from it and the fact that my kids fit in it (and they love it) is a bonus.
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    While doing another job on car I checked with the MoT tester again. The central part of the backing plate does support the parking brake cable and the internal shoes. BUT he said if the rest of a rusty plate is cut away and removed, leaving the mounting intact, that is NOT an MoT failure. He confirmed that the MoT manual does refer to the securing devices, not the plate itself. Again, your choice as to replacing them. David
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    I love a good thread resurrection. Interested to know what circumstances cause a UK registered car to need a French mot. And also very interested in the outcome to your issue.
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    Totally disagree. The 250 is not slow. It has power. Ok I probably wouldn't want to race anybody in one but it can hardly be described as slow.
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    I went throgh hell with this! same thing, I had to pay lexus to find the problem I had even changed the headunit myself and it made no difference. Turned out to be the ML amplifer... very expensive to replace! I had no idea I had the ML sound system untill I went to replace the amplifer (it was running very hot). long story short, the lads at lexus opened it and sprayed contact spray on it, closed it back up and its been working ever since... touch wood!!! I can see this happening to a lot more cars as they get older.
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    Off topic a bit but my wife made noises about me spending so much time on my car and hers starting to look a bit like a shed. So today I spent 4 hours on it inside and out. I have to say it looked awesome at the end of it all. Here's some piccys.
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    Had the wheels refurbished today. I had them done in chrome effect powder coat and had all the wheels checked for buckles and cracks. All were good though. Nice eh? Not too shiny like chrome but more shiney than paint powder coat.
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    I went to toyota few months ago to unblock the drains as the back of the car was getting wet. They unblocked the rear drains, and everything was fine (I thought). A month or so later the front drain on the driver side got blocked. Went back to Toyota, but I was told after whole day they kept my car (only worked on it 30 minutes though) that they don't really know whats the route for the front drain - they tried compressed air, some flex cable, but that didn't work. I was then told that because they don't know how to fix it, they wont charge me for the diagnostics, but if I want to get this repaired, it would cost me quite a bit, as it would take them approx 4 hours. Not sure how they estimated that as they said they don't know where the drain goes, but I just can't afford that. I took out the plastic coverings under the door, hoping the drain hole will be there somewhere, but I can't see anything ... Does anyone have an idea (or picture/diagram if possible) where the front drain on drivers side goes? The only other option I thought about is that if I can't locate the blockage and remove it, I will need to block that drain hole with silicone of something similar to stop water getting into the footwell (and would need to remember not to park at an angle pointing the drivers corner as this could overflow into the cabin)...
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    On the US ClubLexus site there are many posts and excellent photos on this problem of front drain holes failing on the second generation RX. One problem is that the front drain tubes are not continuous all the way down to the outside of the vehicle. There is a break inside [adjacent to where your toes are when sitting in the front seat] and this joint comes apart, as if the upper tube has shrunk. A result is sodden carpets in the foot well. Hope this helps
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    It goes down the A pillar and down in front of the door. It seems a weird design in that the pipe doesn't extend to the outside, it stops short and water just falls into the sill and from there it drains out. If the outlet gets blocked then the water builds up and out inside the vehicle. I'd pour some water down the other side so you can see where the water exits and then unblock the other side - it should be a small slit where the sill and floor combine. Not sure the picture above is for the correct generation of RX, I thought it had four drain outlets, not two.
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    I sourced the tuning valve from local lexus dealer. One electrical connector, vacumn pipe and screw hold it on. That's the easy bit. You need to remove inlet manifold. Drain coolant, remove throttle body then manifold. Tricky and it took me best part of the day. I renewed inlet gaskets too. Would not like to see labour bill that lexus would charge.

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