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Heated Windscreen?


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Hi all

Can anyone tell me whether the windscreen on the IS200 sport is heated as the screen on my looks as if it should be ie. it has all the lines running around the edge

(PS it is a late 2001 if that makes any difference.)


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Don't know if the Sport has a heated front screen, mine defo has, you need to look under the wipers and there should be what looks like a circuit board of lines embedded in the glass. And this heats up when you put the rear screen heater on and it defrosts ice on both front & back. On the front it starts from the bottom and works it's way up, it's pretty good.

The way to tell if you have one and if it is working is to put the read heater on and feel under the wipers and it should start to get warm.

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the front de-icer is just heating elements under the wipers. it also heats the washer jets, the idea is in the washer fluid you have deicer,. the heater heats the wipers and jets allowing you to 'swash' the front and have the de-icer in the washing fluid do the... well, de-icing.

left on long enough the front window will begin to heat up and defrost. but its only supposed to heat the wiper area.

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I changed mine for the TRD leather one, don't get the problem now, much warmer :)

But it's not shiny any more! The first things girls notice when they get into the car is the gearknob, and they go straight for it! Maybe I just keep interesting company..... Bloody mail order brides :angry:

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They notice the gear knob first? When they get in my car they just notice the knob in the drivers seat first :P

What about Dave Prolex's alternatives, don't know what they're like cold?

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stick a sock over ya knob, that should keep it warm!

or wear some nice alan partridge driving gloves!

its a bugger, hotter than the sun in summer and frozen in the winter.

my screen always defrosts itself fairly quickly. when i first started driving my old fiesta ghia used to be frozen on the inside and outside, sometimes even the steering wheel was frozen!

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I think only Fords have windscreen heater elements,its thier idea and dont want other manufacturers using it.

Hi mate, I don't think thats true since some of the european makes have heated windscreens too- There is a huge issue about heated windscreens and using portable GPS systems such as the tomtom go, and some of the european cars have heated windscreens meaning that they have to buy external antennae. If you look up tomtom and heated windscreens there will be a lot on the various cars that have heated windcreens. I have a tomtom go and it works perfectly fine in my car, and if there was a heated windscreen it definitely wouldnt!

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My son has a Cosworth (heated w/screen) and the Origin B2 works fine also.

Ford were probably the first to invent it though.

It would work fine in your IS as its NOT heated....only down by the wipers.

my origin has the receiver under the back window

works fine and its a heated window :whistling:

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Hi all,

Having discovered today (17th March) that my Is200 once had a heated screen and it had either broken or had otherwise been replaced before I bought the car my windscreen fitter pointed out that my rear view mirror was from a Vauxhall or some such and my Lexus oem windscreen had a circular fitting.Would I have had a heated rear view mirror as there is no sign of any wiring at the top of the new screen.

Hoping you can help

Murphybear (Is200 2003)

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That's a heck of a bump - 9 years!

Anyway, SE and Sport had heated screens, S didn't. Some screens had mirror on the roof, some had mirror on the glass (I can't remember if it was a year change over thing, or different for those with and without sunroof). All screens that had mirror on the glass have round mirror bosses. Often, the mirror gets broken, and sometimes the boss ripped off the glass when someone tries to remove, or fit, the mirror incorrectly - the boss is directional, and the mirror only turns one way to get it off (unlike most VW's, Audi's, Beemers, new Fords etc, that you can turn in either direction to get the mirror off). Chances are, at some point the screen was changed, the mirror or boss damaged, and the fitter (or owner) used what was to hand to solve the problem, and a Vauxhall mirror was fitted (boss will have just been bonded on, and depending which Vaux model the mirror came from, it's like a simple slide up/down fitment. As far as I know, IS200 mirrors are not electric unless it's the very last LE models made in 2004/2005, which had the chromatic mirror from the IS300. I've also seen several IS200's that have had non heated screens fitted where it should be a heated one, as the non heated one is cheaper if you're paying for it yourself and don't have windscreen cover on your insurance. This happens a lot with Fords too.

Regarding Ford and full heated screens (as discussed earlier), Ford invented it, and held the license for a long time, hence why for the most part it's only Ford's and Ford owned companies that had full heated screens (like Jaguar, Range Rover, etc). However, there are other cars that have them, but not many. BMW Mini's for example, as well as newer VW Passat's (the VW Sharan had them for ages, but then that was a rebadged Ford Galaxy anyway. Strangely, the Seat Alhambra didn't have a heated screen in it....)

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