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Whats Your Taste?


Which is it?  

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    • Lager
    • Bitter
    • Cider
    • Spirits
    • Wine
    • Alcopops
    • Soft drink

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So what do you like to drink at the pub will it be traditional ale, football fan lager or rugby fan bitter .... maybe your more a spirit kinda person! Maybe you dont drink.

Lets see what's the most popular.

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Erm... I don't drink :lol:

Well ok that's kinda stretching the truth a little :whistling:

Usually have most of the above on a night out, if I stick to one type I'm usually pretty sensible though, only had a few I think yesterday, seemed to be doing ok!

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For me I only drink cider, and jd and coke, and red wine, and ales and champagne, and scotch, and bourbon, and thats pretty much it.

Thats one night's drinking covered anyway. lol

Aido> Chris just like's his slap and tickle with more slap and no tickle.

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ooh i cover few drinks myself here we go lager, white wine, rose wine, champagne, whisky, white overproof rum (the headblower) Brandy, malibu & pineapple, baileys and the alco pop and cant forget my guiness :D

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Hmmm, I'm partial to a pint of Black Sheep, or the best beer in the world Tusker - although only in Africa.

Other than that, red wine. Not the house vinegar though, something nicer.

Rrrrrrr Black sheep, i used to off-load that, condition it, and have the odd sample at work :D

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