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    No surprise to me that the ISF comes into Autocar magazine's list of depreciation busting performance cars. But Shhhh just don't tell everyone !! "There are certain performance cars on the second-hand market that are so well-regarded – and that are in sufficient demand – that their values are set in stone. Pick the right one and it’ll probably owe you nothing two or three years down the road. You could get back every penny you paid for it". "post-2011 IS Fs still command £25,000, while the earliest cars are trading hands for around £18,000. It’s unlikely they’ll slip much further" "IS F is exceptionally rare, which is exactly what will keep values strong in years to come." Well we knew that I guess but it's what Autocar think too, and its certainly more fun than keeping the keeping the money in the bank! I just need to wait until the RC F reaches a similar status before I raid the bank again https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/beating-depreciation-performance-cars-cost-nothing-own
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    Like cars, watch collecting is fun at all price points. You don’t have to own expensive cars or watches to enjoy them.
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    Hello all! Had my GSF for just over a year, only really now getting involved with the whole 'club' aspect of car ownership as I never had the time before! Found a few other random GSF owners on instagram and was directed here! Daily driven for the past year, couple of worthy road trips and about 16k miles later, all I can say is I 'F'-ing love my GS. For anyone heading to Simply Japanese at Beaulieu Motor Museum, hope to catch you there! Kieran
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    Hi, we go from Ardrossan to Brodick Lochranza to Claonaig, Oban to Castlebay, Ardmhor ( Barra) to Eriskay, Berneray to Leverburgh, Tarbet to Uig, and finally Armadale to Mallaig, then drive back to Cheshire. Accomadation and ferries all booked 8-20 th May and looking forward to it. Decided LS best car for journey and trust all goes well, cheers, Roger
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    I too am a lower-league man (probably non-league really!) but I love my Skagen and my Longines Conquest, I also have a 1961 Hefik.
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    I love watches, but I am in a very different, lower league than you guys. Mine are Philip Starck O-Ring (orange/steel), Skagen, Ingersoll, Xeric Halograph, and others...
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    What I am hoping and expecting is that isf prices will bolster rcf and Rcf will bolster lcf much like the Elise bolsters the exige and the exige bolsters the Evora. If the top price isf cars are listed at 25 I would expect rcf to remain 5k plus above it at all times.
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    Hi everyone, Not sure if this would interest anybody, but after recently purchasing my LS430 I found a CD inside the owners manual. There was no real labeling except a list of PC requirements. So after firing up my old Windows machine to investigate it appears to be an interactive owners manual for the following models: IS200 / IS300 GS300 / GS430 LS430 RX300 RX400h SC430 It includes information about each model and their features, a selection of wallpapers and even screen savers (although I imagine they probably won't work on modern computers) Anyway I thought I'd share the contents with you guys in case anybody is interested. I created an ISO image from the disc. Providing you're running Windows 10, double click the file and it will auto mount as a CD. Run the "Lexus.exe" file and the program should run. Download Link: https://megaupload.nz/ka7aj4e1nb/Lexus_iso
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    I have been on this forum for a while so thought I would share my little journey. My first watch I ever really loved is the Seiko that my dad let me choose from his collection when I was 16. It originally had a gold bracelet but after 4 years of abuse it was ruined. I wore the watch daily until my wife (then my girlfriend) bought me the white dial tommy hilfigure watch. That then became my daily for the next 4 years. Both are worth nothing in terms of pounds but to me they are both priceless. I intend to get the Seiko professionally finished soon and start wearing it again. A change in job bought in additional income when I was 27 and that’s when my research really started. Like many I thought tag was the nuts and impulse bought a aquaracer. The crown threaded its self and i returned it for a full refund. During my time with the tag I researched watches a lot and ended up replacing it with the seamaster Aqua Terra golf. I still love this watch! It will always be my first real watch. The little green details make it for me. The exhibition back really is lovely and the movement looks superb. It is wearable in all situations but for me is more dress than sports. Also I learned the hard way that places like iconic watches exist having bought for 5% discount from a boutique when I could have got 20% off! I decided the omega attracted too much attention at work for me so fancied something a bit cheaper, still smart, rubber strap for hot weather and I could swim with. Enter the longines conquest sport roughly 6 months after the omega purchase. This watch has travelled with me on many adventures and has been worn every day for 4 years with the omega coming out on weekends and during time off work. My funds then went in to cars and motorbikes which are my primary passion. This year I had to sell my car in preperation for a house purchase next year so treated myself to a new watch. The idea being to replace the longines as a daily. I wanted a understated sports watch with a power reserve long enough to see out the weekend and also chronometer. This means I can swap out for my omega on Saturday and the new watch won’t stop ticking when put back on for Monday. The accuracy also means not having to amend the time as frequently as I do with my longines. It had to be able to go in the pool and ocean and also be something different colour wise from my current watches. Initially I had looked at and tried in the Rolex explorer 2 polar and was convinced this would be the watch.....I actually almost bought it twice last year. Enter the blue pelagos. I was ready to pull the trigger on the Rolex then tried on the pelagos having seen it on this forum and that was it. The blue is stunning, deployment clasp is genius, accuracy is amazing, all brushed effect, epic lume and comes with a rubber strap. I don’t regret the decision at all. All my watches are bought with a purpose and never with the intention of selling. Each has memories associated with it and reflect the time in my life they were acquired. Looking at them remind me of people and places. They are all special to me. Anyway, well done if you made it through that drivel! My attention will be turning back to cars soon and then again to watches. I quite fancy the IWC pilot range. Stu https://photos.app.goo.gl/vgRGylzHVm1l70kz1
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    Hi Everyone I ma glad to see my original post is still creating such interest and comments! As I have mentioned I'm on 149K now and the car is running really well, great economy & of course has been very reliable. I will be keeping a close eye on the oil. It has just been changed so I will have a look at 1000mile intervals and see if its using. I do wonder if the drop in the level before the service was due to a lot of motorway use last month with 2 trips to Scotland and more beside as I use for work., did about 1600K that month. I will be watching it closely ! Cheers.
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    Madrid Some re-edits from visits gone by Royal Palace _DSC2028 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Temple of Debod _DSC2010 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Puerta de Alcala _DSC5268 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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    I always see people complain about there not being a 3rd gen isf. I'm happy ours is the only version. I'm also happy the word is getting out. Push the prices up.
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    Always advantageous to have the car up to warm and operating temperature before the test. Emissions are usually higher if not up to operating temperature.
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    When did you last put in injector cleaner? I always use some and drive a good distance the week before going to a test centre. Then only turn up when Car has had a run round the block five miles. Too late now for you, but maybe if you put some in as per instructions and run the car up to temp without going any distance then you may clear any clogging. Of course this may not be a recommended course of action as it states in the Manual not to warm the engine before moving off. Difficult.
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    Brilliant. We often go to Islay. It's all beautiful! Safe journey.
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    Thank you, I used exactly this advert and ordered them from Black Circle, had 4 of them delivered to my local Lexus dealer and had them fitted and the 4 wheel alignment. Needed to get 4 fitted as the existing tyres were odd and had a puncture in one only a month into ownership. Left with 2 Bridgestone Duelers with 5.2/4.8/5.4 and 6.3/6.2/5.7 mm across them, plus an Avon ZX7 with 6.6/7.1/6.8 on it, any ideas on what to do with them? Don't really think I will need them with 4 new Cross Climates and I assume no good even as spares due to different tread patterns etc? Is there a sales and wants area on here? I have not located it as only just moved over to Lexus from Mitsubishi. First post virginity popped...
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    Tacky.. Doesn't your GS come with a clock?
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    Some good responses to this post. Small update from me. While my car hiatus continues in leu of a house purchase my watch journey continues! I added a black bay 58 as my new daily on leather and subsequently bought the nato for it. I will buy the bracelet at some stage as well. At 39mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug and 12mm thick it is super comfy and the perfect size for my wrist at just under 7inches. This watch has really changed my idea on what size watch works for me. 13mm height is my max, 42mm diameter and 50mm lug to lug. While i never intend to sell my watches I have sold my Pelagos. I found the height at just over 14mm uncomfortable and didn’t fit under my shirt cuff so couldn’t wear it for work. Also, with it being fully brushed titanium it didn’t fit well in more formal occasions. The BB58 effectively took its place. I now have some cash to spend on a new watch and with this new found understanding of my ideal size I’ll be buying a zenith el primero chronomaster 38mm as my next watch. It will add a new colour dial, a new brand and a new complication to my small collection. https://m.zenith-watches.com/en_en_m/el-primero-original-1969-46.html I am learning as I go and building a diverse set of watches as I go. For my 40th I already have a Rolex gmt master 2 BLNR ear marked and the wife is aware 😂 It is a very enjoyable hobby but a bloody slippery slope! Stu
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    If you weren't getting these two codes before replacing the sensors then it's likely to be linked to the new work you've done. Checking connectors etc, as suggested, will help. If you replaced the sensors with the battery still connected there's a possibility you shorted something. Disconnecting the battery for an hour or so ought to reset the ECU. The engine running fine with the kit attached may well be because the kit is stopping the emissions system from functioning properly. In this case you really want to test the engine with the O2 sensors disconnected. That'll throw other codes but won't give u limp mode.
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    As a Francophile great symapthy for the terrible Notre Dame tragedy. Could the Car be running on 7 cylinders? It's easy to splice a Spark plug Lead, when putting back the covers as I found when I replaced my own. I was surprised to see how easy this could happen. Another thing, are the Spark plug leads seperated as they should be and not overlapping in some way which might affect performance? If you haven't touched the Lead set then not the problem. Just a few thoughts.
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    And I am taking the LS to the Outer Hebrides in 3 weeks time for a 2 week holiday
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    In four weeks we have a road trip to Salzburg planned and the Celsior/LS is the car we're taking. Originally I considered taking my Volvo due to having "what if" syndrome, but where would the enjoyment in that be! V8 or diesel....no contest!
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    I knew about the aftermarket sensor problem so used genuine parts.
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    I've found that my concerns over owning an LS430 are pointless. I've spent too much time thinking about what "may" go wrong. I would just have it serviced and get all the bushes and joints checked and go from there. My last one was a 2001 on 118k with no joint or bush problems.
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    Mike, Do you push the filler nozzle in up to its hilt? If so try pulling it back a little. John
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    I'd check your battery is good and the condition of the earthing from the battery to the body and body to the engine. P1663 is a VVT engine error and P1760 is transmission - these are unrelated and therefore something common such as poor earthing is the likely cause. Also check the connectors on the ECU for corrosion/water ingress. What errors were you getting to need to replace both O2 sensors - normally only one fails at a time. Was any wiring damaged when the sensors were replaced?
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    normal side windows cut about 70% out. Lexus windows are coated to achieve 90% for both UVA and UVB.
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    HPS intake pipe and Tom's drop in filter installed this afternoon. Added a sticker for #scenepoints 😉 ECU reset. Taken her around the block and miss the noise of the Takeda already 😞
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    @Northern isf Got them from ECP. I know there is debate over whether they are as good as the ones from Lexus but I have only had a set of discs crack on me once... And they were the ones from Lexus. Never had an issue with ones from ECP.
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    I had this when the weather was cold, hasn't happened since. Looks like the US are taking it more seriously, no recalls in the UK for this issue. 2011-2016 Lexus CT 200h Intake Manifold Issue | News | Cars.com
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    In the RC300h (2016) the entry system automatically goes dormant after approx 14 days, saving drain on the 12v battery.
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    Best wishes for a good recovery, i know how you feel as my better half is just going through the exact same scenario and is mostly dreading the chemo if needed. Great looking boat by the way and great to be able to look forward to getting back on it. I also wish cancer would bugger off and leave the good people of this world alone.
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    Hmm, I've not tried them together. I am at home today, and feeling a bit peckish....
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    Sorry to hear of your wife's predicament, mine went through chemo and radiotherapy 5.5 years ago, not nice, but fully recovered now thank God. As for something less important like a steering wheel, a very nice job but I love the look and feel of wood! Interestingly, I also love marmite, and have consumed some not 15 mins ago!👍
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    Sorry to hear that Peter. Hope she gets a rapid and full recovery. My dad has just been diagnosed with his third cancer but I was up in Yorkshire this weekend driving him to Goathland for his 90th birthday party. He loves being driven in the Lexus 😊 So the boat plan is working out for you then? Good to hear. Jon
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    Interesting, as always. Shouldn't you be island hopping in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment rather than scraping frost off the car this morning? Jon
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    Don't get me wrong, I love mechanical watches, particularly skeleton watches, the working movement fascinates me. We were in Switzerland in the spring (as part of our road trip) and my wife offered to buy me a Swiss made watch for my birthday. What an idiot, I said no! Still, at least my cracked face timepiece still just about works.
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    Absolutely. A £20 Casio will be more accrate than any mechanical watch. Because it’s mechanical. If accuracy is the goal watch’s as a hobby are not for you. It’s around the history of the watches, the complexity of the movements, development of materials within the movements, the hand craftsmanship and more.
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    I remember years ago two watches were tested, one a Rolex, the other a 99p disposable. Guess which kept the best time?
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    That is what watches are about imo. Hopefully he will see your enjoyment of watches and handing them down is such a cool and nice thing to do. It certainly won’t lose money that’s for sure. Lovely looking and timeless design the sub will always be relevant.
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    Didn't really buy as an investment, just always had an interest. Whilst it may not gain , it certainly shouldn't depreciate. Recently having a grandson pushed me a bit. Something nice for him in 18 years if I'm no longer around!
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    Nice. There was a big delivery of the hard to get Rolex and Tudor watches in the last 2 weeks. You are lucky they are not tataining the card for a year. Personally I don’t subscribe to watches being investmensts. The ss Rolex sports watch bubble will burst and watches will sell used for around list at some stage. Prices are too close to two tone at the moment. Also, money well invested will make far more than a watch never worn.
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    Great hobby. Can you tell me if there is any truth in "You can tell if its a real Rolex as it won't keep time"
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    Well I added another watch (Tudor black bay 58) to the slowly growing collection last week. Didn’t mean to but having tried on its bigger similar looking brother I had to put down a refundable deposit to be sure I didn’t want it. It’s a classic size with diameter of 39mm and height of 11.9mm. On the leather strap it’s an absolute corker. Once it arrived and I put it on it was only ever going to come home with me. Hadn’t intended to buy a watch until my 40th in 5 years but yeah.... couldn’t resist.
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    Watches are cool. Good thread. I have a 20 year old Omega Seamaster which I’ve worn almost exclusively during those 7,000+ days. It’s been on four continents, been under the sea with me, was on my wrist when I met my wife and when my kids were born, and is one of my most prized possessions. A decade or so ago I spent some time in Hong Kong and acquired some ‘reproduction’ watches of variable quality, but we won’t talk about that sort of thing here. [emoji846] The Omega lives on my left wrist. On my right lives my FitBit, quietly logging the full extent of my athleticism (cough, cough) and also telling the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mine was perfect up until it's first (complimentary) service after which it started loosing 2-3mins a week. It got sent back to Switzerland for re-calibration and pressure testing. It came back 3months later running perfectly again. It's had 4 services since then, each time going back to Switzerland and taking approx 3 months. Each time it looked incredible and ran spot on. The last one was completed just recently but now the watch is loosing time again, almost 2min a day! Guess I'll be sending it off again....
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    Hi all. Peter i had a lot off trouble with mine when purchased went back to there uk office and was waiting for it for weeks when spoke to them the lady said got our top watch maker on it she is very particular and we are waiting for new hands from Switzerland could have knocked me down with a feather. Must say she made a excellent job as it was a wright sod to get going before she sorted it out it has had another overhaul 3-4 years ago and is due either a service or a overhaul now but keep putting it off. 65mike.
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    I bought a Citizen Eco Drive when I got my first Lexus IS200 just because the dials looked the same as the cars. That was 19 years ago and it’s been worn every single day, been to lots of different country’s, swam in every ocean. Never lost time and never changed the battery yet. I’m still impressed when it changes the time automatically spring, autumn and when I enter a different country. Didn’t cost much and probably worth nothing now but could never change it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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