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Powerball Gyroscope


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Anyone else got one of these - got mine a few days ago - wot a great toy!!

Had one for about a year and a half. Best I can get is just over 12000. One guy at work can get into the 14000s, at the time he was 4th best in the world.

Make a lot of noise when you have three of them going all at once in the office :ohmy:

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NSD Powerball is an extremely flexible exercise tool with which to build huge power in the arms, wrists and fingers. Its unique functionality makes it of particular benefit to enthusiasts of many different types of sport such as Golf, Tennis, Squash, and all other activities demanding increased power in the arms, hand and wrists. It's great for musicians too! Drummers, guitarists, pianists (in fact most musicians!) will benefit from the increased strength and dexterity that an NSD Powerball will give them!

'NSD Powerball generates resistance which is directly in proportion to the effort expended by the user'. Which means that when used at lower speeds, it is also a very effective tool with which to help soothe and recuperate sore or damaged limbs, or help reduce the inflammation caused by Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI or Tendonitis. Powerball is totally non impact.

Does for your left arm what Pamela Anderson does for the right one :winky:

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