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    Hi All I know been a long while appreciate to see some remember me....... was it my charm.....Witt.....being a pain in the arse ☺️ Anyway being sorting some personal and health issues nearly resolved and I’ll be back....... Oh and Kitt is still with me........ Be good to meet up with old and new sometime Big Rat 🐀
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    Picked this up today and drove it 364mls back home..... still waiting for my shadow to catch up with me 😂
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    So my search is over! I'm now the proud owner of this car 😁 Credit goes to Mark who has added some really nice, subtle mods and kept the car in great condition. I'm going to spend the next few weeks getting used to it and enjoying it. Not got any major plans for it in the future.. nothing is needed! Looking forward to attending some events too. Cheers, Nick
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    Hello all! Had my GSF for just over a year, only really now getting involved with the whole 'club' aspect of car ownership as I never had the time before! Found a few other random GSF owners on instagram and was directed here! Daily driven for the past year, couple of worthy road trips and about 16k miles later, all I can say is I 'F'-ing love my GS. For anyone heading to Simply Japanese at Beaulieu Motor Museum, hope to catch you there! Kieran
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    Scuse the pointless post but no-one else will understand how ridiculously excited I am to be picking up my RX400h on Monday! My first ever Lexus although at this point anything would be better than my Peugeot! 😃
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    After my RX failed the MOT on the strut top bearings, my local garage spoke to lexus and they do not sell just this part you have to buy the whole new strut !!!!! £750 each !! So after spending some time on Google I found an advert on eBay and eventually spoke to this guy who was able to replace just the bearings for me at a reasonable £60 each The business name is orchard engineering and the contact number is 07901712988 Just thought I'd pass on the good news to other RX owners 🙂
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    Over the last ten days we have driven the NC500 Highlands road trip starting at Inverness and travelling anti clockwise via John O’Groats, Kylesku, Torridon and the renowned Bealach na Ba. On Thursday we return to the start at Inverness for completion of the 500 ish mile trip. All done in our 2006 RX350 with 96k miles. The car has run perfectly, and proved a good choice for some of the tougher trails, including snow above 2000 feet yesterday on the Bealach na Bar! As it is a 350 we won’t mention mpg now will we.....but a smooth and reliable drive was what we wanted and why we stuck with a (veteran) Lexus. Here’s some pics, one taken yesterday at 2000ft as we went to the aid of a couple stuck at the top of Bealach na Bar in a snowstorm with a puncture on their BMW touring bike, plus a gratuitous shot of just one of many beautiful highland vistas we we fortunate to come across during our NC500 trip.
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    Some photos from today!
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    Woohooooo! Drives like a dream. Easily the best car I've ever owned! Just getting round all the features.
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    Finally took delivery yesterday! IS300H with Premium Pack - Sonic White with Sandstone Leather and 18" Alloys - Those triple-LED headlights are fantastic... Can't believe what a difference there is between the car I remember test driving and this new 2019 MY version... Now to learn what all the bits do!
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    The surface of my paint was rough. I used a clay cloth and lubricant and was surprised how easy it was to do. I put a wax on it afterwards and this is the result : (she's 6 years old in 5 days time)
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    I’ll be migrating over from LS side of forum to here on monday picking up a RCF monday morning
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    OK, I have just checked Oil, water etc' etc' all good, done B/days tip ( which wasn't clicked as it should be) took the car for a quick spin and vsc,vfs lights went out. Check hybrid system was still on so also did a tip I seen today about holding the trip meter and restating the car then pressing it 5 times. Not sure what it was this or the fuel cap but check hybrid system went off. Fingers crossed it should be ok now. I did notice the sensor behind the back d/side has broken so need that replacing. Thanks for the tips 10/10 will pop back here if anything else goes wrong.
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    Well a week or so later and I have made up my mind...... It is going to be the NX Premier. I found the RX a bit daunting in size and felt it would be an absolute devil to park in tight multi storey car parks. It is gorgeous though and so wide inside, or so it felt. So after a few days humming and haa-ing and after test drives, I plumped for the NX. My son in law has the F Sport version, so I knew the interior was going to be good. It was nice to see one with a few more bells and whistles on it though 😂 Getting in and out of the NX was easy too, which was my main self-afflicted gripe over the IS we currently have. It will be a shame to say goodbye to the IS because it is a lovely car to drive, just a bummer getting out of it at my age, old fart that I am 😜 We collect the NX on Friday. It is a 66 plate in Mercury Grey, with about 38k miles on it. The interior looks great, no sagging seats or marked interior despite the higher than normal mileage. Looks like I will have to change my nom de plume on here now 😊 Thanks for all the comments and suggestions too, they did help.
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    I thought that this thread was about a new Lexus model at first. 😊
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    Welcome back Paul. Be great to see you again soon. The Big Rat forum has just been full of boring lexus stuff since you've been away! 😁
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    What Car have announced that 2009 to present Lexus RX450h is the 6th most reliable car. No 1is Toyota Yaris and No2 is Lexus CT200h.
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    Fitted these today! Finally found a set 😎 OEM window visors
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    LIFE OF A TRUCK DRIVER..... For all the guys wanting to Drive Trucks, take a close look before you sign on the dotted line : Yes the wages are good Yes you can up your lifestyle with a nice home, cars and toys. Yes the financial rewards are tempting Yes it gets in your blood Yes you see the country Yes you get considerable time at home when you are at home Yes you miss Family and loved ones Yes Relationships will be strained and pushed to breaking point Yes you wish your life away when you are away Yes you lay awake at night sometimes wondering "why do I do this" and "Is this really worth it" SO ??? BEFORE YOU EMBARK ON A TRIP AND SIGN YOUR LIFE AWAY, REMEMBER; You may not make every party, BBQ, wedding or funeral You may not be home for Christmas or easter You may not be there for your children's birthdays You may not see your kids swim, ride a bike for the first time or be there to read stories at night You may not be there to take them to watch sports games You may not be there for presentation nights, school plays or parent/teacher interviews You may not be there to see them win medals at school sports days No you will not always be there during times of family crisis and feel helpless being so far away No you might not be there to bury a family member or close friend So, before anybody judges someone who has the guts and courage to work away to try and make a better life for themselves and those around them, DONT say "YOU MUST BE MINTED" or "YOUR LUCKY'. These people sacrifice more than half of their life being away from loved ones to make their dreams comes true.
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    No surprise to me that the ISF comes into Autocar magazine's list of depreciation busting performance cars. But Shhhh just don't tell everyone !! "There are certain performance cars on the second-hand market that are so well-regarded – and that are in sufficient demand – that their values are set in stone. Pick the right one and it’ll probably owe you nothing two or three years down the road. You could get back every penny you paid for it". "post-2011 IS Fs still command £25,000, while the earliest cars are trading hands for around £18,000. It’s unlikely they’ll slip much further" "IS F is exceptionally rare, which is exactly what will keep values strong in years to come." Well we knew that I guess but it's what Autocar think too, and its certainly more fun than keeping the keeping the money in the bank! I just need to wait until the RC F reaches a similar status before I raid the bank again https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/beating-depreciation-performance-cars-cost-nothing-own
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    I've found that my concerns over owning an LS430 are pointless. I've spent too much time thinking about what "may" go wrong. I would just have it serviced and get all the bushes and joints checked and go from there. My last one was a 2001 on 118k with no joint or bush problems.
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    Hello all, Kieran here 🙂 Had my GSF for a year now and never thought to join the forum until mentioned by an existing member! My F has the red interior, sunroof/ Mark Levinson pack, no mods thus far - but that doesn't mean there isn't a list! Based in Hampshire btw.
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    For the last few weeks the “Door Open” light has been flickering on and off on the dash. Thinking door switches I removed them,cleaned them and gave them a good dose of switch cleaner and the the problem went....sorted or so I thought. Next time out and the same problem was back. I then noticed the rear passenger door wasn’t quite flush to the body and further investigation revealed that the door catch plate was loose. Removed the black plastic cover and found both fixing screws were loose, since tightening no more annoying door open light.
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    Hi Just thought I’d share this info here (credit to the RX forum). I have just purchased 4 CrossClimate (225/45/R17) for my IS for £301 (Total Price £351, minus £50 cash back (£100 if you purchase 19”) from Michelin via prepaid credit card). Nearly into budget tyre pricing for what is very well regarded tyre, think it applies to other Michelin tyres as well. This is through f1 autocentres, but it seems on the Michelin website it has all the approved suppliers to get the cashback, which all seem relatively competitive. My local independent quoted me £460, cheapest elsewhere I could find was £380 using an online retailer. For reference, cheapest quote for the RX was over £800, using this method it was £535. The cash back deal runs out soon, but from my limited experience they seem to pretty much do a new one every quarter, so worth a check if you’re soon to be in the market for new tyres. Hope this helps someone. Daz.
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    Picked mine up Monday evening, only ordered it on March 23rd, so quick delivery. Mercury grey Tacumi with ochre interior:
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    Took delivery of my UX Thursday (From Bristol). In Sonic Titanium with Premium pack. Very pleased, major improvement on my CT200h. So quiet and refined. Plenty space for us (also in our 70's!!).
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    Personally, I'd prefer a slightly older RX to an NX... Cost the same, but you get a better car IMHO.
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    Time to update this thread... I test drove a lightly used CT200h at the nearest Lexus dealer at the start of the week. I had been interested in a brand new car and managed to find some great deals (albeit at dealers some distance away), but the convenience of being able to look locally at several different specs and colours together seemed like a good place to start. I spent about an hour driving a 2018 Sky Blue demonstrator, which I'd picked out on the basis of colour and spec (on a sunny day, the colour looked fabulous). I concentrated on driving around town and practicing things like reverse parking, rather than a more usual dual carriageway test route. This is the sort of use our cars get the most of, although I did also take in some higher speed driving. The overall impression was one of serenity. Most of the driving was done on battery power, with the engine cutting in an out peacefully - it really was a lovely experience for the sort of driving we mostly do. I will admit that I didn't drive the car hard and therefore suspect I drove around the common reviewer comments about a thrashy engine. I also suspect that if you drove a CT like an average German hatchback on the open road - burying the throttle from low revs once on the move, expecting a wave of turbo torque to arrive - it would seem rather different. I personally found the ride really quite fine, with the route including lots of broken and undulating roads. It certainly felt taut, but I was left a bit mystified about comments about harsh ride quality... maybe that's just my back-catalogue of performance cars. The drivers seat was really quite superb and I like the large wing mirrors, which partly offset the average rear visibility. Anyway, I like it enough to buy that very car! It's a 2018 SE model with 7k on the clock and the Plus pack, which as far as I can tell is the same spec as what is currently the 2019 base model - but in turn is quite well specified compared to the pre-2018 cars. The main option I wanted was the Lexus safety system, which is either an expensive option on most other compact cars and / or not available. There are some other options on the car, which I don't have to hand. I'm hopefully picking it up this weekend. Ordering a new CT in a colour I wanted would have meant waiting another 4 months, so the small but appreciable (10%) saving of buying a lightly used model against the very lowest broker offers on a new car seems worth it. I don't expect that wait and extra outlay would be worth it several years down the line. It's far from a perfect car and arguably a bit of a niche - but it's one that fits our requirements much better than many others out there. It makes ICE-only cars seem antiquated, even when it's an old-ish model in itself!
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    I would have less of an issue with this proposal if the following were true: a) Speedometers in this country actually reported accurate speeds like they do in the US, instead of over-reading by what is often a ridiculous margin. You can bet the limiter will operate at the speedometer reading not the real speed, meaning we'll all be doing 3-5mph less than the actual limit. b) Speed limits weren't set by local council morons who think the answer to 'road safety' is just to continually lower the limit on roads which are perfectly safe at the NSL if you actually drive with your eyes open and look at the road ahead. Yes, I'm bitter that half of my commute has just gone from NSL to 40 for no good reason whatsoever, but the point still stands. Too many limits are now simply too low. c) 'Road Sign Recognition' systems actually worked. Many are a complete joke that routinely report completely the wrong limit after missing or misreading signs. The Toyota one, which presumably will be similar to any Lexus system, is spectacularly hopeless. In principle, I have no problem with enforced limits of excessive speed. But unless the three things above change then I suspect we're all going to end up stuck behind the person in the brand new car who's forced to do 5mph below a limit that's been set 20mph too low in the first place. Or behind the Toyota still chuntering along at 30 because it failed to spot the NSL signs half a mile ago. At which point someone in a yet-to-be-limited car will get so fed up that they overtake desperately, misjudge their move and end up killing someone.
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    Welcome. Hope you've got all 12 points to play with :D Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
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    Enjoy the car Nick, it's been an absolute amazing ownership experience for me and I'm sure you'll feel the same. It was very hard to see it go but it's gone to a good home and another forum member.
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    The new Lexus arrived yesterday and I decided to share my first impressions. I ordered the basic Lexus IS300h with comfort pack in black metalic. The car came with the standard features including Tahara Seats, keyless entry and rearview camera. On the outside the car looks great and I definitely prefer it to the Mercedes C300h which in my opinion has started to look a bit outdated. The interior is also much nicer and the quality of the materials used in the Lexus are far more superior. I never liked the tablet style display on the Mercedes so the built in screen was a welcoming feature. The seats are rely comfortable and the synthetic Tahara leather feels really nice to the touch, time will tell if this will last. I love the clock which in the evening has really nice background glow. The drive is very different to the previous car, the Lexus feels heavier but more solid and stable on the road. The Mercedes was quicker when accelerating but also the diesel was making it very noisy when accelerating quickly. The Lexus has a complexity different style of accelerating, it seems slower but I think this is only because of the ‭CVT gearbox and the way the engine works under heavy load. The steering is also bit heavier, it feels the same as the Merc when switch to Sport+ mode, I did like the lighter steer in Eco or Comfort when parking but I think I will get used to it. I can’t comment on the stanav and the stereo yet but it looks and sounds ok. I don’t think the satnav can beat my phone though (I use Waze on my journeys) but at least it can offer some alternitve options when needed and it is very similar to the one in the Merc. I liked the way the Mercedes had their software, it was simple and quick to navigate from one screen to another, what I saw in the Lexus was not that far off but i will need some time to work it all out. The rear space looks similar and the booth in my opinion is better, I think it might be a bit bigger but I will find out later in the week. In the Mercedes the floor was slightly raised and sloping at the back so I had to constantly rearange the luggage as it kept moving around. In the Lexus the floor is flat and it looks like it will be easier to stack suitcases there. One thing I noticed in the merc was the top of the boot area was left with bare metal and few cables were stuck and clipped to the surface, where in the Lexus everything is padded and better protected. Overal I think I made the right choice, the Lexus is slightly better car in my opinion and I think it is better built and has few more features than the merc. There are bits which I will miss from the Mercedes like the 360 camera, break hold function, automatic electric hand break, auto folding mirrors when locking the car, lighter steering, sunglasses compartment, the little horn noise when looking the car, electric booth opening and closing and the kick open function (btw I had to have the motor replaced in the merc as it stopped working and would’ve cost £1000). I suppose I need to mention that the cost of the Merc was around £40k and the Lexus IS only £33k so if you go for the higher spec model all these features probably would’ve been included. The Mercedes went back today and after two years I managed to cover around 84k miles. The car overall was very reliable and never let me down, I had the booth repaired (as I mentioned it would’ve cost around £1k if it wasn’t under warrant), few sensors failed, and the suspension started to get a bit noisy when going over bumps in the last 6 months. The stereo was also a bit temperamental and sometimes would freeze and will need a reboot. The fuel consumption also dropped over the two years from 70mpg in the first year to 55mpg in the last 8 months. It is worth mentioning that I only had to replace the rear tyres once and the front were still the original with around 3mm left. I have to make few trips in the next week and hopefully will get some more idea on how it all compares and especially what the fuel consumption is as this was also a big factor when I was choosing the car. I hope all this helps, feel free to ask if you have any questions about the merc or the new Lexus.
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    Personally I feel that sequential indicators are a good thing, if implemented properly - for example, if hazards come on bright then fade away but turn signals sweep then they convey more information than by colour alone. This would also help in the circumstance where three cars are parked on double yellow lines - does the middle one have its hazards on or a turn signal and is trying to pull out? In terms of peripheral vision, I have very poor colour vision in my periphery (everyone does to some extent due to rods/cones on the retina, but from what i can gauge mine is worse than most), and if I am in a queue of traffic with a lane of cars to my right such that a car's rear lights are in my peripheral vision through my side window then I can not tell the difference between a brake light and and indicator without looking across - I perceive that the light comes on, but I can not perceive what it is - dynamic indicator provides a differentiation. Anyway, back to the OP's actual question. I have, in the line of my work, disassembled a few dynamic turn-signal light clusters. On the Audi Q7 cluster it's trivial to enable/disable the dynamic turn signal (and audi charge £300 extra to enable it) - it's simply one of the 6 pins on the connector. However, on the PSA DS7 rear cluster it is totally baked-in - there's no way to disable it without delving deep into the electronics inside the sealed cluster (ie cut into the plastics and the resulting lack of sealing after that... bad news). The OEM (magnetti marelli) is the same in both of those cases. Hard to know how the Lexus clusters are implemented and I don't know who the OEM is (but likely Denso, Stanley or Mitsubishi). I'd say there's a pretty good possibilty that there is an easy way to defeat the dynamic indicator in any Lexus model because the US is their biggest market and the US forbids dynamic indicator (sort of - we're all familiar with it on the likes of Mustangs and it was all the rage on american cars in the 70s. However, the way that the US regulates it requires that each element that lights up in turn must have a minimum area that is pretty big - each one of the big 3-segment tail/brake/indicator segments on the mustang is big enough, but each step of an audi or Lexus dynamic indicator is not big enough. Not a problem for the DS7 cluster mentioned above as PSA have no presence in north america). It might be as simple as pulling a wire out of a connector, but how willing are you to risk damage to your vehicle/light clusters should something go wrong during the experimentation/implementation?
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    Hi owned this for about 3 months now, still getting to know it, loving it so far 🧐🧐🧐
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    Well here’s the breakdown droplinks - slight movement in both enough to be a problem upper control arms. - 1 ball joint shagged and all bushes knackered. New stuff on and service has returned to normal.
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    It's fixed two weeks later so was expecting a huge bill or more bad news but turned out not so bad very reasonable, definitely been a lesson though I won't even be changing the TV remote battery's from now on. Good service from lexus leeds.
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    Well the next mod to mine is bound to cause a few raised eyebrows, it is certainly a Marmite issue..... Wooden steering wheels..... My 2p worth.... I hate them, I can think why anyone would want to hold something so hard and cold, the steering wheel should be tactile and a pleasure to hold, after all it is the one part of the car you touch the most, a wood wheel is hard all the time, they are usually thinner than a leather one and this makes it worse, your hands sweat on them in summer and they are freezing in the winter, they serve absolutely no purpose and are just a fashion icon... And the only thing I hate more than a wooden wheel is a wood and leather one...!!! Another 2p.... They remind you what a decent wheel would feel like but then ruin it with wood where you need to touch it... If you let the wheel feed through your hands it sticks and then runs free depending on which bit passes through your hands.... So you have probably guessed what I've done.... Gone from this... (Google pic but you get the idea...!!) To this.... I had it recovered in leather by http://royalsteeringwheels.com/ They charged around £160 and it took a couple of weeks... It is about as close a colour match as you can get and it feels superb.... I really like it... if it's not to your taste they can just do the leather parts IF ANYONE WANTS TO BORROW MY SPARE WHEEL THEN LET ME KNOW... I have put a brief rundown on how to remove the wheel on my build thread..
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    You don't want to routinely run it this low. The fuel in the tank cools the fuel pump and also the more fuel there is the more head pressure there is on the pump meaning it doesn't have to work as hard. If you routinely run your car down to where the light is going to come on you will be putting a lot of strain on the pump. Fill up when you get to the halfway point and your fuel pump will last a lot longer.
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    Assuming my disability allowed me to own a normal saloon, I wouldn't swap from a GS to an NX either. Surely the comparison isn't 'luxury' saloon - luxury SUV i.e. GS vs RX, it is 'compact executive' saloon - compact SUV i.e. IS vs NX. The GS imho is from a class above the NX, and was priced accordingly. The GS I had for a few weeks as a courtesy car was for sale at over £45k 'used' whereas my NX Luxury was below £40k brand new. Similarly it would seem logical that the new UX compares with the CT in the Lexus range for those wanting a slightly raised driving position. Looking back at my posts from when I had the RX, I was achieving economy in that of 28-32. I achieve 38-42 in the NX. I also note that while very disappointed in the RX when I had an F-Sport, I was far more complimentary when I had the 'normal' Sport version. None of which really helps the poster of this thread, who needs to decide which car is most relevant for HIS purchase, which will depend on price, age, size and his opinion of both cars. I'd recommend three things @LexusIS300h First, see what age/mileage you can get for your budget in both cars, and decide if you'd be happy with older/newer. Second, make sure you get a 24 hour test drive in both. Third, go and look at the new Honda CRV Hybrid as well...
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    Hi Paul, glad all is well at your end. Good to see the rcf is going strong and your coming back onto the forum, I made a decision in the new year to try and get out and about in mine a bit more, try and get to some meets, hopefully see you at one. all the best, matt
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    RX all the way. Bigger, better, roomier - my wife's mobility scooter lives in the back very happily, and the fuel consumption isn't a lot worse than the NX anyway. I believe the NX is a 2.0 (may be 2.2) straight 4 as opposed to the RX's 3.5 V6 so you'd expect the NX to give much better economy, but the engine is underpowered for the size and weight of the car so it's not as economical as you might think. We bought our late 2013 (63-plate) RX450h Advance 14 months ago for £25k with 33k miles on the clock and I've loved every minute in it - I think I'd sleep in it if I could 😊
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    Keep it friendly. You can have a discussion between forum members without lowering the tone of your posts to include insults and just because you don't agree with anothers ideas and mindset.
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    Yeah, mine got knocked off at the Sainsbury’s car park about a fortnight after I picked my car up...can’t seem to get it back on though...however i’ll work it out for the MOT, just before it gets ‘knocked off at the Sainsbury’s car park again’...
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    Oh dear never mind.. No plate holder fell off (with a bit of help lol) ordered new one but none in stock and once in stock will be delivered by a slow boat from japan(not china) just getting my excuses prep’t if coppers stop n ask me lol
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    First port of call gotta be giving the brakes a good going over, quite simple technically but not if your a novice perhaps. Please don’t be going into Halfrauds or KwikRip with these symptoms unless you got a spare ‘Arm and a Leg’. if you’re adept with (and have) some spanner’s then plenty of ‘how to’ videos on Utoob concerning IS brakes, if not then a good indie should be able to sort this easily notwithstanding Lexus of course in you have got a fat wallet or had 5 numbers come up on lotto! paul m
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    So just realised its been a whike since i updated this! Not much done really life has took over and been flipped 180 so this had had to go on the back burner! Anyway ive managed to finish the fuel lines and also installed a sytec fuel pressure gauge on the FPR Also managed to make the oil feed for the turbo aswell, used -4 braided ptfe hose andfittings all from viper performance. managed to neatly run it around the engine and down to the mishimoto sandwich plate. All the fluids are in and next up is the battery relocation. Once that is done i can sort out the vac lines and turn the engine over to get the oil round. Few more things i need to do before i can fire it up on the base cal. Also if any of you guys are on instagram, give me a follow on there, i post things on there pretty much as soon as they are done 👍 lexus_turbo_2jz
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    There is no deception just be honest, My Antie is on mine she lives in Liverpool i put her occupation and address and all of her details. Obviously, she knows it as well, But Reduced my premium by a lot.
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    Now sold. And I hope Barry enjoys it as much as I have.

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