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New Camera = More Pics

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Got a new camera the otehr day and looking at some pics on various forums it has enspired me to go give a half assed attempt at this photography thingy lol.

Have a browse











Opinions welcome.

And i know the car could be done with a clean but when i got the camera time just sliped away from me, lol.

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i like them all! :winky:

wheres the 2nd one down laken, looks pretty!

It was taken a few miles out of aberdeen, i was out burning down my fuel to take full advantage of shells promotion on v- power lol.

Still need some parctice and a decent day to clean the car but loving the camera. Its a fugi finepix 9500, been looking at it for ages but goin through a spending spre at the moment so i just went for it lol.

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Nice car, nice camera. I’ve got a Fuji S5000, which is now well old (maybe 4 years) and totally obsolete. Your 9500 is the latest incarnation, and a really smart piece of kit. So, nice photos of a nice car!

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you are quite pro Jay is that up beside strathdon?I have an american over here at the moment who i work with so im taking him up that way tomorrow i hope its nice.Your car is looking sweet mate.Also thats a smart plate you got too that must be new is it?

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Nice pics there.

Mine's a Panasonic DMC-LX2, 7.5 megapixels in 4:3 mode extending to 10MP in 16:9 mode.

Beats the hell out of my old Kodak (I was one of the ones who got it cheap when they messed up on their website). That one ended up smashed up and in the bin!

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Would be fairly easy i guess, just have a post where you put up a set amount of photos per member or just one photo per member and then they mod's can have a vote for top 3 or something.

Maybe have a few prizes

See who can win the david bailey trophy

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