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    • Hi So I read the owners handbook and it says to leave the ignition in the off position with the car jacked up. Once I had bled the brakes I ran the engine and pumped the brake pedal to make sure that with the servo in play the pedal was firm. The car was jacked up in the air with the engine running so I guess that the height sensors would think the front of the car was too high and deflated the front struts to compensate.   Scott
    • Phil  'Read all about it' here (particularly the last two pages re difference SE and SE-L)  https://d3rvezpmgp265q.cloudfront.net/lexusone/lexgben/GS-Series-(1Apr08)_tcm-3066-450999.pdf?_ga=2.246580675.618975902.1516469415-1020085698.1516469415  
    • The back lights on my climate control LCD screen have gone out, there 7 of them, 4 green lights and 3 blue/green lights  (that's what it says in the Lexus Tutorials)  does anyone know where I can buy them from.  Cheers Norman.
    • Major changes to the MOT test on 20th of May 2018 Some of you may have already heard that there are big changes coming to the MOT test this May. Here are just a... few of the biggest changes that are most likely to affect you. Please take these with a pinch of salt as nothing will be finalised until the end of April and will probably still be subject to change after that date. Remember it will take your MOT tester time to get up to speed with these too! So... Those of you who have changed your standard headlight bulbs for HID's will now get a major fail even if the aim is correct. It has always been an offence to fit HID bulbs to halogen headlamps so the MOT is now in line with that. Reverse lights are now part of the MOT for any car registered from 1st September 2009 (59 plate onwards). Daytime running lamps (DRL's) & front fog lamps must work on vehicles registered from March 2018 (18 plate onwards). Engine Management Light is now a major fail. It must come on with the ignition and then turn off when the engine is started. Brake pad warning lights are a major fail Handbrake with excessive travel is now a major fail. Before it would only a fail if there was no reserve travel. Contaminated (dirty) brake fluid is a major fail. Not sure how that will work as the MOT tester isn't allowed to remove the fluid cap. Oil leaks (engine, gearbox etc.) can be a major failure if they are deemed large enough. It seems they have removed the failure for tyres not being fitted according to sidewall instructions. Inner/outer or rotation incorrect. Any modifications/removal to emissions related devices, this includes DPF'S and EGR's is now a major fail. Where a DPF canister has clearly been cut open and re-welded, it will now fail. A vehicle fitted with a DPF that emits any kind of visible smoke during the metered test will now fail Emissions limits for diesels registered on or after 1st of January 2014 have been reduced. All diesels will now need to pass the limit that was set by the manufacturer when the car was new. This can be found on the VIN plate. For example the current limit for your diesel car may be 1.50. That could change to as low as 0.30 with the new rules. These are just some of the bigger changes to the MOT test the average motorist is likely to be affected by. There are dozens, perhaps even over 100 changes to the actual MOT test and to the way testers record tests on the MOT computer. Please remember these are all subject to change in the coming months and remember spare a thought for your MOT tester before you say... "Well it passed like that last year!" Source - https://www.gov.uk/…/mot-special-notice-01-18-inspection-ma…  
    • Malcolm; somewhere I (may still have) a 'Car' review where they compared an LS (Ser 2, I think) with a Bentley/Rolls, and preferred the LS. The only thing you don't get is the old style hand crafted wood etc.. When you recall that Toyota were intent on making the 'best ever' car, that's not surprsing. Rest easy, ignore the itch. It's so easy to forget that what you have is enough! It's the way of the world to not be satisfied with life-we're actively encouraged to want more/the new. I'm often envious when(for instance)  I see someone happily 'in their skin' in a Renault 4 they've had for 30 years, etc.. See Messi, above, for another example. Find 'Desire' by Boz Scaggs for  relevant song lyrics-I play it to remind me occasionally!   I recall someone coming onto this site, telling us that no one talked much about problems on the LS section - because there weren't any, it seemed, unlike the Merc section he'd been on prior-we just talked about holidays and trips......! (-:
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