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    Learnt in a manual, never thought of using an auto. Got one as a company car, wow! Great loved it never went back. Then got the eCVT in my RC and wow! So much better than the 'normal' automatic ...
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    I passed my test in 1975 in a manual car and I never wanted an auto - until I got my first one in 1987 and I've never had manual since (apart from hire or courtesy cars). The auto transmission is definitely one of mankind's better inventions! I always kept to the way I was taught in a manual, ie, at traffic lights handbrake on and select Neutral. It's not strictly necessary in an auto but it's a hard habit to break - feels completely alien leaving it in gear now that I've got a hybrid (traction battery doesn't charge in Neutral). Until you're used to it, keep your left foot back towards the seat and you'll be less likely to attempt to 'press the clutch' and always put it in drive before accelerating. In fact, keep your foot on the brake, put it into 'D' and when you feel the very slight 'jerk' as it takes up drive, then move your foot off the brake and onto the accelerator.
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    Well, one of the potential concerns I had with my recent move to a 4RX450h, over the previous LR Discovery Sport, was how it would perform in snow & ice. Off road is something that really doesn't bother me, but the ability to stay mobile in bad weather when you live in a small village away from major routes is something that always concerns us. No such concerns with both the Discovery Sport and the previous RRS, and now no concerns with the RX. I put it into the recommended Eco setting (no Gravel, Sand or Snow setting on it like the Land Rovers) and it pulled off our drive, slight incline in 25cm of snow, with no trouble and handled the uphill bendy stretch out of the village as though there was no snow around. A little bit of slip was present on the front wheels when exiting the drive but it was only momentarily as the AWD system quickly brought the rear wheels in to play. To be fair, the AWD system worked better than I thought it would. Happy days
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    They just need the owner to add noise to compliment the poise. 🐀
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    Hello Chaps, I am quite tempted by this car: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201802083537136?logcode=visc&fromSA=true It's USB with a black interior which is my preference along with the mesh alloys, which I love. However the car is an ex Jersey car, and as such have no visibility on history before it, also I am led to understand that Jersey has a 30MPH rule everywhere, so the car has not been driven properly for all of its life..... Any thoughts on buying an ex jersey car? Or am I worrying about nothing.....
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    Don’t forget TVD is configurable. I was recently told by a much more talented driver than I, that in race mode, when pushed, the rear is very loose. As for having fun at low speeds, all F cars fall short - tricky diff or not.
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    Hi all. I was lucky and i been deadly luck when i brought the Lexus i had the Jaguar XK to part exchange as i was sick off the problems with it and was looking around for a car quick i consider a Vauxhall but decided against that and was just browsing at Autotrader looking at assorts off cars just needed to get rid off XK and saw a Lexus IS250 looked good at a dealer wanted a dealer car because off warranty. Contacted Lexus Woodford where the car was and told it had gone but the sales manager was telling me he had another one but better model IS 250SE-L but bit dearer i told him what i wanted to do money wise and we agreed a superb deal with me getting money back and a far superior car Seems like they go faster than i ever thought must be down to the quality and reputation they have.. Keep looking and one will come up my advise is get from a dealer the service i had from mine was second to none better service than i had when i brought my Jaguar x-type new from the Jaguar dealer. Best off luck 65mike. P.S And here is what i got she is a beauty.
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    Strange the way the creaking dash affects some and not the others. Before I bought mine I tried a GS300 which didn't creak, and a GS430 that creaked from just about everywhere, it was the main thing that stopped me buying it really.
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    And I thought with Jeremy Corbyn coming to power that red would be the new colour of choice. All you blue ones will be the first up against the wall.....
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    I understand that and have stated it is the technically superior system. I don't disagree with any of that. Sometimes fun can be engineered out though. It is possible to be going slower but having more fun. Hope that makes sense. OP should test both for himself is probably the honest best answer :) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Most disappointing, with snow mode on, can't get the back end to step out at all. [emoji854]
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    we had a good 8" here in Kent and was very impressed with the Rx450 .... bit slippy until I turned on the "snow mode", then it was amazing ... just worked... of course driving slow anyway, but otherwise would never know I was dring in snow
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    All's well that ends well! My indie had the car back on Thursday and they say that they 'checked and adjusted everything and greased/lubricated the callipers and no squealing now. If I have any further trouble we'll change the pads under warranty for you' They can't tell me exactly 'Why' they squealed, just one of those things they said. As I am not technically minded re cars I accept them at their word as they have been looking after this car for me for 8 years and no problems with their expertise previously. Maybe the guy that did the brakes initially had a bad day and didn't fit properly or lubricated properly, who knows? Only been out in the car twice since but all seems okay, nice and quiet braking.
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    As far as the hybrid components of the drivetrain are concerned, I'd expect you to be okay. Our Gen 2 Prius is 13 years old, 170K, and the hybrid system works as well as it did when it was new. I guess the RX forum here will have the longest experience of the NiMH traction batteries used by Lexus and Toyota. If the service intervals have been respected, it looks quite tempting at that price and with one owner.
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    @Martin F As regards numbers with and with out TVD....... Rcf non carbon169 cars registered I have the specs of 106......... Of those 106 cars 14 were Press magazine articles journalists use all had TVD. Of the remaining cars the 92..... 4 of them have TVD That leaves the 63 I have no info about as yet, but if you look at the percentages there really aren’t that many in all probability that we’re private from new that had TVD. Bearing in mind that there are virtually none given out any more for reviews in the price bracket that @antspants is looking for. I could be wrong it’s happened once before Big Rat
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    Date tested27 December 2017 PASS Mileage135,025 miles MOT test number3860 0740 3744 Test locationunavailable until further notice Expiry date26 December 2018 Advisory notice item(s) Nearside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1) Offside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1) Rear wiper
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    I saw this on eBay and thought someone may like to "flip" it and extract the number plate along the way. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-IS-250-SE-2-5-V6-NAVIGATOR-Silver-Automatic-Petrol-2007-57/183099065997?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
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    Having thought about it a bit more you may be correct in that I understand the series III strut was longer than previous versions meaning that there could be insufficient room to remove it without more suspension dismantling.
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    Outside Poole Maternity Hospital.... Ps.... It's a boy ;-)
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    Agree with all, should be lit properly or not at all. 2 reasons for partial lighting spring to mind, 1 p.o. has tried to obscure a properly lit light as previously suggested, or 2, there is current leakage on the board that houses the lights, ie a tiny bit of current is 'jumping' from a live (or ground, depends on which is 'switched' by the car, g or l) to this circuit, so the car is not providing power to light the eml hence not fully lit, but this bit of bleed current is allowing a small flow and thus partial lighting. Guess there is a third option, in that it's lit, but there is a non p.o. obstruction blocking most of the light, ie dead fly or bug etc. Does the eml light up fully when powering on through test cycle? If so, this rules out options 1 and 3, leaves current bleed. If it doesn't light up properly when turning on or via test cycle, it's looking like 1 or 3, or a fault with that circuits power and or control. Let us know what you test and find out etc, it's interesting. Edit, wonder how light is partitioned between lamps within the cluster? Perhaps rather than current leakage, it's light leakage from another source?
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    Linas well said I wrote that and deleted it: the “have they fitted the anti squeal shims”...great minds. I suppose on new non Lex pads they might not fit or be seen to be needed. Good that they will take a look.
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    Have they fitted "anti-sequel" shims? That is the problem I have since last pads change - I have used harder "low dust" pads, but the garage which fitted brakes did no fit the shims. From braking perspective it has not impact, but is definitely embarrassing.. I keep putting off replacing them, mainly because you cannot get them anywhere, but dealers or from US and they cost £80+ for 4 stupid shims. I said I will finally get them fitted when I fit refurbished calipers (which are currently on the way to BCS).
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    Hi all. Just want to relate what happened to me. I found that the sub woofer was not working. This is despite the fact that I thought the sound system was brilliant, as I ramped up Brothers in Arms by Dire Straights. When I purchased my LS 430 nearly 3 years ago the previous owner had installed a "boom box" in the boot. Apart from the fact it took up boot space, it nearly blew my ear drums so I had it removed. Weirdly the previous owner was no spring chicken.....so what the f...k ? Anyway, when I found the speaker not working I contacted Paul Frost at Lexussparesdirect, in Darwin. I recently bought a refurbed steering wheel motor from him. He stocks refurbed as well as second hand parts, in fact his workshop is an LS graveyard, full of second hand parts. I arranged to visit on my return from the Lakes to have it sorted, but as he only had one refurbed part in stock he suggested I buy it now (27th March) so he had it in stock when I called. This I did , for £140. I asked him to fit it, as the rear seat needs to come out, I am not mechanical, and it was a fiddly job. He said he would do it for £30, which I agreed to. When I arrived yesterday he took the cover off the speaker and immediately said that is was not blown. Bearing in mind he could have told me anything and just carried on fitting, as I am sure many would have done. He then investigated further and said it was just not connected. He fixed it all in 15 mins. I said "what do I owe you" he said nothing and I will refund the full cost of your speaker through PayPal tonight. I think that is brilliant honesty in this age, and I will obviously use him again, but also highly recommend him. FYI he is a Lexus Enthusiast, and exports parts to the US, Rgds, Roger
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    Thankyou so very much for your kind words Roger, it's a pleasure to deal with you here at lexussparesdirect. Thankyou again

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