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Tyre Blow Out!


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So - coming back from Birmingham last night. Cruising along in the rain, hit the M69 and bang.... drivers side rear tyre goes on me...

The damage? :crybaby:

A considerable size hole on the inside of my tyre....




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Everyone is ok indeed.

Looks like i was just unluck. First time anything like this has happened. Flippin terrifying!

Rim looks worse than it is - the tyre has just moved sideways off it so it looks battered but in fact upon closer inspection seems ok.

Getting it checked for cracks, stresses etc next week.

In the meantime, my 17's are on with winter tyres. Nice comfy ride and safe through the chilly months!

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Good to hear you were both okay after the incident pal, sure it's nothing a quick trip to Sandy's wouldn't rectify :P

Hope the alloy is alright pal, at the end of the day you were both ok and the alloy is replaceable if it's knackered :)

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Thats a moddy looking hole there mate :huh: at least you kept it in a straight line :)

rim doesnt look too bad from the pics, hopefully any marks will be hidden when the new tyre goes on

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I have had a blowout on my Calibra Turbo. It was on the inside also. A mate of mine also had a blow out a few years ago, cost him a new front end.

Glad to hear you are ok, its worrying to think that something you have no control over like this can happen.

Out of interest anyone else had this, is it always a blow out on the inside?

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I've had freinds with blow outs, but thats due to half a ton of Audio in the back, yes half a TON!!!!

It may of been a nail/screw stuck in the sidewall, tyre got hot, psi increased and it just let go.

who knows but he Zee was lucky!

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Glad your okay Zee.

I would speak to Toyo - you may be able to get a replacement unless you ran over something that caused the damage.

Do you really think so Colin? How would I prove I didn't run over something?

Difficult I guess however they may want to show good will, they may even want the old tyre back to help them with R&D.

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Kin el !!

That tyre wall looks perished - how long have you had the tyres?

Stress on the wall due to under-inflation would do that.

Glad you're ok though.

Did you get any video of it for us ??  :shifty:  :tomato:

Had the tyres for around 8k miles. Tyres and pressure were checked on Tuesday when I had my oil change done. Nothing seemed unusual. And no video footage you bell.... :D

Have written to Toyo - awaiting their response.

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