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    There is no such thing as a reason not go get an LFA
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    I'd gobble her air biscuits any day of the week!
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    She might like sharing air biscuits with her mates though....
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    Dunno mate. She doesn’t strike me as the sort of girl that needs cooled seats - so may not fit in, and get unjustifiable attacked by another member.
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    No they blow, otherwise it would be useless in keeping your back cool pressed against the seat. On vehicles with S-Flow, it is best to turn it off so cool air entering the rear, under the seats, can be drawn in.
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    Said the actress to the bishop!
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    Of trousers? That's a great idea. I was using my ventilated seats officers, it's not what you think. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    I can vouch for how fast these cars are!!! The acceleration is phenomenal thanks to the instant torque of the electric motor and seamless CVT transmission and not much can keep up with it. I had one briefly last year but ended up returning it to the dealer who gave me a refund after the hybrid system failed. I really enjoyed the car though and found it an extremely comfortable wolf in sheeps clothing. However it has to be said that the LS430 which I bought from Phil is now 17 years old and done 125k miles and doesn’t have a single creak or rattle anywhere, silence really is golden!!! I love this car.
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    I prefer to cool the seat naturally using the ice from my old chest freezer, applied just before any hot summer drives.
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    Or for men who simply don't have a pair.
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    Gasoline particulate filter...... Here we go. Drive start control prevents 'harsh acceleration' wtf? Mk1s. Get them bought. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    You seem to have missed the point @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX. Your advisor seemed to be more concerned in getting me off the phone then actually going through my details and quotes. This tells me that if you are like this before even getting my custom, then if I do need need to claim your service will be the same if not worse!
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    Get him a Renault Clio, just like other new drivers starter car. If he doesn't slum it to start with, he won't appreciate the niceties of a Lexus when he's older.
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    easy job for tommorow then . Weather permiting lol
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    I cleaned out mine at the same time I replaced the rear bumper. It’s easier to just take out the rear light units. Simple job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wish 450h dampers were that price lol
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    Phil, The various posts refer to the GS450h dampers not GS300. These are much cheaper. John
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    Or come to the F anniversary. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Yes got it in odd places. Used a cotton bud to get it out.
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    Flytvr . Can’t we get her to join the F forum
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    Hi everyone, Today my alarm went off unexpectedly for the first time since I got my LS400 Mark 4 and I immediately remembered that when my Mark 1 alarm kept going off, I had called out an alarm repair firm, who told me that a strip of indigestion tablet foil packaging in the centre compartment was interfering with the sensor's microwave pattern. He said that metal objects should not be kept in there for that reason. Today I had left my metal cased LG G5 phone in the arm rest storage area and that's why it went off. I knew there were many reasons to buy the same model of car again, apart from the fact that I pined for another after I sold the Mark 1!
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    I get it on my RX too. Lots of trees around me and it's an algae growth I think. I use an old toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies.
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    Perhaps use dental floss or similar to clean it out? I have it on my RX and will attempt to clean in the warmer weather.
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    Gosh. Couldn’t agree more. Almost as bad as butch aggressive women.
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    Hello fellow Lexus (Lexi!) owners, Ive been lurking on here for a while and finally felt the need to type and at least say hello.....so....hello! A bit about my Lexus history. I'm on my third Lexus IS....started with an 08' 220d falling in love with the look and quality of the car (not the manual gearing though), after selling that one to buy an RX-8 and Smart, i realised i missed the Lexus. After two years had passed i needed to scratch the itch and went for a fully loaded red mica IS 250 SE-L and drive it still love it, but as of a month ago I am the proud owner of my black '08 IS-F and wow...what an engine and that gear change. Ive also never seen a car drink petrol that quickly, and i still have the RX-8 - but it is a V8 and i may have a heavy right foot! Thank you for reading and I look forward in typing to you, possibly meeting you at the anniversary event in the future. Ian
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    The ventilated seats don't "blow", they " suck". The fan is used to draw air in through the seat surface and exhaust it underneath the seat. You won't feel air blowing out through the leather surface.
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    Can't comment on customer service but Adrian flux have there uses. I remember in my younger days with my heavily modded escort RS2000. No other insurance company would give me the time of day except Adrian flux. Great company for the youth with modded hot hatches as they will actually insure you for a reasonable price.
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    My trusty Yaris t sport has cloth seats and they are great. Alot warmer and comfier I think in the winter and won't take the skin off your legs in summer.
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    Have the same dialema with my 2011 ISF. Car is due it’s annual service on 1st March, having only covered around 2k miles and currently stored away during winter, I’m thinking of stretch the interval a couple of months and have it serviced in May with Lexus when the car is back out. Altough I said to myself I’ll never sell her but you never know, would you be put off by the car because it’s not serviced at 12months interval as it’s been stored away?
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    You can't feel it through thick jeans so much but through my light summer dress it's was lovely. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    I encourage you to do that to any of @Mark G ‘s cars 😳
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    I was thinking same. Assumed he just heard 460 instead of 416. He mentions it's a 5ltr V8 a few times. A decent reviewer would have pointed out a lack of ventilated seats. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    I thought fake quad exhaust will do?.. too busy to get into V8 engine swapping business... Like so... I'd call it "IS-D"
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    Rather than blowing all your cash buying an IS-F and fitting 220d seats to it, why don't you keep your 220d(?) and stick an IS-F V8 in it. With all the similarities between the two cars, everyone will think it is an IS-F anyway. You'll probably need to change the speedo however - but maybe that's the same?
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    Luckily, the whole IS range is practically identical so they could be retro fitted into an ISF!
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    Once you get to the vehicle's 5 year anniversary you will be entitled to essentials servicing which is cheaper, but you will always find an indy cheaper - just make sure they use the correct, and expensive, 0W-20 oil.
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    I think this is a case of user error - not manufacturing problem. If i tried sitting on a biro, I would expect it to snap - same with the key card Would you put your key fob in the back pocket?
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    But a credit card has flexibility. The key card doesn't.
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    Hybrid health checks are approx £60
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    Phil-I just had fish for tea! Albeit, not spooned to me! You pick up my point exactly. Take the Nissan Micra-or a Corolla. Keep changing shape but not name. Even on this site we still get folk asking the differences between 'series'/models. Imagine looking at a yaris. The limo look works, as it was designed to do. With CAD design, it seems designers get carried away. I leave with THIS design pic.... ds garden.bmp
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    Hi guys, Im new here but need some advice on an IS200 I have been offered recently. It was off the road for nearly a year and was sent for an MOT over the summer and failed on brakes. The owner got the garage to do the work, requiring a new rear caliper, and new pads. It past the MOT and has also had 4 new tyres and alignment setting up. I test drove the car, and it brakes perfectly from higher speeds, no juddering, squeeling or anything. It brakes in a straight line, and tracks in a straight line. Braking from 60 for a roundabout is perfect. But the issue comes when you come to a halt. When you come to a stop (even from a slow speed) the brake pedal judders and then comes back up at you. Its like the ABS is kicking in everytime you come to a stop. Even if you brake gently to a stop it does the same thing. There are no brake warning lights on the dash, and the abs light dosnt come on at any time, even when you come to a stop.The pedal is not spongy at all and it past its mot like it. The guy said he just lived with it as its only when you come to a stop. But Im not too happy about driving a car that has the brake pedal coming back up every time you pull up! Any ideas what it could be? I dont want to be put off buying the car as apart from this (and engine management light is on, although it seems to run fine) the car seems good. Any help would be good. Thanks. Nick.