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Wanted- Lexus Brolly


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has anyone got one lying around or does anyone know wheres the best and cheapest place to get a Lexus umbrella ( apart from the dealer )

Im using a plain one at present for a little mod im doing but i need the Lexus one just to finish it off.

Ill put up some pics if it looks good, if it looks crap then i wont :blush:


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Is it like the bentley idea with the umbrella in the door  :lol:

damn is was supposed to be a suprise. :hehe:

that spring loaded brolly in the door was a stroke of genius whoever thought of that

anyway ive just had a look at the lexus brolly in the lexus collection they dont look anything flash.

ill just use the one ive got for now and pics to follow when i get the wifes camera off her.

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ok heres the pics linky its in my gallery garage thing, soory but im new to this uploading lark , i told you not to get over excited but a suitable place to keep one i thought.

all i did was remove the boot liner thingy midgig and all the clips took it into the house and using a craft knife put 4 holes in the liner and threaded through the leather straps. the straps incidentally are from my wifes luggage set :whistling::whistling: , but ive got a year until she needs them again so im ok in that respect.

any comments welcome

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