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Sorry Guys


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There's a couple of these at work, nice motors - very rapid too!

Personally though, if I had that money to spend, I wouldn't get a Golf, although it would be a very nice sleeper car if you debadged it ;)

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Eww could never justify spending that much on golf, i'd much rather go for the S3.

Anyways Chris pic for you ;)

got no kids or a mrs so im ok for a bit

c'mon chris.. get yourself in a Supra or something mate.. dont lose faith :)

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really? didnt see that.

over there they start at $33,000 I believe (although th eHemi one is a whole lot more), I just got back from Atlanta this morning and they are a whole lot of them on the roads over there.

Looks like a poor mans bently or rolls but I really like it.

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