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Gold Badges


What does it for you?  

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  1. 1. What does it for you?

    • Gold
    • Chrome

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Bugger!!! What have I done??? :duh:  :duh:

nothing wrong!

if you like 'em - stick on on!

its got nothing to do with anyone on here - its your choice mate.

I only participated because you posted the poll, and asked for opinions :blush:

Ha ha :D :D

I'll gently stick them on with bluetack to see what they look like.

:D Keep the opinions coming!! :D

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Guest mark_tsang

I think they look OK, i saw lots of LS400, ES300 with gold badges & blacked out windows when i went to China, more than anywhere else at the time, this was yrs ago now.

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i like the gold ones the only thing stopping me changing to gold is the thought of some scrote nicking them and damaging my paint work

Same as that mate. I've still not fitted mine but will do soon.

I think gold suits the darker coloured cars

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