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Yesterday I got rear ended in the IS. Everyone was OK but the rear bumper is destroyed and the right hand exhaust has been bent over to the right and jammed up against the rear wheel so car is undriveable.. Waiting to hear back on the full extent of the damage.

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Even though not your fault you can bet your renewal premium will go up, apparently if you are involved in an accident even though you were not at fault you will be considered a higher risk

I know, but the really annoying thing is that in 26 years of driving never had an accident before and only ever claimed for a cracked windscreen. And Ive passed the advanced driving test. And I'm a higher risk because someone else wasn't paying attention... :megaangry:

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Makes no rational sense on any level.

This was said to me in 2010 by those twerps at Elephant. My response was " No....what it tells me is Wales is a dangerous place to drive. I arrive and get rear shunted ( small but irritating damage) on day 1....therefore Wales is a dangerous place to drive" ( incidentally,no claim was made, 3rd party forked out for the lot)

"That's not right they replied...that doesn't mean that at all"

To which i replied " my deduction makes as much sense and bears as much relevance as yours does"

I left Elephant and took my business elsewhere (bye bye forever Elephant, Admiral et al). A friendly, honest chat with my next insurer and they removed the case from my history. They did say it was common practice to assume one is more likely to make another having made a claim. They admitted it does seem silly that despite the fact I did not make a claim...I'm assumed to have made a theoretical one.

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Good news - car should be ready by 2nd Dec. Big sigh of relief as I'd almost convinced myself it was going to be a cat D write off.

In the meantime Ive got a 15 plate top spec Volvo S80 auto to waft around in. Very nice car but cant wait to get My 250 back :phone:

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Thats brilliant news does the volvo have the mfi wood moldings.

No it brushed aluminium trim. Its a suprisingly nice car, although at 40k Id probably spend the money on a GS450h

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I work for first and the fitting side is volvo, and managers have nice cars with some shocking interiors. Glad the cars going to be sorted

Iv had a right off the hassle is terrible. Having said that you will have a no blame claim against yourself, Which wants sorting when its not your fault.

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Good to hear your ok and your car will be back with you soon.

Mate of mine (Frank) popped into see me the other day .... Fizzing.

He had just been trying renewing his car insurance.....

(F) Why has premium gone up so much?

(Ins Comp) You've had an accident in the last 12 months...

(F) That's correct but it was not my fault .... Other party was 100% to blame and they paid for everything.

(Ins Comp) Sorry, we still rate you as a higher risk.

(F) WTF ..... hang on I've got protected no claims.... Over 10 years worth.

(Ins Comp) that's right sir we've taken that off..... But your still a higher risk.

By the way sir can we just confirm the status of your license while your on.

(F) it's still clean .... No points.

(Ins comp) have you been on a speed awareness course on the last 12 months?

(F) Yes... I was done on a camera and elected for the course.

(Ins Comp) We class you as a higher risk there also ..... I'll just add that on.

(F) I give up .... Just email me the quote and I'll think about it.

Of course he then had to add on the new higher taxation %. Which resulted in a almost doubling his previous years premium.


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My last car was hit on the near side rear b post. I was parked up and guy who hit me accepted all liability that was march and have recieved no money or getting the car fixed. Had an insurance accessor come out and would not pay due to a change of wheels.

I have protected no claims and Lv still put a no claim blame against me, Wtf. I would never tell insurance nothing again all they do is screw you.

My car before that was written off a tree fell on the roof goodbye. Trying to sort that out was a knightmare and a half, They are all con merchants who take your money and run.

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My daughter wrote off her old but immaculate Golf by rear ending another car - her fault. They did not even look at the car, I described the damage and they said it would be written off. It was worth at least £3400. They offered her £1700 - I sent them adverts from Autotrader showing almost identical cars between £3200 and £3,600. They came back to her with £2,600 - she said "NO!"

"What will you accept?" they asked.

"Nothing less than £3,000!"

They paid her £2,900 in the end! BUT ............. from £1,700 to £2,900??? What a joke. It was like bartering in an Arab market!

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It's very odd isn't it. When you insure your car and you are asked for its value, I tend to say "Why do you ask, because you will never give me its value at the time of any claim"

They seem to base the premium on its value (amongst other things), but any claim payment is never based on its then value.

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Did you go through the insurance company "approved" crap repairers? Make sure you check the work out buddy - good luck!

On a side note, 2nd December is pretty quick. Wife's IS is being taken on the 1st of December and coming back on the 8th!

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yes its gone through the approved repairers - didn't fancy the battle\stress of trying to get it done elsewhere. I'm taking Wednesday afternoon off work so I can go and collect it and query what has been done and check it out before it leaves their garage. I'm also going to give it a test drive in the locality so can take it straight back if not happy.

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Well thats a fast turn around james was it mainly bumper damage.

Visually the bumper was a goner, but the right hand exhaust was pushed a few degrees out of line to the right and slightly back so that the back-right edge of the silencer was pushed against the inside of the right rear tyre . If you look at the image below I'm a bit concerned that the speed of the fix means they might have just bent the exhaust back into place..

the main point of impact was in line with the left side of right rear light cluster , centred just above the crease line of the bumper


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