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    In case anyone ends up with the same in future, a replacement shock absorber solved the issue. Despite not giving the usual symptoms (I assume due to the weight of the RX), the shock absorber had completely failed - with the spring off, the piston could be moved its entire range, and the 'clunk' was essentially a bit of slack at either end of this.
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    I had the same thing on my Soarer. The knocking turned out to be a shock...
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    There are various reasons not to drain the tank as stated above, but an often forgot reason is to prevent fuel starvation when the car is on an incline and fuel is taken away from the feed point, more of a problem when parking on an hill, you come back then can't start your car.
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    Being new to the RX, all the comparison shopping is still fresh in my mind. It's actually a relatively economical option when bought second-hand, given the high mpg for the class, low tax and exemptions (like the free parking permit in Westminster, which is otherwise £145. Then there's expanded ULEZ in 2021). It's also easy on the discs and pads isn't it? Those savings will add up. Luxury and economy in the same package. I mean, what do other big, heavy automatic V6 petrol SUVs get? Low 20s per gallon at best. High teens on an equivalent Range Rover? I did 37 mpg from Lancashire to central London today.
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    My son visited me from the Netherlands and made this video. There is a moment where the joy on my face shows how happy I still am with the Lexus. VID-20190718-WA0000.mp4
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    Astonishing thread. I've only just read the whole thing because I just thought it was someone wondering why their AC wasn't very cold. Eye opening! And as far as Halfords are concerned, I find they struggle to take 15% off my purchases. Like others here I certainly wouldn't trust them to work on my car!
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    Just a thought. The RX is a long range cruiser. Surely the idea is to enjoy the luxury and the size . If you have to worry about the fuel and mpg so much, why buy one in the first place?
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    Hi all, thought I’d join up. Going to pick up an RC-F next week. Any other owners in Scotland? This will actually be my second Lexus. I once owned an IS200 that I stuck a supercharger in. I’ll be looking out for tips on owning the RC-F so you can all probably look forward to some daft questions in the coming weeks and months 👍
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    I realise some would consider this sad, but I've always thought the look alone of the original LS engine was a visual masterpiece. Now they've got plastic over them but I can remember how much I loved the look of my 93 LS engine!
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    So finally received my Magnecore leads and ordered An fittings and hose and also the blanking plate For the valve delete, and also because the wire coatings for the wire harness have turned to brittle dust I thought not a bad idea to address that too.
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    What really annoyed me was that if they'd told me that for £5 a day I could have reduced the excess to £50 I would have done it. After the incident my own insurance covered the car for no charge grrrrrr
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    That's really not fair play is it. If you'd been driving your own car on your own insurance you'd have had to pay say £90 windscreen replacement excess not £1,000. I've often thought that the £1,000 insurance excess when driving a courtesy car is a bit outrages, but if it has to be, they at least should only apply say £90 excess for a replacement windscreen on the basis that that is what your own insurers would apply. Also, would it be cost effective to add a courtesy car to your own insurance and would the excesses on your own insurance apply to the courtesy car? Just thinking of a way to avoid the £1,000 excess applied by Lexus in the event that the worst happens. I'd be interested opinions of forum members on this topic.
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    Cross climates on both our cars, most impressed by the lack of road noise, but also a good all round tyre. I had primacy's on my last car and there were good, but terrible in snow.
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    The LS430 has small air filters under the seat - might be worth checking if your car has them and if they need cleaning.
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    blimey, that's a rare sight for me ............. usually about 4 times a year when I refill the washbottle Malc
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    If you have tried a different ( known to be good!) satnav DVD and it is still unable to read it then the next suggestion would be to use a DVD lens cleaner before thinking about replacing the drive unit. paul m
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    Hangie's reply after being run through Google Translate: Ponieważ połowa silnika jest martwa, skupiłbym się na takich myślach jak: - łańcuch rozrządu -vvt siłownik - sprawdź kody błędów Nie jestem pewien, w jaki sposób zaprojektowano przewody paliwowe i kanały powietrzne, ale jeśli te zostaną rozdzielone gdzieś na lewy i prawy brzeg, to też sprawdzę. W każdym razie, jeśli nie wiesz, gdzie zacząć rozwiązywanie problemów, wątpię, czy sam to naprawisz. Spróbuj znaleźć dobry garaż i poproś o sprawdzenie
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    The seat cooling on my IS250 (Third generation) has been pretty poor from brand new.
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    The SatNav system DVD and the multimedia ( music & movies) DVD are read by two seperate DVD readers! Firstly check that the SatNav DVD has not been accidentally ejected and is now not in its correct drive ( the one behind the digital clock) satnav disc may be corrupt so might be time to get an up to date one. has any work been done on car to coincide with this failure of two seperate components? paul m.
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    Me? I'm just exploring this world and discovering what she can do. I've also hit 120 mph on the speedo with her, so yes, I am enjoying the luxury.
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!
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    I got mine for medical reasons after a back injury. Normal saloons are almost impossible to get into/out of and no other SUV came close to being as comfortable, so it had to be the RX. However, I'm not rich and running the thing is darn near killing me. Not everyone who has a luxury car also has a luxury bank balance to go with it.
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    I managed to do the plug change on my RX450h. Its not easy, but its also not terrible. I used the video posted as a guide and took my time. No draining of coolant required. It feels like a lot of work when you start taking the wiper motor out, but that is easy and makes so much room, also it seems a bit much to take the inlet manifold off, but again makes the whole job so much easier. I did my one a while back, but I recon first time it will take about four hours total, it took me longer because I messed around cleaning all the inaccessible bits and bobs, like the tart I am! I did post some pictures before, so I will try and find them again. Go on give it a go, if I can manage it, anyone with a bit of spannering skill can!
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    Got it, however the email trail is easy to follow and the offer I accepted did not have full and final. Going to go with that to be honest I just feel relieved to know my family not going to get a shock on the motorway this summer or the car going to shutdown like a windows 7 machine, because its been bugging the hell out of me.
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    Hi Mike, I don't know if you got the message I sent you but everything is OK this end. I included a couple of screengrabs so have a look and compare to what's happening for you.
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    When he was 21 a lamp post crossed the street when he was driving my XJR. He came out without scractches, not the XJR. Lately, he took me out in his Clio 182. NO, I don't let him drive it.
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    I do like a look of a good engine, no one should have a Lego engine bay. It’s the don’t work on your own car bring it to a dealer world we live in with finance up the eyeballs.
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    I took my RX to Lexus Bolton today for the diagnostic check and a satnav update. First off, the general service was on another level. I walked in with my 9 year old, second hand RX that they've never seen before, and was treated like I had recently purchased a brand new vehicle from them. It was just an all round pleasant experience. A technician took the car out for a motorway test, and also did a full inspection. In a nutshell, the car is absolutely fine! I'm not imagining the noise. The tech called me and told me it was the CVT transmission. He said it's normal, and that I don't have anything to worry about. He didn't say this specifically, but I suspect it's basically the sound of an older, high mileage example like mine. He also texted me a link to a video report, which I've not had the chance to watch yet. He also added that he's been servicing the 3RX since its release, and Lexus Bolton have never seen a 3RX hybrid system or transmission failure in that time. Not bad for a 10 year period! To cap it all off, since there was nothing wrong, they didn't charge me anything for the diagnostic session (originally quoted at £120). So all in all, a great result. I will be that little bit more relaxed on my journey back to London tomorrow. Major kudos to Lexus Bolton. Based on my experience today, I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
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    Recently fitted the CrossClimates and very happy with the lack of road noise. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It always slays me that people will borrow a fortune to acquire a car loaded with thousands of pounds of safety equipment, then whack four budget tyres on and hope for the best.
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    Ethanol in petrol reduces emissions, going from 5% to 10% will cut emissions by 2%. Over 90% of UK petrol cars are compatible with ethanol, which of course means a significant number are not. All modern/current cars are compatible. Ethanol can soften and adversely affect rubber seals. If concerned fill up with V-Power or Momentum etc, as these do not have ethanol added.
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    So the deed is done - yes, I have updated my profile from 2004 Briarwood Pearl to 2004 Flint Mica. Oh and spent some money . . . The car was not perfect, but pretty sound. 3 keys, and the original PDI document was a bonus. Drove very well, and without any rattles. I am hopeful that once I have had it a year it will be closer to perfect - wheel refurb, paint touch up etc. Five years from now it should have done litres than 80k miles, for two owners, and a full Lexus history, so I think it should still be worth a premium price if I wanted to sell it. Which is unlikely. Thanks for all the input. Jon
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    I think it's great - probably wouldn't take too much to get it going

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