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    Hi all, Had many 6 cylinder petrol engine cars over last 30+ years but due to arthritis needed an SUV. Bought this 2015 RX450h Premier from Lexus Cheltenham last November. It has FLSH and only the original owner who traded it for the latest model. The one extra seems to be 2 fixed monitors within the backs of the front seats for gaming and watching DVD's. Must get myself a chauffeur! Only kidding LOL. Find Steering and grip (for a large SUV) better than I anticipated from reviews but ride is harsher at times than I expected with air suspension on this Premier model. Don't like the satnav and will fabricate a bracket to take my TomTom which is much easier to use, has speed camera warning and free map updates. This car is a keeper! It's comfortable and has reasonable fuel consumption (about 32mpg) for a large and heavy petrol, certainly better in this respect than my 5 series BMW, particularly about town. I find that with my driving position it's difficult to see the turn indicators on the dashboard and I can hardly hear click of the flasher unit even without the radio on. I note that on some Lexus models it's possible with dealership coding to select low, standard or high sound level for flasher units but Cheltenham told me it's not possible with this model. I will therefore have to find a way of getting round this situation as at best a non cancelled indicator can be annoying or worse still could lead to an accident. I had the 40,000 mile service done at Cheltenham last week but may well service the car myself in future, although Techstream is needed to bleed rear brakes and hybrid healthcare check perhaps best left to Lexus. I have since replaced the number plate with a private one.
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    https://www.themotorombudsman.org/consumers/independent-vehicle-reports come on Alan, see if this can help you out. Regards John
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    Motor insurance should be supplied by the government just like Road Tax.
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    No problem. As well don't forget to make it clear what you asking for e.g. if you simply complain about their work and tell them how upset they make you feel - they can turn back and say "thank you for your feedback" ( they did it to me couple of times)... "Oiii that ain't feedback!". So instead you need to make demands clear: - issue statement confirming that my insurance policy has been cancelled, before accident - confirm that I do not own any money to you - recall debt collectors - compensate me for time lost and discomfort - issue apology for mishandling my data - and note deadline This will allow them to put it right and work towards deadline or in turn decline your request which then counts as "final written answer". Above are just random examples, so see what is fit for your case.
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    Hey everybody, my name is Ilias Bosman from the Netherlands, 32 years old, and I bought my first beautiful lexus last December. It's a beautiful lexus ct200h ( see pictures) Hoping to get to know you and learn new things about lexus and in particular this car. Greet, Ilias Bosman
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    No issues, just maintenance. 2 front tyres and just had to get brake pads and discs alongside a service so it cost over £800. But full Lexus history is worth it long term, especially with the hybrid health check extending the battery warranty. Sadly it has suffered war wounds because of it’s sheer size, one at my hands and 2 in car parks but they’re being sorted by Lexus SMART insurance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a 2010 SE-L Premier, with just shy of 100,000 miles. The air-suspension has proved unproblematic in the short time I’ve owned it (12 months, 20,000 miles) and in its history according to the My Lexus app. The comfort, luxurious, speed and sheer convenience make it a handy companion. However, I do find tight car parks a royal pain in the *****. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure what you are trying to suggest? This case is as clear as it gets - administrative error on Adrian Flux side, person didn't have the car nor insurance with them for the case they trying to claim money from him. It has exactly 0% chance of succeeded in in court. If it would have chances they would not sold it, they would sue. In my case I had video showing guy hitting my car, but court decided "it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt that he damaged it". He admitted hitting it, but maintained he did not hit it hard enough to bend the panel... That is a bit of a joke decision, but just illustrates how hard is to prove somebody being guilty. Ohh.. and another thing - if debt collector would do homework and would know they have realistic chances of winning they won't send you 10 intimidating letters, they would simply sue you and win. However, they neither have strong case, nor do home work... that is not their business model. Their business model is to intimidate into submission and work on margins, not individual cases i.e. 80% of people pays-up after first letter and takes advantage of "fake" discount e.g. £60 instead of £100. After that they don't really care is remaining 20% pays, they already have secured their profit. In rare cases just to make example they actually take someone to court like in "ParkingEye Vs Beavis". However, this case doesn't apply here - Beavis was outright at fault and he did not argue his innocence, he only argued that the charge of £85 was "extravagant and excessive" for overstaying on supermarket parking (with which I agree). However, he would have been more successful arguing his innocence and legitimacy of contract e.g. whenever the rules were clear, whenever they were visible, whenever he actually agreed with them etc. I lost the count of times clueless debt collectors have thrown this "ParkingEye Vs Beavis" at me, but it simply did not apply as it is kind of niche case. What they got back in all instances were DPA or later GDPR requests, which allowed me to do "my homework" and see how strong of the case they have - in all instances they had nothing and I just told them to fob-off. That again has nothing to do with this case here. Just to illustrate how they work, see take out of my data which I received from DPR for parking without permit. So the reason for charge is "not displaying valid permit", but you can see in pictures my permit says "bay 190" and I am parked in 190... so I have valid permit (I know that because it is my bloody land - I own it!) So do you think they actually "KNOW" what they chasing? no they don't care - they just have an industrial printer for junk letters, that is their "business model".
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    Flap that hides the SD card for the Nav maps?
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    Ha, small world, I'm in Hatch Warren! Not seen that GS-F, but there are few Lexus locally I recognise, even if I don't really spend much time in Basingstoke. I'm not in a Lexus myself at the moment but keeping a keen eye on the market for GS250 and IS250s...
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    A great Job Tom. What did you do after breakfast, Superman ?
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    In general I agree, but there are a lot of steps which you can take for free... Secondly, it is "sue or be sued"... if they planning on to take you to court and you know you are right then let them do it. The worse decision would be to pay-up even when you not own it, just to get rid of them. And as for insurance provided by goverment, my opinion is the same. Third party should be supplied by government so you can use your car. If you wan't fancy cover, fire and theft, windscreen, legal protection, missfuelling then private companies could provided those services, but they should be optional. Now the system is set-up for abuse - it is legal requirement so you have no choice to pay whatever they ask and be happy that they even care to insure you.... total fraud. Very true.. every-time I report something to police they say that I should claim it from insurance and not interested even remotely to investigate. And as for insurers, that is easy to see why they think that - when it is literally illegal not to buy your service you could get spoiled.
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    Busy day: washed, tar removed, Autoglym super resin polish then HD wax, tyres treated with Meguiar's Tyre gel and wheel cleaned with poorboys wheel sealant. Changed rubber mats for carpets for summer and cleaned dash.
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    No. They cannot ignore a report from a qualified technician.
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    when the western world's bankers decided they ran the world and it all went pear shaped with greed and being all toooooo clever, and the insurance companies decided the customer was a nuisance rather than an asset to have and to cherish ..... and the police ( Govt funding ) decided criminality was too expensive to bring to heel ....... that's when Uberrimae Fidei lost it's way sadly Malc
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    I got this with my NX a while back, Hee Hee Hee.
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    I would avoid the PHEV like the plague unless you have very deep pockets. An acquaintance has a family member working at Mitsubishi HQ in Cirencester and has a PHEV company car. Fantastic when running electric but low 20s mpg when running on diesel (eg most of the time). Sadly most manufacturers these days are only interested in young people with PCPs. I had a really bad experience with BMW in 2015 with a brand new Mini. Numerous issues including a breakdown and bodywork damage caused by recovery on a car less than 6 months old. Active cruise control that randomly decided on an empty motorway that I was going to collide head on with nothing and so slammed on the brakes ( no fault codes - well there wouldn't be would there as the computer believed false information from the camera) , self parking that put the car in at a strange angle before deciding to abort the manoeuvre leaving me struggling to extricate the car. Auto headlights that reflected on a bridge , dipping on a pitch black Yorkshire Moor and nearly putting me off the road. Oh and let's not forget the computer telling me that the car had a starting fault and to be recovered so I drove it 2 miles home when in reality it required a complete new steering assembly which was not available in the UK for nearly 2 week's. Customer care was zero with no one admitting they had ripped away the wheel arch cover from the wing tearing it. BMW customer service department were hopeless, their recovery company and the dealer both denying causing the damage yet clearly the strap from the trailer had caused the damage. In the end the service manager at the dealer picked up on the issue and sorted it. The part cost £120 and it took 20 minutes to fix, but they lost a customer who had purchased 2 BMW brand vehicles in a 10 month period .
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    That is correct - 6 month, I think I have confused that with Employment Tribunal... another friends of mine 😄 Either way, I think what I said above is still relevant, because if I count correctly it is between 11/12 months since initial cancellation and 6/7 months since issue started with first debt collectors. What helps is that you have six month after final written response to refer case to financial ombudsman, so the only thing needed is force Adrian F hand in responding to the latest complaint and you can refer it. Further, in this case I believe it falls into Ombudsman exception cases (obviously I cannot comment if they would agree with that or not), because of nature of the issue - when cancelling the policy consumer could not know that 5 month down the line respondent going to mess up the papers, or that 6 months after that debt collectors going to be hired, or again 6 month later when debt was sold to second debt collectors. At least this would be my interpretation - each time new debt collector contacts you, the new case can be started. Even in case where this time around FO going to rule in your favour and AF going to issue statement, compensation etc. There are no guarantee that 6 month later you not going to be contacted by yet another bunch of fraudsters who bought your information asking to pay-up again. It is just how debt collector works selling on information (which they should not do!).
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    At the end of the day the dealer who sold you the car is responsible in law if the goods are faulty. I know you are not local but pressurising them may be the best option. We have already shown you that the vehicle does not comply with the 'Approved Lexus' criteria. On the basis that you have not been supplied with previous keeper details or a service history the car may have been a daily rental car or have been 'clocked'. Sorry to be pushy but a trail of emails to the seller asking these questions and copying in Lexus HO may give you an inroad into getting it fixed. I'm sure if Lexus didn't own the car and you have been misled someone will soon pick up on it.
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    in my case they ( AF and Trinity's Claims guys Hadleigh ) have told me 6 months to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Malc
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    we always use our 1890's silver plated teapot which has a generous 2+ mug capacity ....... it's used a few times a day and so far hasn't sprung a leak at the seams ...... bet Lexus / Toyota couldn't better that for longevity Malc
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    No problem I think it's been two weeks everytime I've ordered one so don't worry yourself too much ☺
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    Alan please read the warranty book as if there is no full there has to be an auditable record to confirm a big service was done. I would certainly contact Lexus customer service.
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    I certainly would be jumping all over the selling dealer to supply a properly stamped service history book. Please read the Big ring binder which lists all the components of an approved used Lexus and it specifically states that the vehicle must have an up to date service record showing it has been fully serviced by Lexus qualified technicians and evidenced by appropriate Lexus Centre Stamps and signature in the service log book. If it has an incomplete history then to qualify as an approved Lexus the supplying dealer must complete the most recent major service and update the record book.
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    Having lived in a village on the West coast of Scotland for 15 years I can give testimoney to tourists and passing places, we regularly came upon dutch tourists parked in passing places enjoying the view and germans doing it in motorhomes ,I had the jiffy then which was my run about so not much bigger than a Mini it was no problem getting round these obstacles. The biggest danger in Scotland on all roads is deer ,especially around forests and wooded verges they will migrate especially early mornings and around dusk across roads without warning leaping from the side into your path in an instant. I had a couple of near misses but my friends car was virtually written off when a large buck landed on his bonnet ,The speed you hit them at is the crucial factor the slower the better so always keep within the speed limit especially when deer warning signs are displayed
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    Maybe this is where you should start, drive as normal and when the vibration happens take an assessment of as many variables as you can. Speed, throttle position, are you going up or down a hill, engine speed, gear if indicated. Try keeping the car in lower gears with S mode to see if that improves or worsens the occurrence. How often does it happen? Is it every time you drive? Once a day? Twice a week?
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    well in my book that's a darned good profit level ................ I own and run my on-line travel business and a 3% profit ain't that bad as I keep telling the guys who moan incessantly about profitability ..... Thomas Cook, a 150 year old UK business just turning in a £1.46 billion loss ................ TUI really up the swanny and Easyjet and Ryanair ( don't we love 'em ) always moaning about disastrous happenings affecting them. State run airlines do best worldwide even though they often make big big losses ..... their owners, the State take all that monster airline ticket taxation .. up to £515 equiv. on a long haul flight for instance. Insurance companies at 3%, wowee, bring out the champagne, oh, excuse me, they do that for sure ......... I previously sold a house to the retiring chairman of a Lloyds insce company ...... his 6th house and it sure wasn't a cheapy, on the sea front and golf course ......... insurance companies really don't deserve our sympathy Rant over Malc
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    Little know FACT , the staggered wheel size on the ISF are designed to allow the user to use the car for drag and circuit racing simply fit the wider wheel at the front for increased cornering at the track and reverse the process for added traction at the strip !!!!
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    After buying my ISF, I saw many more IS models on the roads than before. Obviously as an 'influencer' people were following my lead, so it is clear my choices have an important impact on the market. It was why I got such a good deal on my RCF, as Lexus wanted to boost sales. It works, as since I bought mine, there are many more RCF owners on the forum.
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    The picture showing the motor wires just wrapped around the terminals and not soldered immediately raised concerns about build quality! Motor looks cheap and nasty plus what happens once the butterfly valve gets choked with carbon. Plus it’s not simply plug and play..looks like cutting the OEM system to install and some stainless steel welding on the flange supplied. Also bear in mind you need 2 kits which at the price may attract HMRC interest.
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    Brand names don't mean a lot mate^ For example people say not to use halfords own brand oil. Now I'm pretty sure halfords do not have their own oil refinery. So by going on the number/letter codes on the bottle the oil can be traced back to a major company such as Mobil or shell etc.... The point is it's far more important to look at the grade if oil and the spec that it meets rather than relying on brand names or lack of :)
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    Not a view to which I subscribe, but good luck anyway.

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