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Good Weather

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Well with the good weather yesterday i decided to give the car a good clean up as its been about 2 months since she's got a proper clean up. Had to t-cut my door after someone hut it in a car park on friday but ended up doin the whole car lol.







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Nice job - if I give you a fiver will you come round and do mine :D ?

It's a Lexus, people should pay you a fiver for cleaning your car! :D

(Well the old lex advert made out that people would, do you remember it?)

by the way the car looks great. :D

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It was the first decent weekend in Aberdeen in ages so I did the same, all clean & shiny just like yours Jay, nice job.

ps. Where are those flats ??

Yeh its not oftn we get good weather so always best to make the most of it. The flats are over in seaton, not where you'd exactly expect to see a lexus but its not actually too bad, been here 3 years with no problem at all!

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car looks well clean, i cleaned mine twice over the weekend. once when i got in from work on friday and again on the saturday. its filthy again now!!!

just out of intrest, where did u get the chrome bits and bobs under ur engine bay. (fuse covers, resevoir's)

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