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    Regardless of the moral/legal aspect, the wide adoption of this practice would lead to an increase in the cost of warranty for all.
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    I have no idea what you're ranting on about Alan but perhaps you've had more than a 'Lager Shandy' this afternoon? What you're suggesting is exactly what is happening in the car insurance industry with 'crash for cash' claims - something that supposedly adds about £50 per year on to the premiums we all pay. I have no desire to make my warranty payments suffer the same fate.
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    Well now covered just over 1000 miles and car is definitely better on fuel the gen 3 despite the cold and wet weather. Noticed Last night that some cretin has put a small ding in the Tailgate which exactly matches the height and dimension of a supermarket trolley handle 😠 Paint not damaged so paintless smart repair will hopefully sort it out..
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    Erm... Because that's fraud? I don't know of any warranty that would fix a pre-existing problem and to claim it wasn't pre-existing is folly when it's here in this forum for all to see.
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    Just saw this on ebay - never seen such a badly damaged LS430 Looks like it was looked after pre-accident Even has a full tank of fuel https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-Lexus-LS430-UL-LPG-Damaged-Salvage-Spares-Repairs/283708386976?hash=item420e566ea0:g:CFAAAOSwW2hd8pLh
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    Hi Chaps , Sooooooo many products out there to choose from for leather cleaning an treatments, vinyl and plastics , dash cleaners and such like. One guy on youtube recommends cleaning with a magic eraser , another says don't !! One demonstration, again on youtube recommends WOOLITE to clean leather. Having said all that , I believe modern leather has a coating that is almost a vinyl , so making it a waste of time and money actually treating leather with such as Autoglym Leather Balm etc .... So, what do you chaps reckon ?? Cheers in Advance !! PS. got the wheels powder coated the other day ...looks great !!
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    And this is what i always tend to do each and every time i buy a car.. i ignore what ever is in the service book and redo all fluids, filters and plugs again just so i know it has really been done.
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!
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    Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner and also their Leather Sealant.
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    For me dealer service history or main dealer service history at the lower price mark is not a make or break decider. I base this on buying more cars amd motocycles than Mr average. My last one outwardly a mint BMW 325 i coupe with a full MDSH, needed a dual mass flywheel/clutch (DMF) in a short space of time in my ownership. Infact during the first week of ownership I felt a minor clutch judder in certain conditions. Thankfully I extended the aftersales warranty via the sellers scheme with a three year warranty for a fraction of the going price as the dealers get a 70% discount. However what a tussle I had to get the selling dealer to accept my consumer rights and then as a result of incessesant pressure the warranty company and the garage had to stump up. Also during the same time frame a starter motor was replaced ( awful failure to engage disengage, not sure very intermittently) and an ABS sensor. If the main dealer were any good they should have picked up the DMF issue at least. I always have a major service carried out on my cars on arrival, my trusted mechanic stated he knows the wheels on my BM have hardly ever been off the car, the calipers have never been fettled, the air con needed regassing and lubricating. Most main dealer servicing nowerdays is not worth the paper it is written on. Naive folks with BM's that I know for a fact pay a salty wedge when the inspection light comes on, this is basically a once over, no oil or filter change just a once over. Also when it is oil change time the sump plug remains and a bilge pump is used to suck out the old oil, too much of the old oil is left in as the nozzle cannot get all the way to the bottom. I suppose the moral of the tale is buyer be aware, do not pay over the odds and factor in a major service just after purchase, with a trusted independant. My brand new car is not going to be MDS as they do precious little and charge huge amounts. I keep proof a VAT reg garage does the service as per the book and use original parts. BTW the Lexus SC looks a cracker !
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    And All The Very Best to You And Yours !!
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    Not a like for like comparison in terms of both performance and price. The natural Lexus competitor to the M4 is obviously the RCF.
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    It's funny you mentioned about dirty headlights as you are correct in how much this affects the light output, it's an obvious thing but it really does make a difference. I had to clean my lights prior to taking a reading and the improvement was quite visible. Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
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    found it for those that are interested: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=1845331&i=20
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    I've just looked and unfortunately they no longer sell them, Rockauto would be your best bet I think.
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    When you drain the old oil some of it still remains within the engine coating the bearings etc. so you are still mixing the old and new unless it is a total dry engine rebuild.
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    As long as they are both the same spec ie (5w-30) it be okay
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    I was looking for one of these and they are generally around the 8 to 10k price range - the mileage is low but thats not always a good thing for big engined cars - mine was low, particularly for an old car (now at 35k for a nearly 14 year old car) but have had no issues at all but looked after it from 25k when i bought it. so think i have been a bit lucky. Dont think the dealer selling this knows the market for these which leads to the fact that does he know the car and what he is selling really, would make me go over it with a fine tooth comb looking for issues if i was buying it. It is way over priced, knock 6-7k off that price and it will sell easily.
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    Have nothing to worry about, they are generally similar oil and it's the same grade. I have used all sort of brands to top up on my cars, as long it's same/similar grade there are no problem.
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    Well - I suffer from Gadget Paranoia - announcement is on the Lexus Poland as well. Google Translated, relevant information (copy/paste),.. Owners of cars with the '17 multimedia system (for example, the NX model after facelift) will be able to update Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ software. The update will be available in Q2 2020. Details from authorized Lexus dealers. I'll try and ring Lexus Leeds tomorrow and Lexus UK customer services.
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    No not at all. Edinburgh. Don't have an exact date but confident its April, just not sure what week, I'm diarised to get a booking once the software delivery is firmed up. Tech's have had their training on the install, my delivery dealer, Leeds, said the same thing i.e. tech's have had the training course just waiting on the installer pack. All seems above board 🙂
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    My Dealer has me booked in for April for a free upgrade. Happy days
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    neither actually make oil, nor put it into packs I would suggest they are compatible and maybe even from the same supplier, like Exxon, Shell whatever ..... and as Toyota is the parent I'd thought they would have a huge demand and just brand Lexus appropriately worldwide I'd be amazed if any harm will come to you from using either Malc
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    My 2007 250 ( which doesn't get used as much as I'd like) averages about 35 mpg General but on a recent run ( Bristol to Plymouth ) got a Tank average of 41mpg , Not fantastic but I'd didn't exactly but it for its frugality! But for Everything else it offers!!! You want luxury,comfort & toys then you gotta expect to pay! paul m.
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    although the KW V3 are extremely good dampers they come with very low spring rates (11/8 kg I believe) and as the fronts are conical springs extremely hard to get alternatives, my assumption that they are so low would be that they are not specific to the ISF bat cater for the full IS family, if you are looking to retain stock ride height the spring rates are not ideal, although not the end of the world you will loose a but of that dynamic feel, If you are however planning to to reduce the ride height remember this will change the roll centres and will need to be stiffer sprung, a minimal drop you in my opinion need a 14/10 setup, bigger drops a 16/12 setup (I run a 16/12 setup) If you do go down the coilover route, whichever brand you go for make sure you have them professionally setup on corner weights as they generally come with only enough preload to stop the spring coming loose during shipping, the whole point of being able to adjust the preload and to a certain extent the height is that you can match the weight on each corner as close as possible, when you see people slating coilovers of any brand this is generally because they have not had them setup correctly.
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    I'm sure your take the moral hi ground the next time your having a part replaced under warranty after writing to lexus demanding they do so or say hey guys this ones on me .Saving us all money in the end if you pay for the warranty before a repair arises or after you have paid your money and so entitled to your repair .So get of your hi horses and help the little guy who's made a mistake .People are not perfect oh wait are we ,we did buy a Lexus . Now if everyone is reeling back in horror ,then just show some balls and demand admin I leave the forum and I'll go and you can glow in the glory happy Xmas.

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