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    Had one yesterday while my wife's RX was in for a service - fancied seeing how it compared to my IS300h. Nice car, nippy and pretty economical ( I averaged 46mpg) and obviously more of an updated interior than my IS. Fine for me size wise even at 6ft 4 but obviously limits the rear legroom which would be an issue taking my son and his pals to rugby. I knew the boot would be small and I wasn't disappointed! Not sure I'll be buying one just yet but wouldn't rule it out in the future.
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    Just passed 140,000 miles and generally still going strong, however I have noticed that the rear calipers were sticking. This Is common with Toyota and it seems Lexus suffer the same fate, the slider pins seize and the outer pad is then constantly in contact with the disc. £70 later a set of secondhand calipers were winging their way to me, the donor vehicle...... So they arrived, a low mileage set but still I ordered a new set of slider pins, boots and bolts and set about stripping them down After a quick wire wheel session All fitted back together and with a coat of silver paint So fitted them today, decided at the same time to do a brake fluid change as well, pretty simple really. Using a syringe I drained the brake fluid reservoir fully and then topped it back up with the new fluid, then it was a case of doing one side at a time and pulling enough fluid through to ensure you have flushed the system of old fluid, pretty easy as you can see a colour difference. Because the Lexus uses a brake booster pump bleeding is a little different from normal, it’s still a two person job but there’s no pumping of the brake required. Press the start button twice so the ignition is on but ready is not showing on the dash. Have the assistant push the break pedal, this will fire up the brake pump. With their foot on the break undo the bleed nipple (8mm) and each all the bubbles come out of the drain tube. Once there are no more bubbles then that side is bled. Repeat on the other side and then do the same for the front calipers So now there’s a nice shiny set of calipers on the rear From there it was it’s 140,000 mile service and also I decided to change the anti-freeze as it’s never been done and I wondered if over time and mileage it would lose its efficiency. No pics for this sadly but it was dead easy, drop the under tray (10mm bolts) on the radiator is a bright yellow tap, turn that and drain the fluid (making sure you have a bucket underneath) Once it’s all drained refill the system, once there was enough guild in the system I fired the car up and put it into maintenance mode so the engine would warm up and I could reduce any chance of air locks. 1. With foot off the brake pedal, tap the power switch twice to put it into Ignition On mode. (If you see a green READY light come on, you've actually done it with your foot depressing the brake pedal) 2. Leave the shift lever in the P position, and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. 3. Move the shift lever to the N position (need to press the shift lock button to allow the lever to shift out of P), and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. 4. Move the shift lever back to the P position, and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. At this point the display will say something like " Maintenance Mode" 5. Then depress the brake pedal and press the power button to start the engine. It will also tell you TRC is off Do all of this inside 60 seconds. DO NOT ATTEMP TO DRIVE THE CAR IN THIS MODE. In order to get out of maintenance mode just switch the engine off and restart and it will be back to normal Once done it was out for a test run and then as it was a nice day I decide to clean the engine bay and give the car a wash, this summer it will need a machine polish as there are some pretty heavy marks on the car now sadly I have recently pulled the seats out and given them a good clean as well as the interior carpet, I’ll post up some pics on that later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For your pattern of driving and annual mileage I would say it is ideal. Quiet, very comfortable (best ever my wife says) and roomy enough for most trips. Also don't overlook the warranty, available up to 10 years and 140,000 miles. Although it costs (currently) £400 annually it does give peace of mind and it covers Europe travel. Price of car seems a little high. You could possibly do better by hunting around. But stick to Lexus dealers.
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    Available for sale my excellent example Lexus IS220d which has covered 97,000 miles. In daily use but I have allowed a few hundred miles as not to exceed listed mileage. 2009 SE-L with highest factory specification finished in Starfire white pearlescent paint. 17" Alloys finished in Chrome Silver Full Black Leather Interior Heated & Cooled front seats Fully electric adjustable memory seats Front & rear parking sensors Rear view camera Smart entry key-less system Electric adjustable steering wheel Cruise control Auto Lights & Wipers Rear electric sunshade Touch screen media Sat Nav Bluetooth 6 CD Changer Aux Input Mark Levison 13 Speaker System Illuminated Lexus door sills Door mirror puddle lights HID-Xenon Headlights with AFS LED Interior Lighting 2 previous owners. Full Service History (6 of the 9 services are Main Dealer Lexus) supported with paperwork. Impeccable MOT history which runs until May 2020. Full book pack, space saver & tool kit with 2 remote keys. Recent front Brembo brake discs and Brembo brake pads. Additionally I have a set of 18" factory upgrade F Sport alloys. They have been finished in a special black copper and fitted with brand new tyres on the front and good rears. These will be available for £500 or can be discussed at point of sale. These are hard to come by and in my opinion transform the car. hpi clear For sale as I require an estate. £3,990 I'm located in Corby Northamptonshire (East Midlands)
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    Model number. First gen was XU10, second XU30, third A10 etc. Amazing, thank you for the links
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    I have no idea what an A10 is but you can get a set of RX roof rails for £370 from here Rear under run £278 and front under run £76 here
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    So done the oil+filter and air filter today. Also fitted the cabin filters since they were missing. Should freshen it all up well. Noticed a small leak on the steering rack boots, seems to be common enough but fluid isnt going down so will see how that goes. Smoke on startup seems to have stopped, maybe the car just needed a good drive! Messaged a few of the LS breakers on eBay looking for the electric aerial and motor, would like to sort that out next.
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    Good news. I have been notified today a new door has been flown in from Japan, and the car is estimated to be ready for delivery back to me on the 5th of February exactly 31 days from the car going into the body shop. The wheel arch is already repaired. I will be rely happy to get it back. John.
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    Perfect, thanks Herbie
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    Start on Page 518 of this manual that I've just downloaded from lexus.co.uk https://d24bc9lyrt5en5.cloudfront.net/Customer-Portal-Admin/emanuals/LEXUS/OM48D20E.pdf
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    "Thief crushed to death by car while trying to steal catalytic converter ..." https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/18197902.thief-crushed-death-car-trying-steal-catalytic-converter/
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    Try and climb under this one!
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    if its Tyre pressure monitor sensors you need to replace, these are the ones you need. they only about £26 for the Denso(5500103) ones. I had TPMS issues, bought these Denso ones and had all 4 replaced about 3 weeks ago and it cleared the TPMS flashing light. would have set me back £350 for all 4 sensors if bought from Lexus stealer.. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/lexus,2006,gs300,3.0l+v6,1431834,wheel,tire+pressure+monitoring+system+(tpms)+sensor,12036
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    That's a real shame,and although of very little comfort to you,there are sadly cowboys and rogue traders in most endeavors of life,policemen,politicians,doctors,car dealers,chairmen etc,more a dealership shortcoming than a lexus one 🙁
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    I think the ES looks brilliant in F-Sport guise. Remember that you can actually add the Takumi pack to the F-Sport in order to get you the best of both worlds. Having said that, for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, the Takumi will probably be the better option
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    Hi, Just to let you know that a number of our insurance schemes offer premium discounts for the fitment of a HD dash cam. Regards, Dan.
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    I love Lexus, for reliability, their naturally aspirated V6 & V8 engines. But nothing great can be said about their Lexus centers. I had a GS250 a naturally aspirated V6 with really low mileage which I sold last week and decided to buy an ultra low mileage RC200T from Lexus Glasgow. It was for me to road test and get use to its functionality before investing in a GSF OR RCF. Which are really expensive if you are a cash buyer. The reason I choose Lexus was primarily because of their customer satisfaction ratings. The key tool Lexus thrives on to lure returning buyers who choose Lexus rather than the popular big three. MB, BMW & Jaguar. Who outsells more cars by an astronomic margins in UK. My first purchase of my Lexus experience was hit by a forgery scandal where the salesman involved forged my signature on an insurance document. The management was apologetic and in good faith serviced my car for free the following year. To which I thought it was an one off and great customer service to carry out my service out of good faith. How ever I never expected that unscrupulous practices still carries on when Lexus is all about great customer experience and transparency. The sale of the RC200T from Lexus Glasgow was after much reassurances that the car was perfect with no damages (the images are cleverly photo-shopped) and will be ready with a full service included. I paid upfront the whole amount and paid for two tickets to fly the following weekend 25.01.2020. Which gave them ample time to fix the car or inform me that the car was not perfect as described but provide a fault detail. So I can cancel the purchase, ask for the refund and not waste time or expenses. I even paid for a hotel that evening in the peak district to break the long drive back. At the time of collection, my wife noticed the service was not done and to make it worse the car was in appalling condition. Which was lost in translation when asking if the car had no damage and the body work perfect. Most panels of the car (under inadequately lit showroom) had more stone chips than I could count. And the ones which were significant was touched by a child. The engine hood had a ripple dent, which meant the whole hood had to be redone. The front bumper was the worse with grazes and so much stone chips I gave up looking. The salesman and the sales manager had all missed when the car was inspected. My wife and I was left stranded and out of pocket with no apology, no reimbursement for the loss of time and travel expenses. Now with the arduous effort of asking for my money back. Damn poor customer service, will never ever buy a car from Lexus based on a salesman reassurances. Cannot be trusted, fancy leather chairs and a coffee machines don't make up for poor service. Never again. Lexus cars might be built by great engineers and craftsman in Japan. But they are sold by salesman in UK that are more likely to be see on BBC Rogue dealers. Thank you Lexus for making me loose faith on decency, being transparent and customer service. The images are of the car with the locations of the damages to the body circled.

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