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My Blue Is200 Sport


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Was asked to put up some pics so here they are :) Purchased it on tuesday, intend to get a few things done, keeping it pretty standard though. Want to get the wheels refurbished/powered coated and the callipers, maybe anthracite colour but undecided yet. Could also do with a new back box as the tailpipe is quite corroded. apart from them and a few stone chips and a couple of car park dings shes cosmetically mint. :)









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Looks mint mate! Wish my wheels looked like that! :crybaby:

Seems to be alot of Blue IS's registering on here lately.... :P

I was so certain i wanted black or grey but i thought id go see a blue one anyway, as soon as i saw it in the sun light my mind was changed!

what are the differences between the S, SE & the sport?

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Sport has the most add on's, group 13 ins, instead of 12.

sports has thaty others dont.

Limited slip diff, scuff plates, ali pedals, tinted rear glass with sport etched in quarters, rear spoiler, slightly lower susp, only manual trans, chrome exhaust tip.

Thats all i can think of at the moment, the S is the entry level SE is where the leather suade trim etc starts, you can get these is man/auto.

Dont know if the S has a sunroof :question:

Car looks great btw, you having enjoying it?

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watch out for stone chips, the blue is a pain in the a##e it shows up a bit too much for my liking on the front

I think thats the case with all of them. Certainly with my car anyway :crying:

And on Black :crybaby:

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